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The Fremantle Arts Centre acted swiftly on a complaint by the Liberal Member for Tangney Ben Morton and has put an attendent in front of the controversial suicide exhibit he wrote about in the West Australian today.

There were already signs warning that the video created by artist Roxby Smith is not suitable for children, and barriers now make visitors even more aware that part of the show is challenging.

I commented about this when I reviewed the entire new shows at the FAC a couple of weeks ago.

While I believe art should be challenging instead of being mere decorative, I personally find the suicide video, where an animation of a woman shoots herself in the head multiple times in different street locations, tasteless and not at all helpful to having a serious discussion about mental health and all the reasons why people feel they have no option but to take their own life.

I reluctantly show some screen shots of the video so that those who can’t get to the FAC know what I am talking about.

This is definitely not a video children should be viewing so keep them away from it!

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The City of Fremantle is calling on budding film makers, storytellers and lovers of all things Freo to share their unique ‘Fremantle story’ in a short video for a chance to share in a $7,000 prize pool.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the competition, run online through the City’s Fremantle story website (, was a way to showcase the many different aspects of Freo through the eyes of locals, visitors and anyone else with an interest and passion for Freo.

“Freo represents many different things to so many people so I’m really looking forward to seeing some quality entries, unique perspectives and perhaps a bit of humour,” said Mayor Pettitt.

“Freo has always had a lot to offer but the current transformation is really exciting and many people would be surprised at just how many new and different things the port city has to offer. I’m sure the videos will capture and highlight some of these hidden gems as well as the favourites we all know and love.”

There are two chances to win, people’s choice and the major prize. The winners of each category will take home $2,250 cash and five $250 vouchers to spend at each of Fremantle Markets, National Hotel Fremantle, MANY 6160, Fishing Boat Harbour Trader Group and Bathers Beach House

The people’s choice award will be selected by a tally of likes and comments on the #MyFreoStory videos and the major prize for most creative and original storytelling will be selected by a panel of City of Fremantle judges.

#MyFreoStory video launch

To launch the competition Fremantle story has released its own short film, featuring aspiring film maker and hometown hero ‘Dusty’. The epic port city video features Dusty’s favourite places in Freo as well as details about the competition.

View video

View a selection of images available for media use

About the #MyFreoStory competition

1. Shoot a 30-90 second story that is unique to Fremantle using any camera, in any film genre or style.

2. Upload your video masterpiece before 18 April on

3. Vote for your favourite #MyFreoStory video by liking, commenting and sharing on Fremantle story YouTube channel.
For full details, terms and conditions visit

Competition closes 5.00 pm 18 April 2016



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Ragnar Kjartannson

There is a very interesting musical art exhibition by Ragnar Kjartannson at the Fremantle Arts Centre that is well worth seeing. It is probably not for impatient or cynical people as it is slow, a bit irreverent, surreal and quirky. The show is part of the Perth International Arts Festival and another part of the show is shown at the John Curtin Art Gallery at Curtin University.

The big gallery shows large screens with the massive snowy landscape of the Rocky Mountains and people playing instruments in different locations. But they are playing together and it is a fascinating experience.

Another gallery shows a video of three young women singing on a round bed. They are like Sirens or Mermaids. The wide angle camera just drives around them as they perform, also showing the interior of the Carnegy Museum of Pittsburg. Very intriguing!

And for me it was meditation time at the third gallery where a large screen shows a split image. My first impressions was that it was a mirror image until I realised they are two different videos of a location under a bridge. It is very very slow, and hence relaxing and one could sit in that dark gallery for hours.

This is a very different show and for an acquired taste only, but I highly recommend it!

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Fremantle artist Tania Ferrier in collaboration with Laura Mitchell, Leslie Morgan and others, like Freo photographer James Kerr, is showing TALKBACK at the Heathcote Museum&Gallery in Applecross from August 23 to September 21.

“TALK BACK” is the video collage central to the exhibition featuring the interview of 33 Australians and 33 Americans talking about history, the present and aspiration.

The artists and participants aim is to open up  dialogue on the subject of race,integrating ideas around blackness, whiteness, identity, belonging and looking at generational change in these views.

A residency concurrent to the exhibition at Heathcote invites viewers to participate in a response through video interview and contribution to the text based and light box works that guide the viewer through the gallery.




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Wind Farm





The people behind the proposed Fremantle Wind farm are tenacious and not willing to give up, although Fremantle Ports has rejected the idea of a wind farm at Rouse Head and the North Mole.

Want to know what it’s all about? Come to the launch of the very short video, created with the help of crowd funding, at the Maritime Museum on Saturday July 26 from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. It’s free!

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This is a great three-minute video on people watching the Fremantle Dockers grand final on the big screens on the Cappuccino Strip. You might see yourself there! CLICK HERE.

It was filmed and edited by Dorian Gray and Lauren Beldi and the soundtrack music is Viva la Vida by Coldplay

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The proponents for the FREMANTLE WINDFARM have not given up and are now doing a crowdfunding campaign to fund some videos on wind energy and the Fremantle Wind Farm project.

If you like to support them and donate money for the videos project, go to:

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I haven’t watched it but Labor candidate for the seat of Fremantle Simone McGurk emailed me this link to a video they have produced on the election campaign. Here it is:



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The HUMANINSIDE exhibition at Fremantle Prison is a confronting one for sensitive people. It is a show of photos, video and sound about the imprisonment of Aboriginal people. Ni Djininy Kadidjiny Wangkiny (Listen, Look, Learn & Talk) is very moving as it makes us deeply aware of the unacceptably high rate of indigenous incarceration in Western Australia. The Aboriginal imprisonment rate in W.A. is 3,991 per 100.00 which is almost double the national rate! Last night one in every 14 adult Aboriginal men would have spent the night in prison in this state.

Standing in front of a large wall with excellent photos by James Kerr I felt a deep sense of sadness, but also one of immense powerlessness and frustration. Aboriginal people looking at me from these photos, standing in a tiny cell arms crossed, almost asking what I am going to do about making it better. And I felt ashamed that we white people started the plight of Aboriginal people and their culture. We displaced them, took their children away, rejected their culture and belief, used them as cheap labour and many in our care were abused and all that often in the name of God.

Many Australians say we spend millions of dollars on Aboriginal issues and that it is time they themselves took responsibility and moved on, but moving on when white people took your kids for no other reason than that you are black must be extraordinary difficult.

How can we change the expensive programs that are not working into ones that will help and support our indigenous people. How can we make the millions of dollars work instead of being wasted. How can we get society to respect Aboriginal people, their culture and belief. How can we get rid of racism.

I love the T-shirt artists Tanya Ferrier was wearing yesterday. ERACISM it read. She mentioned that she had done sound recording of Native American people confronted with very similar issues as our Australian indigenous people, and I am sure she would encounter the same in South Africa and other countries where patronising white Christian settlers invaded and absolutely ignored the culture and laws of the indigenous people there.

Moving on is very important as we are fast seeing Aboriginal culture, law and languages die and that is beyond belief for me. Aboriginal people need to take more ownership of the problems, as many of their own leaders say, but there also needs to be far more sensitivity for the plight of the indigenous people from the non Aboriginal community.

I still have hope that together and with great respect for one another we can make the right policies which will make the changes needed.

The artists who created this excellent exhibition are film maker Glen Stasiuk, visual artist Tania Ferrier and photographer James Kerr. Don’t miss it!

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The Glen Cowans Underwater Photography Gallery is next to Fremantle’s Round House, which makes him and his wife Louise more or less my neighbours. They have just created a new stunning video, so Christmas time is the right moment to promote it here on my blog:

Enjoy a vicarious journey with underwater videographer Louise Stazzonelli and award winning underwater photographer Glen Cowans  as they explore Planet Ocean. Beautifully choreographed with a stunning sound track, visit wondrous underwater locations from Western Australia and around the world.

Available both DVD and Blueray disk . Price: Blueray $30.00 and  DVD $25.00

Great Christmas present for all who love nature! Come to the gallery on the weekend and stock up!

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