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Zora Avila

PSAS-the Pakenham Street Art Studios-have a new exhibition that is very relevant to Fremantle. Artist Zora Avila questions in her exhibition Next Level Bullshit when-or if-graffiti is art and if tagging is just like dogs leaving their marks. Is good graffiti art-when not commissioned-still just simple vandalism or is it an expression of rebellion and unhappiness with society?

Here is the media blurb from PSAS:

Next Level Bullshit is a reflection of the confluence of architectural structure and order both designed for, yet often broken by, its very inhabitants. It asks the question: Is graffiti endemic to cities enlightenment, expression and art, or is it nothing more than ego and destruction? Is tagging no more artistic than a dog cocking its leg on a building to mark its territory?

Post-modern commentary has sought to elevate graffiti and street “art” from pure vandalism to reflective art, highlighting the local vernacular. But is that just some next level bullshit? Is destruction simply destruction? Who decides if vandalism is art or damage? Why is the “art” of a graffiti artist revered as beautiful, while tagging by a gang so maligned?
An award-winning artist, born in the United States and a child of the 80’s, Avila is influenced by that period of popular culture, which is expressed in her work. At a young age, she developed a love of architecture, light and geometric form. The conformity to these rules of geometry, contrasted against bold expression and unrestraint, is the foundation of Avila’s visual language.

The exhibitions opens tonight at 6.30 and will run till February 14. PSAS have got the very good Studio 37 Cafe at ground level, so enjoy and relax.

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