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The Fremantle District Cricket Club has issued a plea to dog owners to keep their pets off the wickets at Stevens Reserve.

As well as being home to one of WA’s oldest cricket clubs, Stevens Reserve is also a popular dog exercise area.

Cricket Club President Dave Davenport said they were happy to share the reserve with dogs but needed their owners to keep them off the wickets.

“Our wickets rival the WACA ground as some of the best in WA and our curator puts hours of work into making sure they’re in perfect condition,” Mr Davenport said.

“A lot of people might not realise that to prepare a cricket pitch the clay is actually quite soft, so if a dog runs over the pitch it doesn’t take much to dig it up.

“There was an unfortunate incident at the start of the season where dogs had been running across the covers we put over the wickets to protect them from the rain.

“The dogs’ claws ripped small holes in the covers which let the water through onto the pitch and meant we had to call the game off until we could dry it out.

“We’ve also had situations during breaks on match days where we’ve had to keep someone out on the field to protect the wicket and stop dogs running onto it.

“We recognise people love their dogs and that Stevens Reserve is a great place for them to have a run around, but we’re just asking people to help us out by keeping their dogs off the wickets.”

As a designated dog exercise area dogs are allowed off leash at Stevens Reserve most of the time, however dogs are required to be on a leash whenever there is a game or training taking place.

Dogs are also prohibited from the two centre wickets and the practice nets at all times.

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FP 1


The new club and community centre at Fremantle Park is looking very good. It will be the new home for the tennis, the bowling and the workers clubs and will also have facilities for the general community.

A couple of lawn bowl elders told me on Sunday morning that it is the best development in Perth.

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Representatives of the clubs that will soon be moving in to the new Fremantle Park sport and community centre at Ellen Street are very happy with how their new home is shaping up. It will be completed before the end of the year

The Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre will be home for the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club, Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club and Fremantle Bowling Club.

A fantastic feature of the new centre will be the wide alfresco areas and the first floor balcony offering sweeping views over Fremantle Park towards St Patrick’s Basilica and Fremantle Port.

Tennis Club President and Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre Chair Lawrence Apps said he couldn’t wait to be sitting on the balcony sipping a drink and taking in the view. “It’s going to be absolutely magnificent”

“The views are fantastic and the patrons, members of our clubs and visitors, are just going to love being up here”

The project, which also includes the installation of two new hardcourt tennis courts and a new synthetic bowling green, requires the demolition of the old bowling club and tennis club buildings.

Bowling Club President Keith Bowden said he had mixed emotions when the old bowling club was demolished last month.

“It’s a little bit sad but we need to move on,” Mr Bowden said.

Workers Club President and Fremantle Park Deputy Chair Don Whittington said it was a big decision for the club to move out of its old home, but it was clear they’d made the right choice.

“I’m just so excited about getting in here, particularly for our members who’ve had to put up with a lot over the past five years,” Mr Whittington said.

“All three clubs that are sharing this facility are over one hundred years old, and I’m quite certain that our clubs will last for at least another one hundred years.”

The approved budget for the project is $4.1 million, with $1.85 million coming from the City of Fremantle, $1.85 million from the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club and $400,000 from the state government’s Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund.

On top of this, Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club have contributed another $120,000 and the tennis and bowling clubs have added $30,000 each to include additional features that were outside the original scope of works.

The City of Fremantle will build a new public car park on the Parry Street side of the facility once the building works are complete.


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Two hundred year 5-9 students from ten schools came to Fremantle Oval today for the Culture through Sport event organised by the Stephen Michael Foundation, where they played traditional Aboriginal games most of us Wadjelas have not heard about.

Footy legend Barry Gable and former Dockers player Michael Johnson were in attendance.

The students participated in Meetcha Boma, a hockey game played by Noongar people of the south of WA, where a Meetcha-red gum-was used as a ball and a piece of wood with a crooked root as the hockey stick.

Marn-Grook, or game of ball, was played by Aboriginal groups in Victoria. The ball is kicked high into the air and players try to catch it, similar to a mark in the AFL.

Noongar Wana was played by girls where a small stick was put on the ground and one girl tried to defend the stick while other girls outside a circle around her tried to hit it with a ball.

Edar, a game of chasing and tagging, comes from the Aurukun Aboriginal community.

The kids had a lot of fun.

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LOCAL East Fremantle


The Town of East Fremantle is introducing their #LookLocal Community Directory. Search the online directory to find community groups in your area.

Categories include:

To explore the directory, visit


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The City of Fremantle has engaged some of Australia’s most respected golf course designers to reconfigure the Fremantle Public Golf Course.

Perth-based landscape architects Aspect Studios have been appointed to undertake the project with specialist golf course designer Richard Chamberlain, landscape architect Stuart Pullyblank and project manager Mal Birch.

Mr Chamberlain has more than 30 years of international experience in golf course design including Royal Hobart and Royal Fremantle golf clubs. He is also responsible for the extremely successful mini-golf course at the Wembley Golf Course.

Mr Pullyblank and Mr Birch have recently completed the redevelopment of the Lake 9 at Collier Park in the City of South Perth.

The redesign of the golf course is needed to make way for the Main Roads WA upgrade of High Street, which will result in the loss of the third and sixth holes.

The aim is to achieve a redeveloped nine hole, par 34 course and provide equivalent driving range and practice facilities, while also retaining mature trees and minimising the impact on neighbouring Booyeembara Park.

The  process gives the course and the City the opportunity to re-establish and re-badge the brand of what the course is about. It could be very similar to what’s happened at Wembley, where it was already a well-liked course and a well catered for course but the transformation there was amazing.

The Fremantle Public Golf Course is operated by the lessee Evergreen Golf.

The course designers met with representatives of the clubs based at Fremantle Public Golf Course last week to discuss the redesign process.

Issues such as the design of the new club house will be considered by Fremantle Council in the coming months.

The City of Fremantle did not mention in its media release if the state government through Main Roads will pay for the redesign  and work of the golf course as that has become necessary because of the High Street upgrade and the new alignment intruding into the current golf course. Still also not a word about a land swap where the City would get some of the Clontarf Hill land presently owned by the state government.

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I agree with WA Local Government Minister David Templeman that local councils have evolved and are much more than just about rates, roads and rubbish. The unfair criticism in the media and from many in the community ignore the facts that councils do a lot more for their communities than in the past, and that is mainly due because people demand more and better services and because some of the services state governments supplied have been pushed to local councils.

What would Fremantle be for its residents, traders and visitors if all council did was look after the rates, the roads and the rubbish collection? Think about it for a moment.

Should Fremantle get rid off the Samson Rec. Centre, the Meeting Place, the Hilton PCYC and the North Freo Community Hall? Should councils no longer be responsible to look after playing fields  and sporting ovals. Would the State Government happily step in and take over all these services, and at what financial cost to us?

Should Fremantle Council sell or lease the arts and leisure centres because running them is well beyond rates, roads and rubbish, and what about our festivals? Would the Freo community prefer to not have the Fremantle Festival, Hidden Treasures, Wardarnji Aboriginal festival, One Day in Freo events, etc. because they are not part of the basic rates, roads and rubbish local governments have to do? Surely not.

What about the library, legal advise service and social services, and why should the City of Fremantle have community safety officers when law&order is the responsibility of WA Police?

If we got rid of all these services rates would come down, but will Freo be a better place for it?

Would those who whinge about councils having lost the plot really be more happy if all the things that make Fremantle the special place it is be scrapped because councillors supposedly are only elected to look after the rates, roads and rubbish? I think not!

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Fremantle Park clubhouse

club 1


Ellen Street residents are not happy that the new Fremantle Park club house is being built just opposite heritage buildings when it could have been built away from Ellen Street more to the north and become the centre of the tennis and bowling clubs precinct.

Building the two-storey building further to the west, or to the north, would have brought it closer to the planned new car park at Parry Street as the plan shows.

One also has to wonder about what noise impact the new club house might have on the residents of Ellen Street when the Fremantle Workers Club used to organise concerts in their former venue in Henry Street and the temporary club house at Fremantle Oval. Will that continue in the new club house?

The development is a joint venture between the tennis, bowling and workers club and the City of Fremantle.

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club A

club 1

club 4

The top of the new Fremantle Park club house has been reached with the structures for the roof now clearly visible.

The new building will become the home of the Fremantle Tennis Club, Fremantle Bowling Club and the Fremantle Workers Club. It will also have spaces for the general community to use.

The City of Fremantle will also build a new car park at Parry Street next year.

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WA Premier Mark McGowan and Sport&Recreation Minister Mick Murray opened the new pavilion of the Fremantle Netball Association at Frank Gibdon Park on Sunday, just in time for the club’s 60th anniversary.

The $2.24 million upgrade includes a pavilion and change rooms, a first aid room, toilets and umpires’ rooms, and a canteen, kitchen and admin rooms.

The State paid $ 1.8 million toward the project while the club made up for the balance of it.

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