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Integrated into the heart of Fremantle, the vision for the Fremantle Oval Precinct is to re-establish and offer an active venue for sport, community, cultural and health pursuits.

Work on creating a concept for Fremantle Oval and the surrounding areas is underway with the City of Fremantle having established a Steering Group and a Reference Group.

The Steering Group consists of three directors of the City, the CEO of the South Metro Health Service and the Manager City Design and Projects of CoF.

The Reference Group is very large with three Elected Members,  the Area Manager Infrastructure of South Metro Health, a representative from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Culture, The CEOs of the South and East Fremantle football clubs, the President of the Fremantle District Cricket Club, the CEO of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, a representative of the University of Notre Dame, and three managers of the City of Fremantle. WOW, they must have veeeery looooong meetings so that everyone can have their say!

And what is it all about?


The precinct is re-established in a way that integrates its internal uses with one another as well as reconnecting the precinct into the fabric of the city centre.


Develop and enhance the precinct in a manner that consolidates and increases sporting activities on the Oval as the primary use and as a Centre of Excellence for football, while respecting the heritage of the precinct.


Augment sporting uses at the venue with entertainment, cultural events and community activities that bring added public access and life to the precinct.


Consolidate health activities on the hospital site; enabling regeneration and improved integration with the surrounding city.


Develop key perimeter sites that improve public accessibility and increase pedestrian activity at ground level, throughout the year.


Enable a balanced portfolio of transport access arrangements to the precinct.

and there is more:


Provide Open, Green Space for a Healthy City

Ensure the precinct provides open and green spaces for access by city workers, residents and visitors.

Reveal and Visually Connect the Precinct

Key views, vistas and links are established, protected and celebrated.


Optimise Activity through Appropriately Scaled Development

Ensure development opportunities optimise activities / density through appropriate height, mass and setbacks.

Respond to the Environment

Seek excellence in design and aesthetics; develop in a fashion that is responsive to local environmental conditions and sustainability principles.


Integrate into Fremantle’s Historic Urban Fabric

Where practical, extend the urban grid of the city into the precinct to improve legibility and urban integration, whilst acknowledging the historical informal and open nature of the precinct.

Celebrate Heritage and History

Understand, reveal, enhance and interpret the unique heritage attributes of the precinct and its context.


Invite People In

Improve pedestrian access, permeability and sense of safety across the precinct and along adjoining streets.

Create Good Journeys

Enhance physical connections between the precinct, prison and town.

What appears to be missing are some creative people; architects, artists, placemakers, and also yet again no attempt to involve community groups from the beginning, so yet again they will have to be reactive and that often results in the groups being criticised for being negative.

When will they ever learn at local government that it is advantageous to involve members of the community from the very start because it means a lot less hassles when it comes to planning issues, etc.

The Fremantle Oval Precinct is a huge opportunity for the City of Fremantle and while they mention a time frame of 20-30 years for the development this one is more realistic and achievable than the South Quay development ideas.

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T:Projects21641 Fremantle Park Community Centre3 Drawings3 D


The new clubhouse at Fremantle Park is an opportunity lost if the City of Fremantle approves the design of the building.

What is suggested is boring 1970s design that has no street appeal, and the proposed new building might well be in the wrong location for it to get maximum benefit out of it for all three clubs that will call it home.

I had envisaged a modern clubhouse surrounded by the playing fields, in the location of the present bowling club building, with a balcony all around, so that players and visitors could watch the tennis and lawn bowls from upstairs and enjoy views to the Fremantle Arts Centre and the port from there.

Why is the design so boring and does the building look cheap when the total budget for the project is $4.1 million?  $1.85 million is coming from the City of Fremantle, $1.85 million from the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club and $400,000 from the state government’s Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund.

When the community regularly complains about the mediocre architecture of new buildings the City of Fremantle has to show that great architecture is achievable in our city. This proposal is very disappointing.

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For a city which is financially challenged the City of Fremantle is exceptionally generous with a professional WAFL football club.

The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will debate on Wednesday a new lease for Fremantle Oval with the South Fremantle Football Club and the conditions are that we are given the SFFC the use of the oval and clubrooms for free plus we give them a lot of ratepayers’ money as well.

SFFC will not have to pay any rent for their 20+20 year lease and will receive all kinds of benefits from Fremantle City. I wonder if they will even have to pay for outgoings like power and water.

The City of Fremantle will agree in the lease to pay for the ground keeping of the oval and surroundings, estimated to be $ 120,000-$160,000 a year.

CoF would also transfer the groundkeeper position to it’s staff list, but what that will cost is not revealed in the agenda.

All the net parking revenue at the oval will be collected and managed by the City but will be donated to SFFC, estimated to be $100,000 a year.

In addition to all that Fremantle City will also make a $ 50,000 a year contribution to the WAFL club, and the club will be allowed to use the oval free of charge five times a year for events other than football games.

It is my understanding that SFFC is a commercial for profit organisation that gets funding from the WAFL and the national AFL through income from Dockers and Eagles contributions, so why does the City of Fremantle have to give away so much of ratepayers’ money that could be better used elsewhere?

This also sets a precedent for the intended move to Fremantle Oval by the East Fremantle Football Club. What financial concessions and incentives will the City of Fremantle offer them?

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Fremantle Park community centre


It has taken a while but there are finally plans for the new Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre at Parry Street, which will be the new home for the Fremantle Tennis Club, the Fremantle Bowling Club and the Fremantle Workers clubs.

The project will include the demolition of the existing tennis club and bowling club buildings, the construction of the new Sport and Community Centre and the installation of two new hardcourt tennis courts and a new synthetic bowling green.

As a complementary project, the City of Fremantle will also build new public carpark on Parry Street that can be used by club members.

The three clubs decided in 2013 that they would be better off in a new, shared facility rather than paying to upgrade and maintain their existing clubrooms, and the Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street was no longer financially sustainable.

The City of Fremantle’s Community Facilities Plan – Future Directions 2036 – identifies Fremantle Park as a key sporting precinct including Fremantle Leisure Centre, Fremantle Sport and Community Centre and the playing fields, so this is the first stage in wider plan to upgrade the whole area.

The plans for the new building include three indoor function rooms – including a cafe, bar and commercial kitchen – and an alfresco area and balcony overlooking the sporting areas.

The cafe and alfresco area will be open to public and the indoor function rooms will be available for hire to community groups and for private functions. The sporting areas will be available to club members and also through casual hire.

The total budget for the project is $4.1 million, with $1.85 million coming from the City of Fremantle, $1.85 million from the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club and $400,000 from the state government’s Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund.

The project is due to go to tender in July, with construction expected to be underway in October and completed by August 2019.

The plans can be seen on the My Say Freo website and a community information session will be held on Thursday 12 April from 5.30 – 7.30 pm at the Fremantle Bowling Club.

The feedback received during the consultation stage will help to further refine the plans before the City progresses with the detailed design.

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The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay arrived in Fremantle at midday on Saturday by police boat from Rottnest Island and from there by jetski to Bathers Beach.

There was not a huge crowd to welcome the relay, but MP Josh Wilson, Minister Simone McGurk, the Mayor of Fremantle and councillors were there, as was Noongar elder Len Collard who did a welcome to country.

Freo celebrities Lois Olney and Michael Paula were part of the relay that continued on from Fremantle to Burswood and then South Perth and Perth today.

The Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast later this year.

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The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay will arrive in Fremantle on Saturday.

There will be a performance by local indigenous dancers and the chance to hear from the relay’s batonbearers, which include two of my Freo friends; singer Lois Olney and Mike Pauly, who walked around Australia for charity, as well as recently retired Perth Scorchers captain Adam Voges and hockey champion Rechelle Hawkes.

The event at Bathers Beach will start at 11:30am, with the Baton due to arrive by jet ski at 12:45pm.

From there it will be carried along Fishing Boat Harbour, down the Cappuccino Strip and through the historic West End before departing for South Perth at 1:45pm.

A number of road closures will be in place for the duration of the relay.

The Phillimore Street entrance to the Fremantle Port will be closed between 1pm – 2:30pm so all port traffic, including ferry passengers, will have to enter through gate 2 on Beach Street and drive down Peter Hughes Drive to B Shed.

A number of carparks along Mews Road and in the West End will also be closed to cater for the relay’s support vehicles.

For details of the road and carpark closures visit the Queen’s Baton Relay event page on the City of Fremantle Fremantle Story website.

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South Beach court


The official opening of the Fremantle South Beach basketball court this afternoon reminds me of my history shooting hoops with US army and airforce GIs, who were stationed en masse in Germany to keep the cold war out of the west.

I was the white dwarf among the mainly black giants, but had a huge leap that impressed, to the point that I invented the HoolaHoop, a movement where I made a 360 rotation while leaping in the air and slam dunking the ball.

Sports writers of the Nuremberg newspapers soon named it the RoelaHoop after me because no one else managed to perfect the movement.

Even OJ Simpson’s defence team used the RoelaHoop as an explanation for OJ’s erratic  behaviour, claiming that the basketball superstar had tried to perfect the RH movement literally thousands of times a week and that had caused extreme dizziness and brain damage.

That might also explain my erratic behaviour and this fictional story because I have never shot a hoop in my life. ; >)

BUT….. I am really looking forward to the grand opening between 4.30-7.30 pm today with entertainment and food trucks and the kiosk will stay open later as well.

Come shoot a hoop with our Freo Councillors, have some fun on the beautiful blue court and watch the sun set.

See you there!

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Ladies skate nights 16+


There will be Ladies Skate Nights for 16+ the next three Tuesday of February: 6, 13, 20.

So get your skates on all you gorgeous Freo females and head out to the Esplanade on Tuesday evening.

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The beautiful new basketball, volleyball and futsal court as South Beach is now open.

The City of Fremantle will do an official opening some day soon, no doubt it will be something like Mayor Brad Pettitt playing guard with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Go take the kids for a hoop and yourself and friends as well!

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Congratulations to our wonderful Fremantle role model Sam Kerr for being awarded YOUNG AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR.

The young super soccer player is so delightfully down to earth that many so-called sports stars should follow her lead and let go off their over-inflated egos. (A certain misbehaving tennis player with a Greek name comes to mind).

Sam Kerr is a real pleasure to watch on the soccer pitches of the world and is a real ambassador for women’s soccer.

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