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Fremantle BID-Business Improvement District has appointed Nicci Workum as the interim CEO of the retail support organisation after the shock resignation of Tim Milsom, who quit after only three months.

Workum will work part-time only from Monday to Wednesday.

She has been working with BID for two and a half years and has been a board member of several NGOs, including the Conservation Council of WA.

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VINTAGE ADVENTURES is a Travel Film Series held in Fremantle from June 1-4.

It is held at Darkstar Coffee at 5/4 Pritchard Street in O’Connor. Tickets are $ 15 and concession $ 12. Bookings:

On Thursday June 1 at 8 pm they will show Double Journey a film shot between 1939 and 1945 by Ella Maillart of her journeys driving across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Idia.

On Friday June 2 at 8 pm 1 Map For 2 shows two Italian buddies on 175 cc Ducatis travelling the unspoilt 1950s.

Saturday June 3 will be Pillock Conquers the World at 8 pm, about a folk group buying n old bus and driving around India, Australia and across the USA.

And on Sunday June 4 at 7.30 pm Grass is on show. It shows the migration of the Bakhtiarti Tribe of Persia.

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I did not realise that the World of Renovation showroom that opened a few weeks ago in Fremantle’s historic West End also has a very classy cafe at the back that would make a great small bar.

Debretton&Bennett serves Gesha coffee and is open daily from 8 am to 2 pm.

It can be hired for functions.

It is very tranquil and away from High Street and is next to the Police Station.

As one of the few patrons yesterday remarked. “It’s not very Fremantle, more like Claremont.”  I really like it. Check it out!


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A collapsed paver in front of the Fremantle Postoffice at Market Street is a serious health hazard.

It is a very busy stretch of road and it will only be a matter of time until a pedestrian trips over it and falls on his/her face, or breaks a hip, arm, writs or collarbone, so something should be done about it fast.

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WP 2

WP 1

Western Power must have won the Powerball as it is hard to imagine how our financially broke state can afford 41 vehicles attending one job at Hampton Road in Fremantle. I counted them.

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North Fremantle people will tell you that they are even more unique than the rest of Freo and looking at the lovely little hub there one has to agree with them.

Even parking is special in North Freo with the City creating parking bays that are partly on the road and partly on the footpath.

There are some quirky mural artworks and brilliant restaurants such as Habitue and Propeller, and the famous Mojo’s music venue, plus cafes, Mrs Brown and Flipside burgers.

Change your routine now and then and instead of going to the Freo CBD or South Freo, go and support the North Freo traders!

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The controversial and often mediocre development proposals we get in Fremantle made me contemplate what good and acceptable architecture for our city is.

Some people say it is just personal taste, and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is quite happy to accept higher and architecturally average buildings in the historic West End than the planning scheme allows, because for them it is all about activation and revitalising the retail and hospitality economy. Will ugliness really achieve that?

Developing a city is much more than just adding new modern buildings and trying to push-start the economy with mediocrity for short-term gain.

Good architecture is like successful immigration and the integration into a multicultural society. It is about respecting and enhancing the diversity, blending in while retaining one’s culture, and making a positive difference to the community one joins. It’s about being considerate and accepting one comes into and adds to an established society, a streetscape, a history.

Architecture should be about respecting and enhancing the streetscape and blending in with what is already there. It is about accepting and respecting the history of place and the unique character a city like Fremantle has.

That does not mean we can’t have iconic buildings that make a statement about how good modern architecture can be, but it should not be about architects showing off their ego and ignoring the heritage significance of place.

It is telling and refreshing that Notre Dame University took the concerns of the community and Fremantle Council serious and will now redesign the new School of Nursing they want to build on the corner of Cliff and High streets. It shows real consideration and maturity, and the willingness to compromise to achieve a better outcome for Fremantle. That is what respect for one’s community should be all about!

Development should not be about trying to ram unacceptable ugly and too high buildings through at the W.A. Development Assessment Panel or State Administrative Tribunal, but it should be about making Fremantle even more beautiful and special, and outstanding modern architecture will do that.

Developers who want to come to Fremantle need to engage architects who acknowledge and respect that our city is different and unique and that there is greatness in detail, diversity of heights and splitting up facades, so that modern buildings do not look too massive in our low-rise environment.

Boring concrete boxes are just not on. They are proof of lazy, disrespectful architects and lack of creativity. We don’t want or need them in Freo!

When we cook we don’t just throw things in a pot and hope that somehow it will become a great meal. We carefully blend ingredients and spices to create the wow factor around the table and impress our guests. That is what architects need to do in Fremantle, because a lamb korma pizza with with mayo, tofu and pineapple, topped with Chinese dumplings won’t impress too many people.

To ignore Freo’s history when one designs new buildings for our city is ignoring that trees can’t survive without their roots. Our past is part of us and shapes our future.

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TH 2


The Fremantle Townhall clock is back running on time!

It turned out that a film crew damaged essential parts of the clock so the poor clockmaker had to do repairs just a few days after the clock had been restarted on Friday.

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I know Fremantle is a progressive city and we like to get things moving, but are we really two hours ahead of the rest of Western Australia?

The clock in the Fremantle Townhall was only restarted at midday on Friday but two days later it is already two hours fast. Oooops! Or did we get a Usain Bolt clock installed?

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The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour PIazza is well underway and trees are planted, seats made and the new timber deck looks great.

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