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I love the cavernous former warehouse space of PS Art Space in Pakenham Street. One can really contemplate there while watching art shows and it would be a fantastic space for meditation.

The space is ideally suited to making exhibitions into installations, as the present show does well.

The Built to last exhibition by Jennifer Garland at Fremantle’s PS ART SPACE is an investigation of once prosperous places and the extraction of commodities. The legacy of history is explored in a mixed-media installation inspired by archival records, satellite imagery, and scientific research. Now in decline, these places are filled with unsettling omens which offer projections of possible futures. The exhibition reimagines histories and makes connections across time in order to examine nature in an era defined by its absence.

Experimental processes of transformation have been used which introduce chance elements and convey a sense of chaos. This involves techniques utilizing oxidisation, melting and distortion. Industrial materials including hi vis safety equipment also contribute to an undercurrent of danger. 

The show runs till May 11 and is open Tuesday-Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2 pm.

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Kidogo 19 April opening Daisy Ward


PURLTIKATJA is a stunning show of work by Daisy Tjuparntarri Ward that opens this Thursday evening at Fremantle’s Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach. The exhibition runs from the 19-25 April

The exhibition, curated by anthropologist Jan Turner, features canvasses from the deserts of Western Australia and in particular the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. Canvasses gathered over twenty years to tell stories, to communicate, to make explicit, Indigenous concepts, histories and family relationships. Canvasses used as tools of explanation in the contexts of land rights, native title, mining negotiations and the politics of representation. Canvasses that by their existence have provided a conduit for two worlds to come together in often difficult circumstances.

The desert woman, Daisy Tjuparntari Ward makes a guest appearance at this exhibition. An artist, a cross-cultural educator, an ambassador for her people, a political rights activist and a proud upholder of her culture. Ward and Turner have shared for thirty years an inter-cultural space, as tjurturarra [a two sister team]. Born in the same year, cultures apart, they have grown together learning much about their own and each other’s cultures.

Many of the canvasses come from the period prior to the establishment of community based commercial art centres. The artists represented in this highly personal collection come from several language groups: Ngaanyatjarra, Mantjiltjara, Pitjantjatjara and Pintupi. The artworks are tangible representations of the anthropologist’s relationships through generations and across language groups. They were collected specifically for the purpose of cross-cultural education, as visual components of an anthropologist’s toolkit.


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Freo lifestyle


Just another beautiful Sunday morning in gorgeous Fremantle! I took this photo at the East West Design warehouse in South Fremantle a couple of hours ago.

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MIssing Sock. Spare Parts

FCO April 14:15

Two cultural highlights for Fremantle this weekend. At the Shipwrecks Museum Spare Parts Puppet Theatre will start the Tom Vickers and the Extraordinary Adventure of his Missing Sock, while the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra will perform with clarinetist Michael Hodgkins in the Fremantle Townhall this Sunday.

….and more cultural greatness: Fremantle Arts Centre has confirmed its position as one of Perth’s most popular concert venues, with ticket sales for events over the next few months topping $1.2 million.
The historic venue will host Welsh rockers Stereophonics on 5 May, Angus and Julia Stone on 26-27 May and Vance Joy on 23-24 September.
City of Fremantle Arts and Culture Manager Pete Stone said combined the three acts had sold more than 15,000 tickets.

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The future of the Fremantle Business District-BID is in doubt after the FPOL Committee of Fremantle last night approved the Destination Marketing Fremantle concept, which will see the additional differential rates CBD businesses pay go to the marketing department budget and no longer to BID.

It is very doubtful BID will be able to continue without funding from the City of Fremantle, although several councillors mentioned that there was a need for something like BID and that is had done grassroots work well.

There were public speakers in support of continuing BID and others supporting the new destination marketing strategy, but the consensus of the elected members was that a new marketing approach is needed and that BID was not the way forward.

Supporters for BID said BID was a lifeline and a voice for small retailers and that BID had businesses working together for the first time. That is true and nothing stops traders from continuing to work together in a kind of precinct format, I believe, so not all is lost and the good momentum BID created could continue.

BID wanted another 12 months extension and believed it could become self funding, but they had already been granted the extension and could not show they were raising enough money to be able to continue without council giving them the differential rates.

Councillors said this was not a debate about BID versus the destination marketing strategy but if Council wanted a new marketing approach for the city. It is not either or, Councillor Andrew Sullivan said. He also said the City needed to support the concept of BID and offer more support for retailers.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said that we needed to acknowledge the incredible work BID had done and that BID was always about collaboration and grassroots level liaising with businesses, and that can continue.

Councillors agreed the City needed to try something different as the present marketing is not working and businesses are not happy with it.

Councillor Doug Thompson wanted to know before the item goes to full council next week who the marketing experts would be the marketing department wants on a panel of experts.

Councillor and FPOL chair Hannah Fitzhardinge said clarity had been lacking about what BID does and what the marketing department does.

I want to make one point that gets ignored at the Freo City marketing department and that is the lack of information the City sends out to tourist destinations in the city. More often than not the tourist guides at the Roundhouse are not informed about festivals and events, so they can’t send tourists to them. We have never had a poster or leaflets for example to promote the Winter Festival and other events that happen on the Esplanade. We have begged for info about the Hidden Treasures music festival, Street Arts Festival, etc.etc. We can’t even tell tourists what’s on at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

There is also no communication between the tourist destinations, so Roundhouse volunteers don’t know about special exhibitions or events at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle Prison, etc. That needs to be coordinated by the City’s marketing department and could be as easy as emailing a short list of what is on next week. It’s very good to get more people visiting Fremantle, but we need to be able to keep them here longer and tell them what else they can do.

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Spare Parts


Now this is an interesting new idea by Fremantle’s Spare  Parts Puppet Theatre. Their world premiere production, Tom Vickers and the Extraordinary Adventure of his Missing Sock starts next weekend, but not at the Short Street theatre but at the beautiful old  WA Shipwrecks Museum!

Step back in time as you enter an adventurous journey where you choose your own path and become an active participant in the show! You’ll receive a passport to guide you on your travel, however you’ll need to use all of your senses to find the elusive missing sock!! Book now:




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No doubt Pauline Hanson would not agree with the wonderful, wonderful REVEALED Aboriginal art market and exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre today because there is too much emphasis on Aboriginal people.

Well, Pauline, if you want to ignore 50,000 years of a beautiful people and culture and their long history in Australia just please your own ignorance. For people like me REVEALED is a great opportunity to see art from the desert, the Kimberley and down South and connect with our indigenous friends.

The atmosphere in the courtyard is fantastic and half of Perth came out to buy some stunning Aboriginal art, so go and join them!

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Perth artist Rick Vermey, who is a really nice bloke, has been announced as the the artist to design a new public artwork for the Fremantle  LIV Apartments  on Queen Victoria Street

Rick was commissioned to design the permanent installation in LIV’s entrance as part of the City of Fremantle Percent for Art Scheme.

The tunnel-like structure will be visible from the Queen Victoria and Quarry Street entrances and will be illuminated from within, creating a vibrant space for Liv’s residents and the wider Fremantle community to enjoy.

As part of the creative process Rick Vermey partnered with emerging computational design specialist and architect Daniel Giuffre to come up with the winning design.

The after-dark presence created by the wind-animated dynamic lighting will provide a focal point for night-time visitors to the precinct.

There will be 166 apartments at LIV and approximately 1,300m2 of commercial space, as well as landscaped courtyards with edible gardens for the residents, plus cafes and restaurants .

The new permanent public artwork is due to be installed by August 2018, which is also the due date for the completion of the development.

I think the artwork will look great, but I do have a problem with art incorporated in new development.  The percentage for the arts scheme in Fremantle will give us a lot of new public art in Fremantle because of all the new development, but when the buildings are demolished in 50-100 years the art also disappears and that is a real shame for future generations.

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If the rest of the long weekend continues like yesterday Fremantle will be in for a treat. I have never seen so many people in town on a Good Friday as yesterday. The city was buzzing, alfresco cafes full, big crowds at the few Fremantle International Street Arts Festival pitches, and a queue at Cicerello’s that was stretched to the outside pavement to order fish&chips. Great!

Due to fighting fever, the flu and hay fever all at once I could not stay out long yesterday so I only took some photos of the magnificent birdmen on the Esplanade.

The street art performances start from noon today. There is also the Western Weekender fun along historic High Street in the West End and the Fremantle Malls Market Day between the Cappuccino Strip and Kings Square.

Have fun everyone!

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WA’s Jacob Diamond has recently emerged as one of the foremost singer songwriters in the west. His alt-folk sound is characterised with huge melodies and incisive lyrics, as he sings bold songs about love and death.

He will be performing at the free courtyard Sunday music session at the Fremantle Arts Centre today from 2-4 pm.

Now hoping the weather will clear up as it is quite dull out there with spots of rain.

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