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Posted in city of fremantle, labour day, parking by freoview on February 25, 2015

As my father told me, lies always come back to bite you, and I believe the same happens to government and corporate spin. Do you remember the great media about the City of Fremantle having the right spirit for the Australia Day Fireworks and not handing out any parking fines on the day, in contrast to the City of Perth who printed out fines in the thousands of dollars?

Well, it ain’t what the Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt and his spin team wants us to believe. This was not a deliberate decision by the City of Fremantle to not fine motorists. It is much simpler. Parking inspectors in Fremantle do not work on public holidays, so instead of the COF advertising not to waste money on buying parking tickets on public holidays they pretended instead to be the good guys who showed lenience. Not so!

The great news for all who come to Fremantle on this Monday’s Labour Day long weekend. PARKING IS FREE BECAUSE THERE WON’T BE ANY INSPECTORS AT WORK TO FINE YOU! (This does NOT APPLY to Victoria Quay that is operated by Wilson Parking!).

Find yourself fineless in Freo! ; >)

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