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The weather forecast for Monday is not great, but I wanted to let you know anyway that the season has started for the popular Under The Bridge Food Trucks at the East Street jetty at Freo’s Beach Street.

It’s on every Monday from 5-8pm, so go have a look.

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J Shed artists have put a sign up at the far end of High Street to point out some of the tourist destinations for those who come out of the Whalers Tunnel.

It is quite puzzling that there is no official City of Fremantle way finding sign at the end of Hight Street, because that is where visitors want to know which direction to take to e.g the Fishing Boat Harbour or Maritime Museum.

Despite the many new signs around the city way finding is still not up to scratch in some locations and that needs to be addressed by the marketing department.

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Here a rather long slide show of the first ever Kings Square Fremantle Long Table Dinner. It is such a great and heart-warming event that I find it difficult not to get emotional.

Well done to all the fantastic volunteers, chefs, suppliers, kitchen staff, etc. You are all very special people. Thank you!

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Father Christmas was relaxing at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach with an Esky by his side.

The City of Fremantle event allows families to take photos with Santa, but don’t rush to our lovely inner city beach because it is all booked out.

It looked great!

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Fremantle Council has adopted a new policy to make it easier for people to block off their street for neighbourhood events and street parties.

The new Community Street Activation Policy creates a clear and easy process for community event organisers to follow to host a safe and successful event.

A key aspect of the policy is for the City to provide community volunteers with the training and accreditation required to undertake traffic management protocols.

Council hopes that the policy will encourage neighbours to connect with each other and create vibrant, active and friendly neighbourhoods.

The City will recruit community traffic volunteers through the precinct groups and pay for them to attend traffic management and traffic controller courses which will certify them to close local streets. It will also provide proper traffic management signage for organisers to use, and cover the cost of public liability insurance for the event.

Traffic management is often the major cost for community events and stops them from happening, so bringing cost down considerably will hopefully inspire more precincts to start organising street parties and connect with local residents and businesses.

The Community Street Activation Policy applies to small scale events that attract fewer than 400 people, are targeted towards residents from the immediate streets and are generally invitation only.

The streets allowed to be closed under the policy have to be low volume, low speed residential streets. The section of the street to be closed must not include an intersection, traffic signals or bus routes.

Fremantle Council this week adopted the policy for a 12-month trial period. At the end of the trial period the policy will be reviewed and a report presented to the council for consideration.

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on November 27, 2020

A few weeks ago I asked here on Freo’s View if the Fremantle ratepayers believe the planned carpark at Parry Street, next to the tennis courts, would be a good investment.

The proposal was for a 101-bay street-level carpark at a cost of $ 360,000, but 48 of those bays would be made available for free on weekends to the Fremantle Park clubhouse members.

The Parry Street carpark is supposed to make up for the Cappuccino Strip carpark, where the State Government is going to build the new police station, so it is also important for the City’s revenue.

I now hear that Councillors are seriously considering the idea that the two grass courts of the tennis club will be retained and a carpark of only 50 bays will be built and that those bays would be to the exclusive-FREE!-use of the Fremantle Park clubhouse members.

So let me get that right. Fremantle ratepayers would pay approximately $ 150,000 for a new carpark that only members of the tennis, bowling and workers clubs can use for free. How bloody ridiculous is that!

Wake up ratepayers and start screaming right now, or your money will be wasted on the private use only of a new carpark. It is mind-blowing.

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It’s going to be a great weekend in Fremantle with a lot to do for everyone!

Little Creatures is celebrating 20 years in the Fishing Boat Harbour with activities for young and old. I remember the site was a crocodile farm when I arrived in WA.

The DesignFreo exhibitions opens tonight at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so go and have a look on the weekend.

The Fremantle Long Table Dinner is always a great event and the Christmas Markets at Kings Square will be on from 4-9pm on Saturday and there is roving entertainment, so come along.

The Fremantle Markets is of course open all weekend and the Freo Farmers Market on Sunday from 8am till midday.

On Saturday the Silver Street Collective in South Fremantle sees creatives opening their courtyards to the public and on Sunday the Mental Health Mate BBQ is on from 10.30 at South Beach.

But there is more! The Fremantle Arts Centre free Sunday courtyard music is on from 2-4pm with Sam Carmody and The Money War.

And all our unique shops, bars, cafes and taverns are open. When there is so much on we need to be well hydrated and fed! Well, that’s going to be my excuse anyway. ; >))

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What a bloody awful mess Pipes for Fremantle is leaving behind in Fremantle!

The contractors for the Water Corporation who are reinstalling the road and footpaths don’t care about matching the colours of the bitumen and pavers, or the mix of bitumen, so it looks like awful, unprofessional and unacceptable patchwork that makes our city look extremely untidy.

Does anyone at Water Corp do quality control at all and check that their contractors are doing a proper job, or do they simply not care and make it a Fremantle Council problem?

It is not good enough and the City of Fremantle needs to kick some arse and get the job done professionally. It’s a mess, Pipes for Fremantle!

High Street in the West End will be totally resurfaced early in the new year.

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Mr Perfect. The Mental Health Mate charity is holding a barbeque at Fremantle’s South Beach this Sunday November 29 at 10.30am. It’s just south of the South Beach Cafe!

The charity tries to reduce the isolation of men and bring them together for conversations and create new connections within the community.

This inaugural Freo Mr Perfect BBQ is organised by Sean Hefferon, the past convenor of the South Fremantle Precinct meetings and he can be contacted for more information on mobile 0407 479 695 or

This is a really good initiative as many men feel a bit lost, challenged and isolated, so it is important to connect with others and realise that other men, young and old, experience similar problems. Sharing them is a first step to learn to deal better with whatever the universe throws at us.

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South Fremantle’s Silver Street is a cute street. It has some interesting architecture, cute B&B and creative people who live there, and it has the large Zebra mural by Anya Brock on the wall of Ootong&Lincoln.

This Saturday November 28 and Saturday December 5 the creatives will have their courtyards open to the public between 9am and 1pm, so go for a browse to get unique Christmas presents from Mokoh Design, Linen Direct, Debra Corbett Studio, Wilson Brown Designs, Shop Till You Drop, The Mess Hall and Ruby&Myrtle.

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