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Today March 13 is my personal Australia Day. It is the day I migrated to Australia and arrived in Sydney 36 years ago in 1982.

The promised start at a Sydney newspaper did not eventuate because we happened to arrive when Australia was in a recession, so slogging as kitchenhand, cook and waiter was the start of my Aussie life.

Trying to deal with the culture shock and learning to understand cricket, Aussie Rules and rugby was harder than learning to accept cask wine, blue skies and sunshine.

Looking back it is amazing how much I have achieved in a country where I knew nobody. Coming to Perth in September 1985 and starting my own corporate/industrial photography business without having the support of friends or family, or having the right private school tie, was probably more youthful naivety than sound planning.

But from the very start I felt a real love for this country, even more so in Western Australia and especially Fremantle. When I first drove through the Pilbarra and Kimberley I had a real sense of home coming and that I belonged, and Freo has always been like that for me.

Even in my darkest hours I have never regretted I migrated to Australia and I have always felt a commitment that I need to make a positive contribution to my community and leave Freo an even better place than it is for future generations, when my time is up sooner than later.

I have met so many great people and have made really good friends. I love the Freo passion and that we are all so bloody opinionated, and I love it that most of us don’t take themselves too serious.

Thanks for having me, Freo!

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flag battle


Fremantle Port is one of my favourite destinations in Fremantle. I visit it every day.

I love the always changing port with Rottnest ferries coming and going, the arrival and departure of container and massive RoRo ships, and the the great sight of majestic cruise liners.

Especially on weekends hundreds of small pleasure crafts create a buzz of excitement on their way out to the Indian Ocean in the early morning.

Yesterday this young man was struggling high up the mast with the WA flag on the Sailing Ship Leeuwin and that made for an interesting photo.

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Another glorious day in Fremantle paradise today and I just loved wandering around the city and seeing all the visitors and so many families during the school holidays.

It is an absolute delight to walk through the west end streets with the gorgeous heritage buildings, see the dolphins in the port and just relax. Freo is perfect for that.

The Winter Festival at the Esplanade was packed full and kids and parents having fun skating on the ice rink, speeding down the toboggan slide and the massive slide.

The Esplanade Youth Plaza skate park was also packed, so there is a lot of activity at that end of town at the moment. Join in the fun!

To all interstate and overseas readers of Freo’s View, if you haven’t visited Fremantle yet book it for your next holiday. We’ll make you feel very welcome!

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sign 2


I think it is very clear that I am delighted that the City of Fremantle is putting up brand spanking new wayfinding signs throughout the CBD, and they look very good. It is something long overdue and I have been advocating for them for years, but does a project worth around $ 1 million really have to be done by an easter states design company when local businesses are struggling?

The City has a pool of designers who are supposed to get the design jobs that need to be done, but it looks now as if they are only getting the crumbs like festival brochures, etc. and the big prestigious new tourist sign job gets done somewhere over east, no doubt adding additional costs for staff to fly over here. Are they produced over east as well or were local companies used to make the signs?

Even if this specialist design job was considered to be outside the expertise of the City of Fremantle design pool members, there are very many outstanding designers in Perth who could have done the job. Think global, buy local, I think is the slogan, so a local government should look after its local businesses first!

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Now this will excite Fremantle music fans! The very popular FALLS FESTIVAL has added Fremantle as one of its locations in 2017. The festival is being held at Byron Bay in NSW, Lorne in Victoria and Marion Bay in Tasmania, but next year the acts will also fly to the west and perform in Freo on January 7 and 8 in and around Kings Square.

There will be concerts for up to 500 patrons in St John’s church and the Townhall and performances in the MANY 6100(former Myer) building and on the roof there.

A total of 16,000 tickets will be available for the two days-8,000 per day, so it will be a very substantial addition to the Fremantle festivals and should boost the Freo economy at the start of the year.

The Falls Festival organisers say there will be international and local bands and that they offer “Bunkered basement danceteries, interactive art installations, makers markets and unexpected performance areas.”

This will be big competition for the Blues&Roots festival that is normally held in February and is going to return to the Esplanade next year after the festival was held at Fremantle Park for the last years.

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More and more wayfinding signs are going up in the Fremantle CBD and I think they look pretty good and impressive. What do you think?

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reflection 1


A Fremantle photo that does not require an explanation.

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Not much newsworthy happening in delightful Freo, and I am a bit low on energy due to a flu that makes me dizzy, so what better way to combat it than walking through the old town and shooting a few reflections.

I love the discovery and finding new photos in the city I have lived in for 25 years. It is a real challenge that demands power of observation and looking for details everywhere. The grainy looking one is a reflection in a marble column at the police station.

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f 3


f 2


f 1


Another glorious sunrise for all those lazy people who did not bother to get out of bed at 6 am this morning. There is more rain on the way the bureau says, so enjoy the hours of sunlight this morning.

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port sunrise


What a gloriously beautiful start to W.A. Day with this stunning sunrise. There is a lot on in Fremantle, especially on the Esplanade, so check out the details and have fun:

Esplanade Park

A Book Out Of Nowhere, the Literature Centre
11:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm -2:00pm
The Literature Centre presents fun 11am and 1pm sessions for kids at Fremantle’s Esplanade Park with WA author Raewyn Caisley and illustrator Karen Blair. Karen draws while Raewyn reveals her story ‘Hello from Nowhere’.

Across Cultures Art Classes, the Wayalup Centre
An aboriginal artist will paint tapping sticks, which are unique Nyoongar musical instrument, and share stories of the Nyoongar language, history & culture. Presented by Fremantle’s Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

African Drumming Circles performance & workshop
African Music Circles interactive rhythm performance and workshop that bring people together like nothing else.

Cameo Rascal – Roving circus performer
1:00pm, 2:00pm
Combination of acrobatic dance, juggling, stilt walking, unicycling and death-defying balancing acts – all with a comedians hilarity and cabaret panache.

Census 2016 Your Moment To Make A Difference
10:00am – 4:00pm
Have fun learning about Census – Test your geography skills, take a snapshot of your family household or be your own Mayor. Learn how Census is important to you and everybody living in Australia!

Circus Fun
10:00am – 4:00pm
The Juggle Fun (Circus Skills) event stand has proven to be an event favourite for all ages. An interactive event stand where everybody can have a go. Spinning diabolos, colourful poi & ribbon twirling, ball and scarf juggling, spin stix twirling, hoola hoops, spinning plates – there is something for fun all ages to learn.

Face painting, fairy tale fun and crafts
10:00am – 4:00pm
Face painting, Craft and Fairytale Fun. Join the Freedom Fairies in their world of imagination and play to celebrate all things magical and WA.

Fremantle Press presents: BOOKS OUT LOUD!
What do ghosts, smugglers, treasure hunters, robots, a walking house and a little lost girl all have in common? To find out join local writers for storytelling and free family-friendly activities.

Fremantle Press presents: Riddle Gully Secrets Launch
Just when famed youth reporter Pollo di Nozi thinks she’ll never find another news story, she stumbles upon not one but two very surprising secrets. With hidden treasure, cunning crooks, mistaken identities and mysterious disappearances, unravelling them may be Pollo’s greatest challenge yet.

Giant Games
10:00am – 4:00pm
Ten giant games providing interactive activities that the whole family can join in together. All ages can have a go and up to 40 can play at the same time.

Henna Hand Panting with Maneesha
Hand painting with traditional Henna paste.

Kite exhibition and workshop, Kite Kinetics
10:00am – 4:00pm
Decorating the skies with various kites trains and miniature butterfly kite workshops.

Know Your Nation presents Up close and personal with Greg Hastings and Horatio T Birdbath
Get to know the personal histories and stories of the people around us. Pre-submit your questions to

Greg Hastings – 1:00pm
A founder of the Mucky Duck Bush Band, Greg is an engaging performer of Australiana and has traversed over 400,000km of Australia doing just that. Career highlights include the Children’s’ interactive show ‘Wandering In The Bush’ and his 200 songs penned and 11 original albums recorded.

Horatio T. Birdbath – 3:00pm
Renowned artist Horatio T.Birdbath has been involved in the cultural history of Fremantle for many years. His public legacy includes Horatio’s Wall (behind Gino’s), the Kings Square bollards and the mosaic planter boxes along the cappuccino strip.

Live Music Performances
African Drumming Circles 10:00am
Nat Ripepi – acoustic vocalist 11:00am and 12:00pm
Andrew Winton – Australian Contemporary Singer / Songwriter 1:00pm and 2:15pm
Electrochic, acoustic French musical duo 3:15pm

My Place & My People in WA, the Literature Centre
10:00am – 4:00pm
See displays of student writing about WA people and places.

Numbat Mask Making
10:00am – 4:00pm
Children are given the opportunity to learn about an iconic West Australian numbat and then make their own mask to wear and take home.

PCYC Climbing Wall and ‘Fun Truck’
10:00am – 4:00pm
The PCYC Climbing Wall provides the excitement and challenge of a rock climbing experience, whilst the ‘Fun Truck’ is filled with fun recreational activities for all ages.

Tastes of the world – Food vendors
10:00am – 4:00pm

WA Children’s Theatre Flash Mob dancers
11:00am, 11:20am, 11:40am, 12:00pm, 12:20pm, 12:40pm
WA Childrens Theatre will perform FLASH mob dances promoting their new show ‘The Wolf has no teeth’, the story of red riding hoods grandson and his determination to overcome anxiety.

WA Day Coles Community Barbie
10:00am to 3:00pm
Get on down and enjoy a good ole West Australian sausage on the barbie. All fresh, local produce provided thanks to Coles, proudly supporting WA Day and your local Police and Community Youth Centre (PCYC – Fremantle branch).

Esplanade Youth Park

Skateboarding Clinic with Skateboarding WA
Join in on some WA Day fun with a skateboarding clinic at Esplanade Youth Plaza with Skateboarding WA. Registration forms available on the day or download here Under 18s require a parent/guardian signature.

Little Creatures Jetty

Tours of a 16th Century Dutch replica ship
10:00am – 4:00pm
Duyfken is a little ship that had such a big impact on the history of Australia, being recognised as the first European ship to make contact with the shores of Australia in 1606 – some 164 years before Captain James Cooks and the British claim to Australia’s history.


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