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It is WA Day long weekend and the calls for an Aboriginal cultural centre are loud and clear. We want it, and ideally it will be built in Fremantle!!

But the neglect of historic Arthur’s Head and the expensive rented fences in the area really annoy me, but no one in Fremantle or Western Australia appears to care much about the awful neglect of one of WA’s most significant heritage precincts. It is a disgrace and the Western Australian government should hang their heads in shame about not caring!

What is also not acceptable is putting wrong information on tourist signs, such as this one at the entrance of the Whalers Tunnel, that claims that convict labour was used to build the tunnel.

The tunnel was built in 1837 and convicts only arrived in WA in 1850! What is probably meant is that prison labour from the Roundhouse jail was used to build the tunnel, but that is a different story.

Clean up this mess, Premier Mark McGowan. This is one of the most important public works you should push forward as a priority!

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Boo 1

Boo 2


While searching for the storm damage in Booyeembara Park yesterday I took these photos of the lovely park.

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It is not only us humans hanging out for pubs and restaurants to open again, the poor seagulls in the Fishing Boat Harbour are also keen for a feed of fish&chips.

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The water corporation and gas people are in Fremantle’s West End and have dug a deep trench for new pipes along High Street.

It is very strange that the Pipes for Fremantle people no longer send media releases to this blog because it would be nice if I could inform the public and businesses about disruptions, as I did last year when PFF used to send me information.

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I am happy that from June 6 on cafes can accommodate about double the number of customers than they can currently, under the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

When winter weather is there no one wants to sit out in the open, so the seats inside are taken fast, as was the case this morning at my favourite Freo cafe. That was disappointing. I want my local cafe back to normal! ;>))

This man decided to at least read the newspaper without getting wet.

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Good news for the struggling Fremantle hospitality industry with WA Premier Mark McGowan today announcing the relaxation of some Covid-19 restrictions.

From Saturday June 6 hospitality venues are allowed to have only 2sqm per customer, which doubles the current capacity.

Larger venues which can split into self-contained section are allowed to have up to 100 people per section, with a maximum of 300 patrons per venue.

Alcohol can be served without meals, but patrons will need to be seated at all times, which means table service only.

Phase 3 of the COVID-19 WA roadmap allows for:

  • indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people at any one time, per single undivided space, applying the revised two square metre per person capacity rule for WA venues
  • for venues that can fully re-open under stage 3, up to 300 patrons in total at the venue, but with no more than 100 patrons in a single undivided space at any one time (referred to as 100/300 rule) and applying the revised two square metre per patron capacity rule for WA venues.
  • food businesses and licensed premises may operate with seated service
  • alcohol may be served without a meal (patrons must be seated)
  • food courts can reopen with a seated service
  • businesses that provide beauty therapy and personal care services (including tanning, waxing, massages, nails services, tattooing and piercing) to reopen in line with the requirements for hairdressers and barbers
  • saunas, bath houses, float centres and wellness centres to reopen
  • galleries, museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and concert venues can reopen (during any performance, the patrons must be seated)
  • Rottnest Island to open (Rottnest ferries are considered public transport)
  • The Perth Zoo to open with no patron limit for the whole venue (the 100/300 rule applies to indoor spaces and caf├ęs/restaurants)
  • wildlife and amusement parks can reopen
  • arcades (including pool/snooker, ten pin bowling, Timezone), skate rinks and indoor play centres to reopen
  • auction houses and real estate auctions can reopen
  • TAB and other gaming venues (other than the Casino which is being considered separately) are permitted to reopen
  • contact sport and training is now permitted
  • playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gym equipment is permitted to be used
  • gyms, health clubs, indoor sports centres can open and will be able to offer the normal range of activities provided staff are present, including use of all gym equipment
  • travel permitted throughout all of Western Australia (excluding entry into remote Aboriginal communities).

Everyone is encouraged to continue to practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene at all times.

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The tugs in Fremantle Port were keeping this container ship on the leash at lunchtime today.

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I noticed when walking past that there are still a few apartments for sale at the SOCIAL in Henry Street.

Living in Fremantle’s historic West End must be very special, so if you are in the market check it out!

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A cool and wet day in Freo, so starting it off with a bit of colour from the Henderson Street carpark, which is part of the Kings Square Redevelopment Project by Sirona Capital.

I must admit that in the current climate and Covid-19 economy I am anxious about the FOMO retail concept planned for our city square.

While there is some optimism about Fremantle’s future and the revitalisation of the CBD through residential, commercial, hospitality and tourism development, the pandemic will no doubt delay some of those projects and I just hope that FOMO will still start before Christmas this year, once the Walyalup Civic Centre is completed.

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I have never understood why it is so difficult for politicians to admit they were wrong and simply apologise.

Such is the case with WA Premier Mark McGowan yesterday accusing the Federal Government of not sending WA the relevant information about the Al Kuwait live sheep vessel that arrived in Fremantle Port with crew members who have the Covid-19 virus.

It turned out that the WA Health Department received information but decided to not take action because, according to the officer who spoke at the media conference with the Premier, they receive a lot of emails, and that of course is not good enough.

But McGowan today should just have admitted the stuff up was here in WA and he was not given all the facts, and apologise to the Federal Government. He looked very uncomfortable instead.

But WA Liberal opposition leader Liza Harvey is well out of her depth, accusing the Premier of a “stunt” that brought anxiety to the most vulnerable, when it was an unacceptable blunder of communication and lack of action by the Health Department.

Let’s not forget for one moment that only days ago Liza Harvey wanted Western Australian borders to be re-opened and the state government no longer be able to control who comes to WA. That is hypocrisy!

I have been in WA since September 1985, and we have had quite a few dud Premiers and leaders of the opposition, both Labor and Liberal, but Liza Harvey is one of the worst. The Libs should dump here as soon as possible.

And as for you, Mark McGowan, just say sorry. That is a sign of great leadership and personality. And kick arse at the Health Department, because these kind of failures could end up like the Ruby Princess disaster in NSW!


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