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Driving through White Gum Valley it looks like there is a Valley Verges project going on with many home owners planting verge gardens and even vegetable gardens.

They are assisted by the City of Fremantle’s Verge Preparation Assistance Scheme which offers free mulch and street trees, subsidised native plants and expert advise.

It’s looking great already!

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I was made aware by one of the many readers of my blog of this TED Talk by Amanda Burton, the former Planning Director of New York City, on public open and green spaces. You can either view the talk or read the manuscript of it on the link here:

I am passionate about the creation of many small creative green public spaces spread all over Fremantle and would love to see the introduction of a percentage for green public space in our planning policies. If elected on Council I would initiate discussions with planning staff on how practical such a scheme might be and if it could be implemented within Local and State Laws.

There are many interesting observations in this TED Talk and many apply to Fremantle and Perth, so it is well worth reading it. I just copy the last paragraph as a little teaser.

“So you see, no matter how popular and successful a public space may be, it can never be taken for granted. Public spaces always — this is it saved — public spaces always need vigilant champions, not only to claim them at the outset for public use, but to design them for the people that use them, then to maintain them to ensure that they are for everyone, that they are not violated, invaded, abandoned or ignored. If there is any one lesson that I have learned in my life as a city planner, it is that public spaces have power. It’s not just the number of people using them, it’s the even greater number of people who feel better about their city just knowing that they are there. Public space can change how you live in a city, how you feel about a city, whether you choose one city over another, and public space is one of the most important reasons why you stay in a city.”

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