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Fremantle’s Kiah Bouchet wants to help us de-cluttering our homes and businesses.

It is very ZEN to live in a minimalist home, and less clutter is supposed to be much better for our mental well-being, but unintentional hoarding happens daily in most homes.

Call Kiah on 0403 239506. She’ll help you decide what to throw out, or recycle.

Do you open your cupboards and scream, HELP!! And then quickly close them again?
Well you shouldn’t have to, you should open up your pantry or wardrobe and breath out a large sigh of relief because you can finally find everything. This is a job for a perfectionist, one would even call these people OCD!
And that is me…im here to help re organise, stylise what ever it may be that you need help with. Office work, that’s lying around, clothes that need sorting, labeling food containers so you don’t keep buying another bottle of you know what?!.
Let me help you at a really reasonable price$ and spring clean calm into your life. “A clean house makes for a clean mind”
A consult fee is included in your first declutter session, I charge by the hour, so let’s prioritise together, what is the most important part of your house that needs a spruce.


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It looks like 2020 could be a huge building bonanza for Fremantle with the probable start of three major developments close to each other in the city centre,

New hotel plans by Silverleaf Investments for the Woolstores shopping centre will go to public consultation soon, and I hear the SKS group is getting serious about the Hilton Double Tree development on the Point Street car park site, while the Yolk Property Group has indicated they will also start soon on the Little Lane residential development at the former Spotlight site next to Target.

Sirona Capital will open the new buildings at Kings Square and the FOMO retail and hospitality concept in the first quarter of next year, and the Housing Department will move in above it.  The City of Fremantle’s new Civic Centre is due for completion by the end of 2020.

The refurbishment of the Mannings Building is looking great, but I hear the micro brewery part of it is on hold because Silverleaf Investments have also obtained the Newport Hotel next to it and want to open up the back of it to create a hospitality hub in Paddy Troy Lane, where Benny’s cafe and bar is already creating an alfresco area.

In the West End The Social residential development on the former Fremantle Workers Club site in Henry street is also progressing well.

Still no word when the Match group will start on the residential development at the former Energy Museum site at Parry street, and when Silverleaf Investments will begin with the development of the former Police and Justice complex in Henderson Street.

Hopefully the Minderoo Trust and Forest Family Foundation will develop the sites they bought in Fremantle soon as well

I find it inspiring to witness Fremantle’s transformation toward a city of a mix of stunning heritage buildings and many new modern buildings. It’s the facelift Freo had to have.

I am certain there are great times ahead for Fremantle.

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Hundreds of Fremantle people turned up at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach this Sunday morning to celebrate the life of that wonderful human being and great photographer Matthew Dwyer, who sadly died at Bluff Knoll in WA’s south a few weeks ago.

Matthew’s parents, children and friends came together to remember a lovely man who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

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Good signs for Fremantle! The M/27 residential development by the Match group of the former Energy Museum at Parry Street is getting closer to realisation with only seven units left, so pre-sales have been going well.

The Yolk property group have also indicated they will be starting soon on the Little Lane residential development on the former Spotlight site next to Target, so that would be two major residential developments in the hart of the Freo CBD.

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A large residential development is under construction in White Gum Valley. The boundaries of the East Village by Landgate are Montreal, Blinco, Wood and Knutsford streets, so a welcome addition to Fremantle.

It is close to public transport, Booyeembara Park, the golf course and Monument Hill.

As a demonstration project, East Village in Fremantle will be a living laboratory, delivering valuable lessons from real-life initiatives to support a more sustainable way of living.

A range of water initiatives have been designed to bring Waterwise living to life at the estate. Other features will include electric vehicle fast charging, solar panels and battery storage, share electric vehicle scheme, quality landscaped private and public spaces.

The estate will deliver Australia’s first blockchain ready homes, with new residents participating in leading trials of this new technology. Residents will be supported to embrace One Planet Living through a range of innovation initiatives.

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Some people will again accuse me if wearing rose-coloured glasses but the Great WA Home Survey, according to the West Australian newspaper have come out that Fremantle is fifth on the list of If Money Is No Issue Where Would You Live?

Fremantle came 5th with 10.3%, while Cottesloe was top of the list with 20.9%, City Beach came 2nd with 18.5% and South Perth 3rd with 16.1%

So while some Freo people whinge about a lot of things people in other suburbs still believe Fremantle is a desirable location to live in, and I could not agree more. I love Freo!

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It is interesting to note that while a small group of Freo people do not like Notre Dame University in Fremantle’s historic West End the biggest retailers and property owners in Perth have called for more residential apartments and a big university for the inner city there to boost trade and stop the decline in retail.

Many cafes in Freo’s CBD would not survive without the patronage of NDA students and staff and the vibrancy it brings to the West End during the day should not be underestimated.

That does not mean there is no room for improvement and Notre Dame really needs to get serious about providing student accommodation so that more of them will live in Fremantle and become a real part of our community.

The new masterplan they are developing might be a good way forward to activate the street level of NDA buildings and open the courtyards for more community events.

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I love it that the sun is out in Fremantle and that winter will come to an end this week. Wildflowers are already popping up and thank heavens it is finally getting warmer. I do not like the cold!

A couple of photos I took of two backyards in Beacy.

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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt just put this on his blog, so it is rather short notice as the event is TOMORROW, Wednesday August 21.

The evening will include a panel session on ‘planning for positive transformational change in a time of climate emergency’, a presentation on One Planet Living by Suzette Jackson, networking and refreshments.

Join us at our Future Focus Forum to:

  • learn about one planet living impacts
  • join the panel discussion on ‘planning for positive transformational change’
  • network with like-minded colleagues

Wed 21 August 2019, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location –  Liv Apartments, 51 Queen Victoria Street Fremantle, WA 6160

Greg Ryan, Sustainability Manager, LandCorp

Sheldon Day, Yolk Property Group

Brad Pettitt, Mayor -City of Fremantle




Fremantle Council’s Strategic Planning and Transport Committee will this Wednesday consider changes to the fencing policy for the suburb of Hilton, so this is what the Officer’s Recommendation is:

Note the outcomes of the community consultation on the proposed changes to Local Planning Policy 3.7, as detailed in agenda Attachment 1.2.

Adopt the following amendments to clause 1.5 of Local Planning Policy 3.7: Hilton Garden Suburb Heritage Area, in accordance with Schedule 2, Clause 4 (3) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015:1.5 Street Walls and Fences 1.5.1 Street walls and fencing forward of the building line shall be a maximum height of 1.2 metres and shall be a minimum of 30% visually permeable above 300 millimetres.

For properties located on the following streets, front fencing shall be visually permeable above 1.2 metres to a maximum height of 1.8 metres, with piers no higher than 2.0 metres:• South Street, between Stock Road and Lee Avenue.• Carrington Street, between South Street and Winterfold Road. • Winterfold Road, between Carrington Street and Collick Street.

Solid masonry (brick) rear fencing shall be permitted for those properties backing onto Stock Road to a maximum height of 2.0 metres.

Council may, at its discretion, vary the requirements of clause 1.5.1 where it is satisfied that the proposed street wall and/or fence: a. Is consistent with character of the prevailing streetscape (including, in relation to this clause only, the house directly across the street and the three houses on either side of that opposing house, where these are located within the Hilton Heritage Areas) AND maintains clear surveillance between the street and the dwelling; orb. is a maximum of 1.5m in height and a minimum of 50% visually permeable. Notwithstanding the above, visually impermeable fencing above 300 millimeters in height will not be supported.

Fencing with a high proportion of visual permeability and reflective of fencing styles and materials traditional to the area (primarily post and wire/mesh infill) is strongly encouraged.

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