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I made my epic journey from Fremantle across the mighty roaring Swan river this morning to have a look at the Elizabeth Quay development in Perth and must say I am underwhelmed. It appears to be a whole lot of money for not that much at all, but that is just my first impression.

To be fair to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority EQ is still a work in progress and will benefit from more buildings around it and more hospitality venues. There is also still a major ceramics artwork by Sandra Hill and Jenny Dawson to be installed, so I will reserve my final judgment for a few years.

The thing that impressed me most was the giant bird man in a boat by Aboriginal artist Laurel Nannup. It’s stunning!

There was not much food on offer so why did the MRA not put signs around EQ to point out that the Swan River Community Market was on only metres to the east of the development? After all they pay to have the markets there so why not do some decent marketing to support the stallholders.

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paper bird


A new independent bookshop and story house will open on February 7 at the Fremantle Moores building in Henry Street next to the art gallery and Moore&Moore Cafe. PAPER BIRD Children’s Books & Arts will open in the gorgeous heritage building only metres away from the New Edition bookshop on the corner of High Street there.

The official launch will be on Sunday February 7 from 2-5 pm with artworks by local children’s book illustrators and book signing.

Check out the website: and support a new local business! Reading is good for the soul.

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It’s a very musical Sunday again in Fremantle with some of my creative friends performing around town. Alan Dawson is one of the EMPIRE BLUES duo playing at the Growers Green market, then from 11.30 am on my mate Ari will be playing on the deck of the lovely BLINCO STREET CAFE in the Fibonacci Centre, and from 2 pm my Clancy’s mate TOM FISHER AND THE LAYABOUTS will be performing at the free Sunday concert in the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The only hiccup to a perfect Sunday could be the rain that is forecast but knowing our weather it will probably never come.

On Saturday go check out the all new Elizabeth Quay in Perth and enjoy the Swan River Markets from 8.30 to 1.30. Lots of stalls with Fremantle people so go support them even when north of the might Swan river!

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The Watercolour Society of WA is trying to help the people in Yarloop and Waroona who where affected by the recent giant bush fires and will be holding an art auction at the Italian Club in Fremantle on Thursday February 4 at 6.30 pm.

Auctioneer will be well-known motor mouth Bob Maumill from 6 PR, so come and support the good cause and by a few artworks.

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I am a big fan of community consultation but that the City of Fremantle is asking its residents where they should put up way-finding signs is quite ridiculous. Putting signs up is not a personal preference but where they are most effective and practical. It is not something the community needs to be part of as we have expert officers who can decide those things. Not much use me saying I’d like one for my back yard.

Basically most signs need to be where most tourists wander through Fremantle, so one of them needs to be up at the Roundhouse to point out the Maritime Museum, Rottnest ferry terminal, Shipwreck Museum and Fishing Boat Harbour. A prominent sign also needs to be put at the railway station pointing to all the attractions.

I have noticed that many tourists find it difficult to find the Fremantle Markets and Fremantle Prison so that needs to be improved, and I often get asked where the railway station is, so a few more signs to point in that direction will be helpful.

I am glad COF will finally put new signs up around Freo as what it there a present is insufficient.

Talking about way-finding, the connectivity between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour is severely compromised when Sunset Events put fences up at J Shed when they have events there, so signs need to be put up there fast.

On another note, why on earth is the Whalers Tunnel closed so early again? We lobbied the City for years to get it opened earlier and close it only at 10 pm, but I hear it is now being closed around 7 pm and that is far too early and will affect the number of patrons getting to the new J Shed venue. As I have suggested before, increase the light in the tunnel and make it a feature that people can see from far away. Better light will also help prevent stupidity in the tunnel.

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There are many people who believe Fremantle needs to show it is different from other cities and abandon the Australia Day fireworks. Millions of dollars are wasted in Australia on shooting explosives up in the sky with debris falling into the Indian Ocean here at Freo and dogs running scared and escaping from backyards.

Maybe Fremantle should show we really want to be Australia Day for all people and have a free lunch on the Esplanade for those who can’t afford it. We could still do a laser show, or projection show on sails at Bathers Beach, or anything else new and creative that goes away from the predictable fireworks that everyone seems to be doing around the world.

Freo is different and we should celebrate Australia Day in a different was and make it more of embracing our indigenous people and their culture. Oz Day could be about educating the public about what this country was before white settlement, so maybe it is time for the City of Fremantle to start a working committee now and come up with alternative ways for celebrating next year’s AD.

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Fremantle welcomed many new citizens on Australia Day at the ceremony on the Esplanade and also recognised the achievements of local people and groups in the Premier’s Active Citizenship Awards.

It probably was no surprise that the very active and successful Rethink The Link received the group award but some people were surprised that Adin Lang got the individual one as he stood for Cockburn Council at the May election. There were a couple of people who thought I did not deserve the award when I received it in 2013, and with so many active and deserving people in our community I am sure it is hard for the committee to please everyone.

It was relatively quiet in Fremantle yesterday compared to previous years and I believe it is time to rethink the way Freo celebrates our national day.

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Posted in australia, australia day, fremantle by freoview on January 26, 2016

Today we celebrate Australia Day and the achievements of our nation and I will be at the Fremantle Esplanade for the citizenship ceremony that is so life-changing for those of us who come from foreign countries and commit ourselves to our new home.

Australia Day is also invasion day, the day where foreigners forcefully occupied the land that indigenous people had looked after for some 50,000 years. It was the start of racism in this country when white people believed they were superior to those ‘black savages’ and ignored their culture and knowledge of the land. Racism is still a daily occurrence for Aboriginal people and others with a dark skin because some ignorant white people believe they are better just because of the colour of their skin. A woman on Facebook even suggested “These Aboriginals should go back to the country they came from.” I think that shows the intelligence of racists.

It is good to celebrate Australia’s achievement but January 26 is just not the right day for it. I hope that once we become a republic Australia Day will be celebrated on the day of our independence from England.

Australia is a good country and it has been very good to me since I arrived here in 1982. I love living in Fremantle where we are more like a family than a community. We care, share, participate and try to make a difference and we all in our own way want to make this a better place.

I love it that we have such a peaceful and harmonious multicultural society. Those who become Australian citizens today should know that Fremantle people are very tolerant and embracing and that we welcome you with open arms and will support you whenever we can.

Every year on Australia Day people claim this is the greatest country on earth but that of course is nonsense as there is no best country on the planet. We are doing well but are less than perfect and there is a lot of room for improvement.

A rich country that still has so many homeless and poor people, where many indigenous people live in third-world conditions, where the disabled and aged are struggling to get by, and where real equality between women and men is a long way away, cannot claim to be the best country in the world.

A country that refuses to approve same gender marriage and that believes that real love can only be between people of opposite sex is not the best country on earth, because it shows Australia is still holding on to old archaic values and is yet to move on to become a genuine progressive nation that embraces change and tolerates diversity.

Australia is a country of immense opportunity for those who live and come here but the gap between the very rich and very poor is growing and that needs to be addressed as a priority. Corporate greed is no substitute for culture and substance and high-rise buildings are no substitute for old-growth forests.

Life is all about balance and willingness to share and I believe we can achieve that in Australia, so instead of getting pissed on this special day and waste money on grog why not ask someone less fortunate to join you today for a real Aussie BBQ or picnic and show them we don’t take our fellow Aussies for granted.

Have a happy Australia Day, Fremantle!

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Posted in election, fremantle, politics by freoview on January 25, 2016

I wonder if we could see Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson battling it out for the federal seat at the election later this year now that MP Melissa Parke has announced she will retire from politics.

Pettitt told the Fremantle Herald last year that he would not continue as Freo Mayor after the 2017 local government election, so what are his plans for the future and would the Greens endorse him?

Will the Liberal party try to find a new candidate or will three-times unsuccessful candidate Matthew Hanssen be given another chance? It could be the right time for former Chamber of Commerce CEO Tim Milsom to step up as he does have political aspirations and he is well-respected and liked in Freo.

It is important for the Labor party to support someone with a high-profile because Fremantle is no longer a safe Labor seat and it is likely there will be a few independents putting their hand up as well.

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Another beautiful Sunday in paradise Fremantle so why not make it a musical one!

Start at the Growers Green farmers market this morning from 8 am where local musos perform all morning while you buy fruit, vegies, bread, etc. and have a nice coffee and breakfast.

Move on at 11.30 to the Blinco Street Cafe at the Fibonacci Centre where Fiona Rea will be performing. Have a nice lunch or all day breakfast while sitting on the deck. It’s BYO.

The Seaside Creative Circles event continues at Bathers Beach all day and there is live music and food vans at J Shed, and at the Fremantle Arts Centre from 2-4 pm you can listen to the hyperactive horns and ukulele of the Formidable Vegetable Sound System who will create ecological electric-swing and antique beats.

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