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OMG! What incredible power this Freo’s View blog has. ;>)

This morning I complained that the construction of the shade canopy in front of the Fremantle Ports Passenger Terminal still had no started, but by five o’clock this afternoon they had put all these posts in which will support the canopy.

Social media and a delusional blogger, who is clearly very up himself, are no doubt responsible for the fast action………. I wished. ;>)


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The rejuvenation of Fremantle is extending to Fremantle Port as well, with the state government agency having created a new website. In fact there are now two new websites, one for the normal port information and the second one just for Victoria Quay.

Fremantle Ports also have a new manager External Affairs in Neil Stanbury, who replaces the highly motivated and dedicated Ainslie de Vos, who was at the port for over twenty years.

I hope the new manager will direct that Freo’s View will be included in their media releases, which is not happening at the moment, so that I can report more often about what goes on at the port. Send info to

The refurbishment of the Passenger Terminal is also in progress, albeit is very slowly. There is still no sign of the new shade structure in front of the old building, although Premier Mark McGowan announced early in March that $ 3 million would be spent on the ageing terminal. Eight months later, and with the cruise ships starting to arrive, there is still no sign of that structure, but there is new signage on the building that lights up at night.

Check out the two new high resolution live harbour cams. One from Monument Hill and the other an aerial view from the top of a mast behind B Shed. Amazing views!

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My apologies to regular Freo’s View readers for not having published any blog posts since early on Thursday, but I am very sick in bed with violent shaking of the body and liters of sweat pouring out of me, so sleeping is the best remedy until I find the strength to see the GP.

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In October 2009, so nine years ago, I decided to start this Freo’s View blog, and what a labour of love it has become.

I daily wander and drive the streets of our lovely city to look for things to photograph and write about, and I attend most Fremantle Council and council committee meetings, precinct and community consultation meetings, etc.

In the nine years of Freo’s View I have published 9,200 blog posts and close to 30,000 comments by the public, so the blog has become an important community forum.

I started the blog as a community service and don’t make any money from it, because the integrity of the blog is more important than trying to make money through advertising.

There is no political agenda, no agenda whatsoever! I am only interested in getting the best for Freo, the city I love and am very passionate about.

If I know something happens in Fremantle I will blog about it, so keep me informed about new ventures, events, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.etc. Just email

Thank you all for your support, and keep those comments coming!

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Member for Fremantle and Minister for Child Protection and Women’s Interest Simone McGurk will be giving the welcome address at the Raising Children in a Digital World on September 6 at the South Fremantle Football Club at Fremantle Oval.

This is a fundraiser for Fremantle Primary School’s P&C, and tickets are for sale. Everyone can attend!

The talk is by Dr Kristy Goodwin, a leading digital parenting educator. She has worked with schools across Australia and Asia.

Dr Goodwin will share her simple formula to determine healthy screen-time limits and will arm parents with a host of strategies and ideas to help kids develop healthy technology habits.

She will explain how technology is impacting children’s learning, sleep, social, language, play, physical skills and their vision, hearing and posture.

Dr Goodwin will give parents advise with practical strategies about how to best raise kids in a digital world. Parents will learn how to get the most out of their child’s screen-time so they can finally ditch the guilt and guesswork.

This should be a really good talk and is a topic that a lot of parents are worried about.

Tickets can be booked at:

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In case you wonder seeing this advertisement on the bottom of my blog posts, it is unpaid promotion for my good mate Henty, who has supported me a lot over the last few years.

I have resisted paid ads on this blog to make sure no one can question the integrity. I can’t be bought. ; >)

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My apologies to regular Freo’s View readers who missed out on new posts yesterday. My WordPress account was compromised and it took 24 hours for WP to repair the problem.

Back on line again and a few more posts to come today, but first coffee!

See you later!

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Firewoks Fishing Boat Harbour


The editor of the Fremantle Herald must have thought it clever to repeat as a headline the F*** You Brad shout a member of the public made at the council meeting about the proposed J Shed tavern, but what the newspaper did was lowering itself to the standard that has become the norm on social media platforms such as Freo Massive.

Bullying, slander, name-calling, conspiracy and defamation and a total lack of respect for anyone who dares to have a different opinion has become the norm on social media in Fremantle and that is very disappointing.

With WA DAY coming up this long weekend I wish and hope that our community can return to respectful dialogue, and robust but fair debate about the issues we are passionate about.

People who have never met and who know very little about one another make assumptions and accusations, and a large part of the vile debate it just opinionated ignorance by people who refuse to inform themselves before embarrassing themselves by posting utter nonsense.

There is no reason not to know what is going on in Fremantle as all council agenda, minutes, planning proposals etc. are posted on the City of Fremantle website, and other information is out on Facebook, Twitter and through local media.

We often read and hear the accusation of Fremantle Council not following process and community consultation, even when we had lengthy periods of it, e.g Cantonment Hill, traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle, J Shed, etc.etc. The issue is that far too many members of the public can’t be bothered to check what is going on in their own city and then blame council and the administration for their own ignorance.

Respect and courtesy are beautiful things and make life so much more pleasurable and easy. No one wants to be abused or intimidated, and not many people will want to engage in what should be a healthy community debate when they fear abuse and slander.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone having a different opinion. They don’t suddenly become the enemy because they don’t agree with you, and cheap point-scoring and name-calling is not at all helpful to moving forward together as a community.

Good debate can help find new solutions, as long as we show tolerance and respect for the ideas of others. Life is not black&white but complex, and local government is even more so.

Respect for others is the key word for me because we need to accept that whatever we do and say will have a positive or negative impact on others, so think about that before you call someone a @#&*%@# so and so next time. Stick to the facts and let’s have an informed, mature and civil debate.

We are very lucky to live in a unique place like Fremantle and to have such a diverse and unique community. We need to build on that by challenging and rejecting disrespectful social media posts, and we should condemn the headline in the Herald for what it is-immature juvenile Schadenfreude.

Have a happy and respectful WA Day!

Roel Loopers

FIREWORKS at the Fishing Boat Harbour at 6pm this Sunday!



Fremantle will host the second only WIKIMEDIA ASIA OCEANIA CONVENTION next year from October 31 to November 2. The first one is held on Bali this month.

Between 400-500 delegates are expected to visit and stay in Fremantle for the convention at the Esplanade Hotel, so that is a boost for our local traders.

Wikimedia partnered with the Fremantle Society years ago for the Freopedia project, which put QR codes on historic buildings for tourist information, but unfortunately the project was later discontinued.

No doubt Fremantle will prominently feature on the internet and social media when all the international guests are in town.

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