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It’s FREO’S VIEW seventh birthday today and I am pretty proud that my blog has become so popular in Fremantle.

The first two and a half years were hard and I published for only a handful of readers but now there are hundreds of followers and many regular readers, up to 10,000 a week!

In the last seven years I published 6,891 posts and thousands of photos promoting businesses, events, festivals, etc. and reporting on Council business.

It takes a lot of commitment to publish articles every day of the week and it requires me to be out and about in Freo daily and talk to a lot of people, and I rely on receiving information from the community about what goes on, what is planned and what they like and don’t like about our city.

I have published hundreds of comments, good and bad, as I tried to make Freo’s View a community forum. Some regular commenters decided to pull out when I asked for balance, fairness and no personal attacks, but I believe one can harshly criticise the City of Fremantle without name-calling.

I will continue to critically scrutinise Fremantle Council and the administration, but also give credit when credit is due. I will also keep fighting for good, beautiful and appropriate development and oppose ugly boring boxes.

Keep me in the loop on what goes on in Freo so that I can keep the community in the loop.

Thank you all for supporting Freo’s View. It’s a labour of love for which I do not charge a single cent.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle, social media by freoview on May 5, 2016

A comedian suggested on TV the other day that we should start a second internet where we don’t get all the rubbish and spam. Of course the idea was only tongue in cheek, but I am wondering how we can improve the net, especially social media.

Facebook drowns in spam advertising, making it a real pain to find the postings one is interested in as it takes forever to scroll down pages without stumbling over a million yoga classes, people offering services, etc.

I decided to keep this Freo’s View blog advertising free to retain the integrity and so that no one believes my opinion can be bought. It would be nice to make a bit of extra money out of this very popular blog but unwanted advertising is annoying.

The internet has given us the great opportunity of being able to communicate with the world instantaneously and that is a good thing, but sadly many people see that as an opportunity to be aggressive, negative and racist.

When the internet arrived we discovered there are many millions of experts on everything and the net became the voice of the voiceless and faceless, and of the anonymous who relentlessly attack, insult, defame and engage in unproven conspiracy theories. The internet made sarcasm and cynicism the new art forms in communication.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs receive so many negative postings that it is annoying, and social media is self- destructing as more and more people bail out and no longer engage, because there are still some of us left who believe that most people on the planet are pretty good.

It is up to Facebook page moderators to stop the trend of spam and negativity and be very firm and assertive on what is acceptable. Social media can be fantastic to get support and spread the word and it is the modern notice board of what goes on in our communities, as pages like Freo Massive show, but the negativity and unwanted advertising needs to stop.

Roel Loopers


If you are one of so many who believe most things in Perth are overpriced, go and have a whinge on FedUP Perth on Twitter and Facebook. The complaints are mainly about food and coffee, but also about high rents, etc.

What annoys me most is that a lot of the stuff we pay for is not worth the money, but also the difference in price. In Fremantle I pay anything for $ 2.50 to 3.50 for a tiny one gulp Espresso and a third of the time the coffee is not that great. Renting in Freo has become ridiculous, as my latest attempts to find something suitable have shown. Up to $ 200 for a room in a house to share with 3-4 people is way over the top, even more so when there is a crappy tiny old bathroom and very basic kitchen.

Consumers need to start voting with their feet and stay away from cafes, restaurants and so called gourmet shops which are money vacuum cleaners that suck our pockets empty.

Roel Loopers

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