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Fremantle has a lot of funny people who do not accept that others have a different opinion. I get called anything from a Commie Mate to a Labor Stooge, and the Fremantle Council Propaganda Machine, and that I am Full of Shit, because those who are only interested in criticising our council are not interested in balanced and factual reporting.

One newish social media page is all about slamming our Councillors, but I had to laugh about a comment by a gentleman with an Italian name, who wrote that it was clear that Fremantle Council has failed because no one invests in the port city. Really?

I don’t know where the man lives but he must have the blinkers on if he is not aware about unprecedented development in Fremantle, more than we have had in twenty years!

Heirloom and LIV apartments buildings in Queen Victoria Street and Social in Henry Street, development of the Atwell and Manning Arcades, the Little Lane development that is under way, and the Energy Museum development that is due to start. There is also the boutique hotel and tavern development at the Warders Cottages, development of a hospitality hub and hotel at the Police and Justice complex in Henderson Street, plus the huge Kings Square Redevelopment project.

Planning approval has been given for the Adina Hotel development at the Woolstores and the Hilton Doubletree development at Point Street, and also for an eight storey wooden frame commercial building opposite Victoria Hall.

Plans are being considered for a big development in the Fishing Boat Harbour, the Communities Department has announced a major residential development at Vale Street, just up from the Fremantle Arts Centre, there is significant development at Amherst/Blinco streets, and major plans are being considered for the Heart of Beaconsfield.

Let’s also not forget the opening of Freo.Social and the Old Synagogue pubs, and a microbrewery and pub planned for the Sealanes site in South Fremantle.

I might have forgotten some development, because there is so much going on in Fremantle, thanks to Silverleaf Investments, Sirona Capital, Yolk Property Group, the Match group and others.

I know this will just be dismissed again by some as council propaganda, but facts are facts, even when some people like to ignore them. ;>))

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Kicking off this weekend, Fremantle will come alive as local venues band together to deliver ‘Freo Live’ – a live streaming series of events celebrating and supporting local talent and the live music capital of Australia, Fremantle.

Freo Live will see local artists performing live on the stages of some of the port city’s favourite venues, with each performance streamed via Facebook live for music-lovers to enjoy from the comfort of home.

A celebration of WA music, the lineup will feature local music legends and emerging artists – each performing to raise funds for the WA Music Fund by WAM to help the local music industry get back on its feet.

Dom Mariani, a member of the WAM Hall of Fame front man of said Datura4 said he was looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs since the virus shut everything down. “For the time being there are live no gigs to play, so we’re having to find new ways of getting our music out there. Freo Live gives us the chance to engage with music fans again and it’s all for a good cause too.” said Mariani.

Freo Live Organiser Rob Nathan said he was looking for a way to support the local music industry and bring colour, life and music back into Fremantle venues ahead of their eventual re-opening when the idea for Freo Live came to mind.

‘We love our port city and the music scene that is so ingrained in the Fremantle way of life – so doing something to support the artists and the venues felt like an obvious way to spend the extra hours in lockdown.

‘The Freo Live program will see musicians being paid to play in venues and will help the venues maintain a connection with their patrons and bounce back when the restrictions are eventually lifted, as well as support WAM and the wider live music community’, said Nathan.

The lineup of venues includes Ronnie Nights, Clancy’s, Metropolis Fremantle and The National Hotel with more expected to join over the coming weeks.

The first of the Freo Live series will begin this WA Day Long Weekend, with music aficionados encouraged to visit ​​ to tune in, enjoy and support the local music industry.



Saturday 30th May 8:00pm Ronnie Nights

  • ●  Clay Western
  • ●  Chloe Schofield
  • ●  Yo Yo Sun

    Sunday 31st May 1:00pm The National Hotel

  • ●  Ari Davis
  • ●  Sean Scott
  • ●  Gypsy Minions

    Saturday 6th June 9:00pm Clancys

  • ●  Noah Dillon
  • ●  Smol Fish
  • ●  Nick Sheppard And The New Pomeranians

    Saturday 13th June 8:00pm Metropolis

● Datura4 & special guests

Visit ​​ for more details

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The rubbish one has to put up with when one offers a community service and publish a Fremantle blog for over ten years.

Last week I received a comment to my article about the Fremantle Australia Citizenship ceremony that ended with …. Dickhead, so I emailed the person back and told him that I do not publish rude comments on my blog, since then I have received the emails below that have the email address

Email # 1 Sorry must have got you confused with the Mayor Pettitt. Your are his and the Labor party propaganda machine right?


Email # 2 We are a collective of non binary concerned Fremantle and surrounding residents. We embody all that is good about Freo……………..Do what you must 🙂

We plan to steer the town back to its roots of a non-divisive family orientated community.


Email # 3 And your just full of bullshit propaganda for you mates on council and the Labor Party. Go suck Brad Pettitt’s & Brian Smith’s balls…Hahaha

Everyone who has been following this blog knows that I am trying to be as balanced as possible and let everybody have their say. I criticise Fremantle Council and the administration when I believe they deserve it, and when they do the right thing I express that as well.

The whole idea of this blog was to create a forum for respectful dialogue about what is best for Fremantle, and if Greenie believes that his comments to and about me “embody all that is good about Freo” he must be delusional.

As I strongly expressed in my emails back to him he is a coward who does not even have the courage of conviction to send comments to my blog with his full and real name.

Everything I have published on Freo’s View and in letters to editors of newspapers have always been with my full name, and so have the radio interviews I have given.

Sending rude emails and comments is childish, it is immature, and it is not a progressive way forward to debate the Freo issues. Be a man, Greenie, and let us all know who you really are, and don’t hide behind a fake email address, only cowards and bullies do that!

I have warned the person(s) who sent me the emails that I will report him/them to WA Police if they contact me again, and I will!

Roel Loopers


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A White Gum Valley resident made me aware of a fake Fremantle City Council Facebook page that is a hard-try at satire, but is more an immature taking the p… site. The problem is that there are actually people who believe the page is managed by Fremantle Council, with reader Peter Dean being outraged about a photo of a bombed out city, questioning how this council can make a joke about what is going on in the Middle East and calling it a disgrace. They wouldn’t and they didn’t!

There is a post about Freo Council going to start a congestion charge on drivers and doubling street charges to make the CBD more pedestrian friendly, and that by 2022 there will be a complete car ban in the inner city.

The page is basically full with not very clever April Fool’s jokes, such as the one that the Fremantle Golf Course will be closed and could be used for white water sport, a gun range, or a cat sanctuary.

The question is if there should be a disclaimer somewhere to make readers aware that this is not an official site of the City of Fremantle, because there will always be people who are stupid enough to believe so.

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RL 1

My reputation as a hard-nosed, hard-drinking, uncompromising, but fair and balanced, investigative blogger with impeccable integrity is in tatters, now that I have been pulled down into the category of celebrities.

There is no way I can recover from having my ugly old mug plastered on the new hoardings along the construction site of the City of Fremantle new Civic Centre at Kings Square, and it was made worse by now also appearing in the City’s quarterly FRE-OH! magazine this week.

What’s next?! Will I end up on the social pages of the West and Sunday Times, and get invited on celebrity panels of irrelevant TV daytime shows?

RL 2

My enemies will claim that I reached the status of Freo celebrity by being a sycophant who is the mouthpiece for the Freo Mayor, and by receiving kickbacks from all the property developers in our city, but that is fake news. All I received was $ 25,000 for being a model for the Robert Frith photography, and the Fremantle hospitality industry agreeing that for the short rest of my life I can have free meals, drinks and coffees in any cafe, bar, tavern and restaurant of my choice. ; >)

In the meantime I’ll endeavour to continue to give you as much information about what is happening in Fremantle as I can, and to live on the bones of my arse, formerly known as the government pension.

Anyway, I feel honoured and humbled, and appreciated, which is lovely. I am touched, thank you!

Roel Loopers


Anything going on in Freo? Events, new businesses, news. Let me now!



October is always a special month for me because it is my birthday month, but it is even more special this year because in October ten years ago I started the publication of this FREO’S VIEW blog, so happy birthday bloggy!

It has been a true labour of love for me to report about anything that happened in Fremantle over the last ten years. It required dedication and commitment and a lot of my time, but I love doing it, so I will continue with it indefinitely.

I have reported on Fremantle Council business, festivals and events, opening and closing of businesses, new development proposals and development issues, and many more things. Basically, if I know about something new or interesting happening in Fremantle I’ll publish a blog post or photo.

Over the last ten years I published around 10,350 posts and 22,500 comments and many hundreds of photos, so I have created my own kind of time capsule of Freo’s recent history.

I have tried very hard to be balanced in my reporting and not being biased, but I clearly express my own views on everything, and that makes me a very opinionated person who gets criticised often for just expressing those views. That is fine, because I was born in the Netherlands and that makes me perfect. ; >)

But my blog is all about Fremantle, a place I love dearly and want to support and help improve. I don’t care much if good ideas on how to make Fremantle a better place come from people to the right or the left of politics. Good ideas are not exclusive or unique to any political party or person!

Fremantle is a beautiful and unique city with a very special community of really good people. Fremantle is my home and my family and the place where I will die. It is a place I have a deep emotional attachment to, and the place that has given me the confidence to express myself without fear or favour.

Thank you to all the regular readers and people who sent me information and comments. Freo’s View is your blog, so the more info you send me the more I can share with the community.

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Tomorrow, Tuesday May 28th the Fremantle Network welcomes special guests Bobbie Mackley, National Secretary of ABC Friends WA and Andrew Porter, Academic Chair of Murdoch University School of Journalism for it’s monthly Politics in the Pub.

The discussion starts at 7pm at The Local hotel in South Fremantle. All welcome!

It’s not an easy time for Australian media, especially its traditional forms. Print journalism in particular has been challenged by the growth of social media and is struggling to retain readership numbers and advertising revenue. The ABC and SBS have suffered from funding cuts for many years now.

Then there are all the allegations of bias. The ABC is under relentless attack from governments and many commercial media for its alleged left-wing bias. At the same time, many are disgusted by what they see as the Murdoch media’s blatant cheering of right-wing conservative politics, totally the opposite what we expect from our media – serious balanced reporting and holding power to account.

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Fremantle’s Politics in the Pub next week will have a very timely topic after the election about the media in Australia.

Problems in the media: is the solution as easy as ABC?

It’s not an easy time for Australian media, especially its traditional forms. Print journalism in particular has been challenged by the growth of social media and is struggling to retain readership numbers and advertising revenue. The ABC and SBS have suffered from funding cuts for many years now.

Then there are all the allegations of bias. The ABC is under relentless attack from governments and many commercial media for its left-wing bias. At the same time, many are disgusted by what they see as the Murdoch media’s blatant cheering of right-wing conservative politics, totally the opposite what we expect from our media – serious balanced reporting and holding power to account. Fake news, anyone?

On Tuesday May 28th The Fremantle Network invites you to have your say on these issues that are central to the health of our democracy. We are pleased to have a special guest to get our discussion started:

Bobbie Mackley, National Secretary, ABC Friends WA
Andrew Porter, Academic Chair, Murdoch University School of Journalism

It is on at The Local hotel on Tuesday May 28. Arrive 6.30pm for 7pm start.

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There is so much noise and chatter about the negativity of social media currently, with many politicians and those in the mainstream media ignoring they are part of the problem, that it is time to remind ourselves that while not everything is perfect here Fremantle is a very special place to live in with people who have a great sense of community.

So here just a few photos I took yesterday afternoon while trying to walk off my hay fever.

Opening your eyes, heart and mind to beauty is so much better than focusing on the few negative aspects of life. Most people in the world are good people, so let’s not concentrate on the few bad apples.

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I first thought it was an April Fools joke when I received this comment to my blog today, but it is a day early:

I am requesting you take down the story regarding World of Renovation and you defamatory and inaccurate comments immediately.
should you link not be removed within 48 hours, I will be taking legal action and involving the media for your defamatory, damaging and inaccurate story about your assumptions, not others and not facts.

I request confirmation of the removal of this link urgently or I will pursue with legal action against you

Sasha deBretton

This is by now a long forgotten story which I posted on April 18 last year after the mainstream media; The West Australian, Perth Now/Sunday Times, Channel 7, and others had reported that Sasha deBretton’s companies had gone into voluntary liquidation and that she owed a lot of money. See links below:

Nothing I posted on Freo’s View about that is defamatory and neither is the post inaccurate as it was widely published that Million Dollar Makovers and World of Renovations had closed shop.

But I did what Miss deBretton demanded and deleted the post from last year, otherwise her threatening comment I received today would also have disappeared as it would have been attached to the post.

The news has been all over cyberspace, social media; Twitter, Facebook, and mass media and I have not read any retractions in any of the newspapers, so what is Miss deBretton on about threatening me with legal action and going to the media nearly a year after the post was published on this blog?

In my very long life I have learned that one takes responsibility for one’s own failures and not blame others, so my friendly advise to Ms deBretton is to do the same.

It is not very clever to rekindle the fire when you want to hide the facts, but that is what Sasha deBretton has done. I deleted the post, not because it is defamatory or inaccurate, but so that she realises that it is not a good idea to threaten and bully me, because now the demise of her failed businesses is in the news again.

For those who can’t remember. The World of Renovations in Fremantle’s High Street was opened by Mayor Brad Pettitt, but by February 2018 it became clear that not all was well as the great-looking cafe closed first and then the large showroom as well.

The place is still vacant and the name is still on the facade.

Roel Loopers

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