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The WA government is spending another $ 3 million on strengthening the Fremantle traffic bridge after it completed the fender system upgrade earlier this year.

Advanteering Civil Engineers has the contract to use specialist divers to repair and strengthen the 100 pilons under water. The work should be completed by May next year.

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Plans by the Mainroads Department to put a tunnel from Stock Road under the Swan River, Dalkeith and Nedlands to connect with Mount Claremont, indicate that Curtin Avenue and West Coast Highway will remain an important freight link even if the Perth Freight Link is built.

The plans show a widening of Fremantle’s Curtin Avenue to four lanes for its full length to West Coast Highway. “Curtin Avenue and West Coast Highway are classified as a major freight route and form part of the northerly freight route from the Fremantle Inner Harbour to the northern suburbs, the Subiaco POST reports.

The plans are open for comment until October 28.

Curtin Avenue would be extended to link with Stirling Highway near the North Fremantle Primary School.

This is a part of the Perth and Peel strategic land use plan that aims to achieve 3.5 million people in the region by 2050, although recent numbers have shown a slowing of people moving to WA and many moving away since the mining downturn.

STOP PRESS! Transport Minister Bill Marmion has just announced the State Government signed two contracts worth $ 450 million for the extension of Roe 8 Highway and a Stock Road interchange. The Minister told the media this morning that he hoped construction could start before Christmas this year.

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I love Freo’s working port, so had a look around Rous Head today and took these two interesting photos.

A report in today’s Fremantle Gazette about the increase of container freight to the port by rail was revealing as the company in charge of the rail terminal stated it handles on average 12-14 trains per week. That is not even 2 per day, so why is rail not used more often I wonder?

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The number of containers handled at the North Quay Rail Terminal at Fremantle Port has increased by an average of nine per cent per annum over the last five years. The NQRT has handled over 100,000 TEU, or twenty-foot equivalent units, which has reduced 400 truck trips on the roads per day.

The Intermodal Group which manages the NQRT claims that the intermodal area at Forrestfield could handle up to 20 per cent of freight by rail, which would be an increase of five per cent of its present capacity.

It shows that 80 per cent of container freight to and from Fremantle Port still comes by trucks and that is far too high.  State Government should invest in a new rail bridge or tunnel and a new rail corridor that does not run through the populated west end of Fremantle, and start priority planning for a new outer harbour at Kwinana.

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The preferred option for the WA Government for the final stage of the Perth Freight Link is a bridge, or actually a couple of bridges.

The idea is to duplicate the Stirling Bridge and to also build a new freight rail bridge over the Swan River to get freight into Fremantle Port by rail and road.

It would mean we would have five bridges in a short distance from each other and somehow North Fremantle’s Tydeman Road and Stirling Highway are supposed to cope with it.

I can’t see the logic in this madness as the present rail line can’t handle double stacking, so a new bridge will not necessarily mean that more freight can go to Fremantle Port by rail. The transport through the West End is also being criticised by locals who complain about the noise.

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People living along the railway line that goes through the west of Fremantle are calling for a curfew, claiming that there are more trains running at night and the noise wakes them up.

The railway line has been there for as long as I have known Fremantle and so has Fremantle Port, which is a 24/7 working port.

I agree that the wheel squeal should be fixed as they did near the Roundhouse for the residents of Little High Street. After many trials one Saturday the best solution to combat the annoying noise was water spray and that was installed so that whenever a train comes through the rails are kept wet and there is very little wheel squeal nowadays.

I lived in one of the Pilots Cottages at Arthur Head and enjoyed the sounds of the trains passing by and also the sounds of the working port. It made me feel alive and part of the big beautiful world out there.

People who buy or rent near a railway line, pub, busy road, port, etc. should be aware that they will be inconvenienced and it is unrealistic to demand Fremantle Ports should be a daytime working port only.

I was told that people who bought apartments in North Fremantle would call Fremantle Port to complain about night noise and demand it should close from 6pm till 6am. That is pretty ridiculous and so are the calls to put a curfew on the container trains that supply the port.

Ideally one day the freight will go down another rail track and the one through the West End of town can be used for lightrail to South Beach, Coogee and Rockingham.

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The lecture PERTH FREIGH LINK: making the right investment in Perth’s freight task, by transport and sustainability expert Professor Peter Newman at the Fremantle Townhall on July 14, 6-7 pm becomes even more interesting in context to the just released report by the Federal Infrastructure Department.

The report confirms a “substantial growth” of Fremantle Port of up to 5.5 per cent over the past decade, and it states that the biggest issue is transport around our cities.

The number of passenger vehicle kilometres travelled on Perth roads grew five times over the past ten years to 16.2 billion kilometres, and Perth has the biggest increase in traffic delays of all Australian cities. It took 31 seconds longer to drive one kilometre over the last decade.

With the population of Perth estimated to grow to up to 5,5 million residents transport and congestion issues will only get worse with the Federal Infrastructure Department reports saying that investment will need to be made to improve road, rail, bike paths, public transport, ports and airports, but that funding to build all the necessary infrastructure won’t be available. That will create a huge headache for future generations and governments, so prioritising funding for essential infrastructure should be demanded by voters at the next state and federal elections.

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The WA State Government has announced the go ahead for the State’s first toll road to pay for the $ 1,6 billion freight link from Muchea to Fremantle Port.

The freeway will run West of the Kwinana Freeway and run through the environmentally very sensitive Beeliar wetlands, where about 38 hectares of bush land will be destroyed to make way for the highway extension.

It is amazing that the government allowed the rail system from the bush to run into disrepair that resulted in the closure of it. When the whole world is concerned about climate change and pollution, the Barnett government still believes that building roads is better than investing in rail.

Toll will be charged per kilometre travelled, which no doubt will put prices up and might jeopardise WA’s export chances for certain products.

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