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Highly experienced professional advertising copywriter and marketing expert Ingrid Waltham has joined photographers Saffi Ali and Roel Loopers by offering her services for FREE to help support Fremantle businesses who want to restart, now that the social distancing and isolation rules are slowly being relaxed.

Trader who wants to refresh or start a website or social media, or want to do an advertising campaign to promote their business, etc can contact us and we’ll pop in to do free professional photography and/or copywriting for you.

Together we have over 100 years of professional experience in the industries, so you will be in good hands with plenty of local knowledge to sell your brand.

You can check out Ingrid’s work on and she can be contacted on 0411 237940 or email

Saffi Ali can be contacetd with a PM to his Facebook page and you can contact me at

Please share this post widely in the community so that we can support as many businesses as possible in these very difficult time!

Stay safe and healthy, Freo!

Roel Loopers




Live streaming of Fremantle Council meetings was suggested at the annual Electors Meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the present coronavirus pandemic crisis makes a good point of introducing that sooner rather than later.

Social distancing and social isolation common sense means that most of us won’t attend council meetings any more, including this keen blogger.

Premier Mark McGowan said this morning he expects the regulations to be in place for at least six months, which is quite staggering, and will kill many businesses, and it will demand a dramatic change in how we socialise.

I would have liked to go to this Wednesday’s Council meeting and even address the elected members to express my support for the Woolstores hotel development by Silverleaf Investments, but it would be unwise to do so, as at 71 years of age I am in the high risk category and that not only means at a high risk of getting Covid-19, but should I have it, of spreading it.

We all need to adapt and local councils need to remain accountable and transparent and give the community a change to observe proceedings, so how fast can we get live streaming of council meetings?

Roel Loopers



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Social distancing might be forced upon us, so we should make sure it is only physical and increase distant connection and socialising via the internet, so that we don’t feel alone, abandoned and morose.

When we are no longer comfortable going to pubs, cinemas, sporting events, etc, or when governments ban us from going there, we need to look after each other better and more often.

For some people it will be a real challenge to be home alone, for others it will put pressure on the relationship with a partner, or with the friends they share with, so let’s help each other over any anxiety and depression, especially because there is an overkill of information about the coronavirus in the media every day.

Panic buying is not just showing that a lot of people are selfish, inconsiderate and uncaring, but also that they are actually worried about the future, and if they will be able to feed themselves and their families.

Who is helping those who are forced to self isolate with shopping when some supermarkets have stopped home deliveries, who is walking the dog for them, buying medication, making sure they are alright?

What can we do to combat the loneliness and sense of isolation? We can start on line, face to face, book clubs on Facetime, Skype, etc. where we can chat and see each other, or we can just have on line social groups connecting for an hour a day, or a few times a day, to talk about a topic, share a joke and a laugh and make us feel inclusive and nurtured.

Some people are relaxed in a crisis while other get very stressed, so let’s be a real community here in Fremantle and do the Freo thing of caring, sharing and looking after those who need it most.

Let’s assure ourselves and each other that no one will starve and that there is plenty of food to feed us all, but that means being sensible and considerate and only buying what we need, not buying what we might need in two months.

Human beings are very resilient, and in a city like Fremantle we know that there are a huge number of people who look out for others and who really care.

Feel embraced by that spirit of community and engage more with others, check on your neighbours, friends, colleagues and family, especially if they live alone, no matter what their age is.

We all want to feel loved, be safe, and wanted, and we all need a bit of a hug, now even more so than normally, even if that can’t be a physical hug.

Let us show that mateship is not just an urban myth, but that we really care!

Roel Loopers



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The City of Fremantle’s outstanding customer service has been recognised with a major award at the Australian Institute of Management WA Pinnacle Awards.

The City’s customer service team last week took out The West Australian Customer Service Excellence Award, which provides recognition for an organisation that has achieved outstanding results through key initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to excellence in customer service.

Entry to the award was open to all organisations across the corporate, government, community and not-for-profit sectors in Australia that have a significant footprint in Western Australia.

Customer Service Manager Jay Ellis said the award was deserved recognition for the City’s dedicated customer service team.

“At the end of the day the role of a local government is to provide services to its residents and ratepayers, so the guys at reception or in the call centre who are the first point of contact with the public are really important,” Mr Ellis said.

“Everyone knows how frustrating it is to be waiting on hold for ages or to never be called back, so over the past two years we’ve worked really hard across the whole organisation to review our processes and update our systems to make sure requests and inquiries from the public are followed up and acted upon quickly and efficiently.

“As consequence we’re now seeing some fantastic results and are delivering a first class customer service experience.

“To win this Pinnacle award, which covers not just local governments but the state government, corporate and community sectors as well, is deserved recognition for our incredibly committed customer service team and the whole organisation.”

To improve our customer service the City of Fremantle has implemented a number of measures such as redesigning our website, introducing phone answering standards and streamlining procedures for responding to enquiries.

As a result customer surveys over the past two years have seen satisfaction with the City of Fremantle’s customer service increase from 70 to 94 per cent.

Call wait times have been reduced from one minute to 10 seconds, and call volumes have gone down by 13.5 per cent because more callers are getting their query dealt with straight away and aren’t needing to call back.

If you have a query regarding City of Fremantle services you can call us on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) or email on

Roel Loopers



Does Fremantle’s Kings Square need a new name, an Aboriginal name, a dual name? Most Councillors had something to say about it, with Councillor Doug Thompson being quite ambivalent about it. Whatever the outcome it has to be after a long and intense public community consultation process they all agreed.

The name  Midgegooroo, the father of Yagan, had been suggested and some elected members scoffed at the criticism that the Aboriginal elder had been accused of murder, with one Councillor saying we would lose half of Fremantle’s street names if we excluded people who had killed others.

Teachers had asked Councillors how their students could become involved in suggesting a new name for our city square, and it was important to open up the reconciliation conversation and take it outside Council and to the community, where we could expect a large diversity of suggestions.

Councillor Marija Vujcic said the terms of reference for community participation needed to be defined as inclusion was the key principle, while Mayor Brad Pettitt said they needed to make sure to get it right and have a robust debate about it in the community.

The name Walyalup civic centre was approved as the name for the new building at Kings Square as that had been one of the outcomes of the Walyalup Reconciliation Action Plan(WRAP), but Councillor Marija Vujcic said that was not a mandate and questioned the community consultation.

Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge pointed out that the WRAP working group, of which I was a member, was not just Aboriginal people. She is right. There were about 100 people with different backgrounds and professions, and support agencies, including WA police, St Pat’s, etc and about 35 Aboriginal people at this extensive community process.

Fact is that there will be dozens of suggestions for a new name for Kings Square and many who will want it to remain Kings Square or go back to St John’s Square, after that it will still have to be a Council decision what the new name will be, so is it going to be a lottery, tossing a coin, suggesting a small number of names and let the community vote on it? But the latter would still be controversial as it will be impossible to get community consensus about a new name for our city square, and anything else for that matter.

How many people can councils realistically involve in the community consultation process about anything? Fact is that most people care little about what goes on in local government, as the low voter participation at elections clearly shows, so when do Councillors have a mandate to decide on anything? I thought the outcome of elections was the mandate for elected members. We elect them to make decisions on behalf of the community.

Roel Loopers




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The City of Fremantle will undertake an Expression of Interest(EOI) for a new tourist Visitor Centre somewhere in the inner city. It is seeking ideas and concepts for the development and delivery of an innovative and world class visitor centre model for Fremantle, but this can only be at no additional cost to the city above the current operating levels.

It is interesting to note here that the City states the Visitor Centre needs to be in the inner city at street level, when I for one assumed a significant space for the Visitor Centre would have been allocated already in the new under construction Civic Centre at Kings Square, which to me seems the most logical and practical location for a Visitor Centre.

The City is hoping to achieve a world class Visitor Centre that will have a significantly improved servicing model, but ideally at less than or comparable with the current operating costs, because the City’s 10 year financial plan has no additional allocation over and above the current funding.

One thing Fremantle Council needs to prioritise with urgency is to maintain and repair one of our City’s most significant tourist destinations and historic site Arthur’s Head and the Roundhouse, that are in a state of disrepair and an absolute disgraceful eyesore.

Roel Loopers



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The summer edition of the quarterly City of Fremantle FRE-OH! magazine is out and a great read. It will be delivered to your letterbox but is also available on-line on Facebook and the City’s website.

The cover is of the delightful milliner Kate Hulett, well known from her Kate and Abel hat shop at Many 2.0 and from her involvement with Spacemarket.

There is also a good story about Gerard O’Brien and Silverleaf Investments, and the brilliant restoration work they are doing at the historic Manning building, a story about new businesses, one about book clubs, a spread about North Fremantle, another one about lifesaving, etc. There is even a short story about this Loopy blogger in it.

FRE-OH! is a good way to stay connected with our community and to find out all about the latest news in the port city.

Roel Loopers



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RL 1

My reputation as a hard-nosed, hard-drinking, uncompromising, but fair and balanced, investigative blogger with impeccable integrity is in tatters, now that I have been pulled down into the category of celebrities.

There is no way I can recover from having my ugly old mug plastered on the new hoardings along the construction site of the City of Fremantle new Civic Centre at Kings Square, and it was made worse by now also appearing in the City’s quarterly FRE-OH! magazine this week.

What’s next?! Will I end up on the social pages of the West and Sunday Times, and get invited on celebrity panels of irrelevant TV daytime shows?

RL 2

My enemies will claim that I reached the status of Freo celebrity by being a sycophant who is the mouthpiece for the Freo Mayor, and by receiving kickbacks from all the property developers in our city, but that is fake news. All I received was $ 25,000 for being a model for the Robert Frith photography, and the Fremantle hospitality industry agreeing that for the short rest of my life I can have free meals, drinks and coffees in any cafe, bar, tavern and restaurant of my choice. ; >)

In the meantime I’ll endeavour to continue to give you as much information about what is happening in Fremantle as I can, and to live on the bones of my arse, formerly known as the government pension.

Anyway, I feel honoured and humbled, and appreciated, which is lovely. I am touched, thank you!

Roel Loopers


Anything going on in Freo? Events, new businesses, news. Let me now!





Congratulations to Fremantle Herald owner Andrew Smith and all the staff to the 30th birthday of our own iconic Freo rag.

The Chook is no doubt an institution in our port city and has done itself proud with many exclusives and even more controversial articles over the three decades.

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to publish a community newspaper, especially during the hard times when the advertising dollars dry up significantly, but Smith and his team just kept going.

I too have fond memories standing in for the Chook photographers when they went on holidays or were sick.

All of us in Fremantle need to realise that the Herald can only survive if it gets the advertising support it needs, and we also need to be aware what a great loss it would be for Freo if the Chook were no longer published.

Thanks Andrew, Steve and all the great people who make the Fremantle Herald what it is!

Roel Loopers




October is always a special month for me because it is my birthday month, but it is even more special this year because in October ten years ago I started the publication of this FREO’S VIEW blog, so happy birthday bloggy!

It has been a true labour of love for me to report about anything that happened in Fremantle over the last ten years. It required dedication and commitment and a lot of my time, but I love doing it, so I will continue with it indefinitely.

I have reported on Fremantle Council business, festivals and events, opening and closing of businesses, new development proposals and development issues, and many more things. Basically, if I know about something new or interesting happening in Fremantle I’ll publish a blog post or photo.

Over the last ten years I published around 10,350 posts and 22,500 comments and many hundreds of photos, so I have created my own kind of time capsule of Freo’s recent history.

I have tried very hard to be balanced in my reporting and not being biased, but I clearly express my own views on everything, and that makes me a very opinionated person who gets criticised often for just expressing those views. That is fine, because I was born in the Netherlands and that makes me perfect. ; >)

But my blog is all about Fremantle, a place I love dearly and want to support and help improve. I don’t care much if good ideas on how to make Fremantle a better place come from people to the right or the left of politics. Good ideas are not exclusive or unique to any political party or person!

Fremantle is a beautiful and unique city with a very special community of really good people. Fremantle is my home and my family and the place where I will die. It is a place I have a deep emotional attachment to, and the place that has given me the confidence to express myself without fear or favour.

Thank you to all the regular readers and people who sent me information and comments. Freo’s View is your blog, so the more info you send me the more I can share with the community.

Roel Loopers

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