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Posted in aboriginal, children alllergy, fremantle, health by freoview on November 29, 2014

I published a letter from a concerned parent last week that Lonestar in the Cockburn Gateway shopping centre sells buckets of peanuts and that this poses a real threat to his young son who has a severe peanut allergy. This week the West Australian also published an article with a photo of the parents and their two children and the public outcry on social media has been quite devastating to them.

There has been unbelievable abuse, people writing that it is just natural that weaker children should die, and yesterday some morons even smeared peanut butter on the house where they live thus threatening the life of the allergic child. That is extreme fascist behaviour by ignorant and uncaring morons!

Sure, we can have a debate if it is community’s responsibility to deal with allergies or if it is only the problem of those concerned and parents should simply restrict the movements of their children rather than the community being restricted to what they eat and do. But that debate needs to be a mature and informed one and should not be about attacking the poor parents who rightly want to protect their child. Freedom of speech is not freedom of abuse, and engaging in fascist behaviour. Those who attacked the parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Children are sacred and have every right to expect to be safe and protected, and I for one believe the entire community should be taking responsibility for that. The issue here is much bigger than just peanuts.

Roel Loopers

P.S. I have not mentioned the name of the family as I do not want them to receive more abuse. The father works here in Fremantle and I know him well.

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