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Still don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve tonight? Why not head out to Fremantle Park for the unique COLD CHISEL concert. See details below:

For the first time ever, this legendary Australian band will play a very special outdoor show at Fremantle Park, WA on New Year’s Eve. You’ve never seen anything like it before. You’ll never see anything like it again.

TIMES: (Subject To Change)
Gates for VIP and Premium GA: 3.30pm
Gates for GA: 4.30pm
Carla Geneve: 5.00pm – 5.25pm
The Southern River Band: 5.45pm to 6.10pm
Gyroscope: 6.35pm to 7.15pm
Jebediah: 7.45pm to 8.30pm
Birds of Tokyo: 9.00pm to 10.00pm
Cold Chisel: 10.30pm to 12.30am

– VIP: $450.00
– Premium GA: $199.90
– GA: $129.90
– Kids: $69.90


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Kids have something special to look forward to at the start of the new year with huge moving dinosaurs around the Fremantle CBD

I discovered five of them early this morning, and am aware there is also one at Clancy’s in Princess May Park. There are a total of seven, I believe, so go hunting for them kids!

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PS: Ian Kerr made me aware there is actually a map with the locations of the dinosaurs, so here it is.


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I am a rather simple and modest kind of old fella who does not have too many wishes for the New Year. A bit more money would be good, and having a lot of very gorgeous women throwing themselves at me would be nice too, but I know that won’t happen, so I’ll just keep living within the limitations of reality. What could improve though is what we build in our cities.

I would love to see a lot more creative architecture in Fremantle and the entire Perth metropolitan area, because the blandness and mediocrity of most of the new modern buildings we are getting is very disappointing, hence these inspiring photos from around the world, and I am sure there are many more examples of what great architecture could look like.

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A White Gum Valley resident made me aware of a fake Fremantle City Council Facebook page that is a hard-try at satire, but is more an immature taking the p… site. The problem is that there are actually people who believe the page is managed by Fremantle Council, with reader Peter Dean being outraged about a photo of a bombed out city, questioning how this council can make a joke about what is going on in the Middle East and calling it a disgrace. They wouldn’t and they didn’t!

There is a post about Freo Council going to start a congestion charge on drivers and doubling street charges to make the CBD more pedestrian friendly, and that by 2022 there will be a complete car ban in the inner city.

The page is basically full with not very clever April Fool’s jokes, such as the one that the Fremantle Golf Course will be closed and could be used for white water sport, a gun range, or a cat sanctuary.

The question is if there should be a disclaimer somewhere to make readers aware that this is not an official site of the City of Fremantle, because there will always be people who are stupid enough to believe so.

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A lot of Freo cafes have great coffee and good food, so for me the difference is the people who serve you, and I question why some of them seem to hate taking orders and bringing your coffee.

Now that my favourite cafe CHALKYS in the West End of High Street is closed until Jan 3 I have been getting a lot of unfriendly service is some of the cafes I tried out, and it means I won’t be returning even when the espressos were good.

You are in the hospitality business, so make your customers feel welcome!

It is not good at all for those who own the cafes when customers don’t return, because it are the regulars who support a business daily that give a bit of turnover security.

Cafe operators need to train their staff to smile and engage with customers, even at 7am. I am always courteous and smile when I order, and so are all the staff at CHALKYS!


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Fremantle will be invaded by thousands of the young and beautiful next weekend when the FALLS FESTIVAL is on at Fremantle Oval and surroundings on January 4 and 5. The first concert of the new year and decade!

The organisers are expecting 15,000 people per day on Saturday and Sunday so that will be a big event in the centre of our city.

Some carparks in the area will be closed, so check out websites and Facebook pages.

The lineup is:

Now that I live only three hundred metres from Freo Oval I’ll probably have a free weekend of music. It’s that or earplugs, depending on the act. ; >)
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It is going to be a nice cool, cloudy but fine day, the kind of weather they call heatwave in the UK, so too cold for the beach maybe but perfect for the Sunday Music Session in the lovely courtyard of the Fremantle Arts Centre, that features Juliana Areias

Juliana Areias – Bossa Nova Baby is a Perth-based Brazilian singer-songwriter who brings a new edge to traditional Brazilian rhythms. She creates a colorful Latin-jazz fusion which is taking the Australian and the international music scene by storm.

The show is on from 2-4pm and the cafe, pizza bar and bar will be open.

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It is good to see that the Fremantle Port stevedore companies are still investing in our port, with another large $ 15 million crane delivered by the Zhen Dua 24.

It must be very hard for the board and management of Fremantle Ports to make plans for the future when one does not know if the port has a future still in Fremantle, or if the industrial part of it will be moved entirely to Kwinana in 15-20 years, and Fremantle only being a port for cruise ships and the Rottnest Island ferries.

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Now that we are nearing the end of the year, and the end of the decade, it is good to reflect on Fremantle’s progress and opportunities.

While other councils refused to accept the State Government’s direction of higher density infill Fremantle Council was more realistic about the fact that urban infill is necessary because the urban sprawl won’t be sustainable.

Fremantle introduced new planning schemes that encouraged developers to invest in Freo, especially the CBD, and it worked with Sirona Capital on the much-needed modernisation of Kings Square that will see many more people working in the city centre from early next year.

It took a while until developers saw the unique opportunities to build in Fremantle, but they came and we saw the Heirloom and LIV residential apartments being built, plans approved for the Little Lane residential development on the former Spotlight site, redevelopment of the Manning building and the Atwell Arcade office building, plans approved for the development and hotel on the former Police&Justice complex in Henderson Street, the start of the Warders Cottages hotel and tavern development, and new hotel plans will soon be approved for the Woolstores shopping centre site.

Plans have also been approved for a wood frame commercial development in High Street, just east of Kings Square, and we are still waiting for the Match group to start on the development of the former Energy Museum, and for the SKS Group to finally commence the Hilton Doubletree hotel building in Point Street.

The residential development of the former Workers Club in Henry Street is nearing completion, there is substantial development in the Knutsford Street area, and there is development in South Fremantle.

Top that with the Freo Social and Old Synagogue attractions and big plans for the Fishing Boat Harbour and no one can argue that Fremantle has not positioned itself very well for an exciting future that embraces old and new, and low and medium high buildings.

Already the second part of this year Fremantle has seen an increase in visitors and there is little doubt that the new FOMO retail and hospitality precinct, with supermarket, at Kings Square will become an attraction, and the four new hotels will create the 24/7 activation of the CBD that is badly needed.

When one compares Fremantle with Subiaco, where council has been reluctant to embrace urban infill, and have now been told by Planning Minister Rita Safiotti that they will have to approve buildings of up to 20 storeys near the train station, one has to be grateful that Fremantle Council took our city’s destiny in their own hands and kept building heights to a more Freo-friendly level. Future Fremantle Councils will need to start planning for a port city without a container port, as there is little doubt that the Westport Taskforce will recommend to the State Government a relocation of the port to Kwinana.

There is sometimes fair criticism about the architectural quality of buildings, but that is an issue that needs to be addressed at State level, and I am not alone to wish for a bit more colour in our city, instead of the drab colours we have been getting.

I honestly believe that Freo’s future is great and that we all have a lot to look forward to. Anti development sentiments constantly expressed by a few people who are disgruntled with Fremantle Council are not very helpful. Fremantle needs to grow to prosper!

Happy New Year!


Roel Loopers

PS and former North Fremantle Councillor Rob Fittock chastised me rightly for not mentioning the Leighton Beach and other development in North Freo. Mea Culpa!


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Christmas Day is not a day for people like me, who are non-believers, because almost every cafe in Fremantle is closed and that is not fair, because a day without coffee is like a day without love. ; >(

Ali Baba cafe and the icecream shop in the Piazza were open, and I hear that the Port City Roasters in South Fremantle is also open, so no doubt they will do a roaring trade.

I bumped into Mark from the Record Finder shop in High Street, who was on his way with a pile of LPs in his arms, and he told me he has so much work to do that he will open his shop today, so if you are looking for a belated and different kind of Christmas present, go buy a golden oldie record.

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