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The first of the  SUNSET SOUTH BEACH MARKETS starts today and will run every Saturday night, weather permitting, till mid April.

The food market offers some 25 stalls with food from all over the world, live music, a bar, great sunsets, and a very relaxed community ambience.

My friend Linda will be there with her TREACLE TREAT stall selling Dutch flavourites, as she calls it, so try the delicious tiny fluffy poffertjes pancakes. Your kids will love you forever! YUM!!!!!!!!

The market is open from 5-9pm and it should be a nice warm night. Hop on the CAT bus to get there!

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Fremantle Council lives in hope that the State Government will cough up for an expensive $ 2.5 million seawall and dredging at Port Beach, where the ultimate outcome , according to an engineers report, is that the beach will be lost in the distant future.

Freo Council has also been living in hope for two years that the McGowan government will give them the $ 1.8 million to stabilise historic Arthur’s Head, but that money has not be forthcoming, so now it is a project on the City’s advocacy list. Yep, Father Christmas will no doubt put the money that is needed under the tree, or Council might win Lotto.

The seawall would also need an additional $ 200,000 per year for operational costs, so where the hell will the money be coming from?!

It is an outrage that the WA State Government allows the popular tourist attraction of Arthur’s Head to remain an ugly fenced-off eyesore that is unstable and dangerous, when it constantly talks about tourism being very important for our state.

When was the last time Premier Mark McGowan and Heritage Minister David Templeman visited Fremantle and had a long talk with our elected members and senior officers about how the State can support our City that has a limited ratepayers base?

Why does Fremantle not get serious financial support from Fremantle Ports, that makes tens of millions of profit each year, for the Port Beach seawall, when there are claims that the Rouse Head extension is partly to blame for the disappearing beach?

Why does a small local government like Fremantle not get compensated by the State for the loss of income it has because Notre Dame University, that has a substantial property portfolio in the port city, is exempt from paying Council rates?

It is unacceptable that WA’s second city is being ignored and is getting very little help from the State Government. Fremantle is not a third-rate backwater dump that can be ignored, but one of the State’s major tourist destinations. We need, deserve and demand support from the McGowan government!

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Large parts of the Fremantle Esplanade reserve have been cordoned off because of the fear of large branches of the Norfolk Island pines falling down, after an unusual  growth of heavy seed pods, much further away from the tree trunks, is making the branches too heavy.

Contractors are on site to cut down branches and remove excessive seed pods. This is also happening at South Beach and Parmelia Park.

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At the East Fremantle GEORGE STREET FESTIVAL two weeks ago all food & beverage vendors were required to use GO2CUP in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste at the very popular annual festival

GO2CUP supplied over 20 vendors with reusable cups, plates and cutlery which were then placed in allocated bins to be washed and used again at other events. Over 9,000 reusable items were used on the day!

Approximately 9,500 people came along to the event with only 300 – 400kg of waste being collected for the whole day!

The Town of East Fremantle is very grateful to all volunteers who kindly assisted at the bins stations, including members from the East Fremantle Junior Football Club, WREN and Recycle Right WA.

Well done everyone. Great effort!

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Very disappointing to hear that the owner of Fremantle’s SOMA Kitchen in Little Market Street will be taken to court by the Fair Work Ombudsman for failing to comply with an order to calculate money owed to an employee and back-pay him.

It is alleged that the worker was paid only $ 212.50 for 146 hours of working at the restaurant.

Penalties of up to $ 30,000 are possible, so that would be a big shock for owner Giancarlo Daniele. The court hearing is scheduled for February 13 next year.

It appears that there are too many mistakes made in the hospitality industry when it comes to paying workers, and even governments, such as the City of Fremantle, have been caught out underpaying staff. That needs to improve.

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The summer edition of the quarterly City of Fremantle FRE-OH! magazine is out and a great read. It will be delivered to your letterbox but is also available on-line on Facebook and the City’s website.

The cover is of the delightful milliner Kate Hulett, well known from her Kate and Abel hat shop at Many 2.0 and from her involvement with Spacemarket.

There is also a good story about Gerard O’Brien and Silverleaf Investments, and the brilliant restoration work they are doing at the historic Manning building, a story about new businesses, one about book clubs, a spread about North Fremantle, another one about lifesaving, etc. There is even a short story about this Loopy blogger in it.

FRE-OH! is a good way to stay connected with our community and to find out all about the latest news in the port city.

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RL 1

My reputation as a hard-nosed, hard-drinking, uncompromising, but fair and balanced, investigative blogger with impeccable integrity is in tatters, now that I have been pulled down into the category of celebrities.

There is no way I can recover from having my ugly old mug plastered on the new hoardings along the construction site of the City of Fremantle new Civic Centre at Kings Square, and it was made worse by now also appearing in the City’s quarterly FRE-OH! magazine this week.

What’s next?! Will I end up on the social pages of the West and Sunday Times, and get invited on celebrity panels of irrelevant TV daytime shows?

RL 2

My enemies will claim that I reached the status of Freo celebrity by being a sycophant who is the mouthpiece for the Freo Mayor, and by receiving kickbacks from all the property developers in our city, but that is fake news. All I received was $ 25,000 for being a model for the Robert Frith photography, and the Fremantle hospitality industry agreeing that for the short rest of my life I can have free meals, drinks and coffees in any cafe, bar, tavern and restaurant of my choice. ; >)

In the meantime I’ll endeavour to continue to give you as much information about what is happening in Fremantle as I can, and to live on the bones of my arse, formerly known as the government pension.

Anyway, I feel honoured and humbled, and appreciated, which is lovely. I am touched, thank you!

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Anything going on in Freo? Events, new businesses, news. Let me now!


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I hope the heatwave won’t discourage parents to take their children to the Carols by Candlelight at Fremantle Oval this Sunday. It should be a very lovely and pleasantly warm evening, so no need to stay at home, and there will be food and drinks available as well.

Gates open at 5pm but the carols only start at 6.30 and will go till 8pm, so it won’t be a too late night for the young ones.

I’ll see you all there!

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Fremantle J Shed sculptor Greg James has created these lovely ducks and they are out and about on the grass at J Shed, so take the kids for a look, and also have a look inside at all the art displayed in the gallery.

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With Perth bracing for heatwave conditions for the rest of the week, there are lots of ways to beat the heat in Fremantle.

The weather bureau is forecasting a maximum of 38 degrees in Perth today, 39 degrees on Thursday and 40 degrees on Friday through to Sunday, prompting the WA Health Department to activate the State Hazard Plan for heatwaves.

Heatwaves are Australia’s deadliest natural hazard, killing more people than cyclones, floods and bushfires combined. Young children, seniors and people with chronic diseases are at particular risk.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said Fremantle was a good option for people looking to escape the heat.

“Being by the ocean Fremantle is generally two or three degrees cooler than Perth, but that still means we’re expecting temperatures in the high thirties for the next few days,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“Our Community Safety Team will be keeping a close eye out for people who are showing signs of heat stress and handing out water to people who need it.

“There are also lots of places in Fremantle that are inexpensive or free, like the Fremantle Library”

Fremantle Library located at Fremantle Oval offers a cool space to relax, read and study, with free WiFi and computers available to use. One can als keep cool and enjoy great exhibitions a coffee and food at the Fremantle Arts Centre, and of course a dip at the Fremantle Leisure Centre will cool one down as well.

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