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Posted in bathers beach sunset food markets, fremantle by freoview on September 22, 2015

I am disappointed to hear that the extremely popular BATHERS BEACH SUNSET FOOD MARKETS will be moving to South Beach this summer because local businesses, such as the Bathers Beach House, complaint it was detrimental to their trading.

Market operator Georgie Adeane put a brave face to it saying the market had run out of space and could not grow at Bathers Beach, but the fact is that it will just not be the same at South Beach because the markets will be behind the dunes, so patrons won’t be able to see the ocean.

Beach goers will probably not like it either as most parking will be taken by stall holders and market visitors from 5 pm on.

I am surprised the City of Fremantle gave in so easily to the might of money as the market was a real winner for the West End in summer and put Bathers Beach on the map. For many years we have been hearing talks out of Townhall about revitalising the West of the city and when it finally happened a move on notice was given to the most successful community event Fremantle has had for decades. I am flabbergasted.

At South Beach parents can not sit on the boardwalk and watch their kids having a dip and the area does not have the same intimacy and amenity as inner city Bathers Beach.

I worked very hard for the first two summers with Georgie to make the markets a success and it became the go to event to do on Saturday evenings in summer for many regulars who enjoyed the local music and connecting with the community. I am very worried the market will not be as attractive to the public at South Beach and that would be very unfair to the operator, stallholders and the many Fremantle people employed at the markets.

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