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I got a sneak preview of the Old Synagogue tavern development today, and I already know this is going to be my local and favourite watering hole in Fremantle.

It is a fantastic development that has got so many gorgeous features. I specifically like all the greenery; trees, planter boxes, lawn.

The Old Synagogue is next to Fremantle Oval and opposite the Norfolk Hotel. It has three levels and will have two rooftop bars, one of them looking straight down the Cappuccino Strip.

There will be a cosy whiskey bar, a great restaurant, many, many craft beers, a changing wine list featuring WA wines and the favourite wines of the moment.

And the good news is that it will open at the end of this month, so in time for all the office Christmas parties and functions. Book now!

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South Beach Sunset Food Market operator Georgie Adeane is not at all happy with Fremantle Council and the, FPOL Committee deferred decision, to put an Expression of Interest out to see if anyone else just want to take over from her after this summer because of the, in my opinion, City’s silly competitive lease/license policy.

Adeane told me that under the new proposed City charges she would be losing between $40,000-50,000 if she continued with the markets, so I presume it is unlikely she will put her EOI in.

Fremantle Council’s lack of understanding of how retail and hospitality actually works is very distressing, because it is highly likely that the very popular market, that attracts on average 5,000 people on the Saturdays it operates, will no longer be viable¬† if Council signs off on the EOI idea, and that this summer could be the last of it. That will not only create unfair hardship for Georgie Adeane but also to the 25 stallholders who will lose out on substantial income. These are small businesses Fremantle Council pretends to be supportive off.

A new operator would have to charge stallholders a whole lot more to be part of a new market to cover cost, or allow many more stalls at the event. Either way will cost the small businesses money as it will reduce their income.

A Council that relentlessly talks about activating Fremantle surely cannot let such a successful event disappear because Councillors and officers fail to appreciate the nuances of running markets and small businesses.

Maybe Georgie Adeane should rename the markets into the South Beach Green, Sustainable and New Innovation Markets and no doubt Freo Council would actually go out of their way to let her continue to run the market at South Beach.

This is a VERY BAD CALL, Fremantle Council, and it is one where you should just admit that the idea of an EOI and higher charges are wrong!

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The former Commercial Hotel in Freo’s High Street, now known at the Sundance Backpackers, has lost its veranda posts. I don’t know if they will be replaced, but they should be reinstalled.

Down the road on the corner of Henry Street former Councillor Gorman has been sandblasting the facade of the long neglected building and I hear he will be putting the bullnose veranda back.

There is a lot happening in Fremantle.

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I hope the scaffolding around the former Warders Cottages in the Fremantle Henderson Street mall mean that the owners of the Hougomont Hotel, who own the site, are getting serious about the development of the planned and approved boutique hotel and tavern next to Fremantle Markets.

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Market Street


A photo of Fremantle’s Market Street I took at 6.45am this morning.

Come do your Christmas shopping in beautiful Freo!

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Twin Fin


A new Fish&Chips outlet has opened at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach. TWIN FIN has taken over the site where Sweetlips used to be, so make sure to give it a try and support a new small business in town.

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Get ready for a spring stinker, Freo! The weather forecast is for a very hot Friday with temperatures expected to rise as high as 39C, while on Saturday it will be just a wee bit cooler than that with 35C.

Don’t forget that Fremantle’s inner city beach Bathers Beach is one of our quietest beaches and well worth a visit for those who don’t like big crowds on beaches, especially because of its proximity to the Fishing Boat Harbour, so plenty of places to buy food and cold drinks.

And there is an abundance of parking in the vicinity.

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It will not come as a surprise to the Fremantle community and overseas and interstate visitors that Freo’s Rent A Fence attraction at Arthur’s Head did not win a Tourism Award nor a Heritage Award.

Two years ago Fremantle Council decided to fence off large parts of historic Arthur’s Head because of danger of rockfall from the limestone cliff. It took a very long time before an engineer’s report was commissioned and that told us that there is interior erosion because of rain water and that repairs to the cliff on which Western Australia’s oldest public building the Roundhouse stands will cost approximately $ 1,8 million.

While the report recommended solutions it failed to test if vibrations from the heavy container trains that run within a few metres of the cliff face have any impact on the deterioration of the heritage precinct.

As I understand it the City invited the Minister for Mandurah, …err Heritage, David Templeman to do a site inspection but he could not be bothered, and so the ugly fences remain and absolutely nothing is done to repair the damage and make one of our state’s most significant historic areas an attraction again.

At present new solar lights are being installed along the coastal path but looking at fences is not a tourist attraction and does nothing to activate the West End of our gorgeous city.

It is a total disgrace that the Western Australian McGowan government does not care one bit about it!

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beer 1

beer 2


Festivals bring a lot of people into Fremantle and that is a good thing, but what is not good is that the Esplanade public toilets are not available to the general public during the Beer Festival this weekend.

There are no public toilets in the Fishing Boat Harbour, only those a long walk south from Little Creatures near the carpark, and who knows about those?  Nor are there public toilets at Bathers Beach, so the next public toilets are inside the Fremantle Markets and at Kings Square. That is not good enough City of Fremantle!

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Market meal


Relaxing outside Fremantle Markets.

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