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I reported a few weeks a go that the Vasco da Gama cruiseliner will call Fremantle Port home this coming summer season and now the WA State Government has announced that it is doing a co-operative marketing partnership with leading UK-based CMV Australia to boost WA cruise tourism.

The marketing campaign that will be promoted in the UK will offer a new range of WA-focused fly, cruise, rail and stay packages and feature a complete WA holiday experience.

Getting more people into Fremantle needs to remain a priority for our local council and state government.

Yesterday Fremantle was packed with people, especially the Fishing Boat Harbour, Winter World, Cappuccino Strip and Fremantle Markets, bu I noticed two High Street traders standing outside to look why there were so few people in that part of town. Somehow the West End needs to be activated to entice more people to wander down Freo’s most beautiful heritage street.

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High 1


Fremantle High Street is looking a lot better now that all the yellow artwork foil has been removed and many of the facades repainted. There is only one building left with some yellow on it at No 10 and that belongs to renowned architect Michael Patroni who wants to remove all the paint I have been told and return the historic building to its former glory of tuck pointed brick.

I hear that several owners have started to ask for quotes to also get their buildings along High Street painted, so that is a pretty good outcome of what was an expensive debacle after the removal of the stunning Felice Varini artwork proved to be far more complicated than anticipated.

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bathers bay


THIS IS FREMANTLE-in winter! I took this photo at Bathers Bay this morning while chatting to fellow shooter Peter Zuvela of J Shed.

More fine weather ahead this weekend and next week so perfect for school holidays and for supporting our local Freo traders.

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In a stampede of dented egos the committee of the Fremantle Roundhouse volunteers have rejected the renewal of my membership, after I have been a member and volunteer tourist guide for nine years.

The letter I received today states that ‘In the interest of the FVHGA committee and its members we reject your application for renewal of membership.’

This is of course only sour grapes from a committee that did not like it that I reported here on Freo’s View the recent ad hoc and unacceptable closures-4 in 11 days!- of the Roundhouse.

Committee also did not like my suggestions for improvements and changes, but in a previous email last week, when they erroneously thought I had resigned as a member they said:

‘The FVHGA Committee and volunteer guides would like to thank you for the work you have done for the FVHGA and the Round House for many years.

You have been the instigator of many ideas and have achieved a lot.

We will treasure all your outstanding photography of the Round House and the committee work you have successfully undertaken.  Your work will be part of the long term history of the Round House.’

Because of my pro-active dedication to the volunteer organisation we received many thousands of dollars of sponsorship from Fremantle Ports for the firing of the 1pm cannon, and volunteers from the City of Fremantle Visitor Centre have now also started to try out at the Roundhouse after I suggested that when I addressed the Ordinary Council. I also made sure Fremantle Council pledged $ 20,000 for the new interpretive displays project, that is now finally going ahead after I started a sub-committee last year.

In the nine years I have volunteered at the Roundhouse I have been an excellent visitor guide for people from all over the world and primary and high school students.  I have also enabled private functions, festival events etc. as early as 7am in the morning and have been at the Roundhouse till late in the evening many times to accommodate concerts, theatre plays, festival events, smoking ceremonies, fundraisers, art exhibitions, fashion shows, film productions, etc.

I have also saved the FVHGA many hundreds of dollars by doing the photography they needed for promotional material.

It is irresponsible from the FVHGA committee to not renew my membership in a time where they are short of volunteers, especially those who have the permit to fire the cannon.

The WA Association Advisor advised that associations can not arbitrarily refuse to renew memberships, so the decision by the committee is illegal.

What a shame that egos are prioritised over what is best for the volunteer organisation. That shows a clear lack of professionalism.

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kailis. tiff


Kailis in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour will be reinventing itself with an all new fish cafe that will focus on the cheaper species of fish such as garfish, mullet and herring.

The new cafe will be a New York style 80s deli with a grill and barbeque section and a raw bar for those of us who love raw fish.

Kailis will also bring back two of my favourites; whitebait and fishwings.

Renowned seafood chef Peter Manifis will be running the show as the company is moving with the changing times in hospitality where people want something special when they go out and eat something they don’t cook at home.

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This sounds like a great job for the right person. Fremantle Prison is looking for a HERITAGE INTERPRETATION OFFICER. It is a PSGOGA 5 level job that pays between $ 87,047-$95,995 p.a.

The director of Fremantle Prison, Paula Nelson, is a can do, visionary, and delightful person with lots of ideas and she will be fantastic to be working with.

Join one of WA’s most innovative and forward-thinking agencies and be part of something rewarding and exciting. The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is responsible for planning and managing land and heritage for all West Australians – now and into the future.

The Opportunity

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual for the Heritage Interpretation Officer role within the Heritage and Property Services Division. In this role, you will be responsible for contributing to the understanding of the cultural, national and international significance of Fremantle Prison. You will review and develop heritage interpretation programs such as tours, signage, training and educational programs to a diverse audience including international visitors, students, special interest groups and the general public.

This position is based at Fremantle Prison and is a permanent and full-time position; however, consideration may be given to applicants seeking part-time opportunities. Suitable applicants may be considered for appointment to similar (permanent, fixed term, full-time or part-time) vacancies for a period of twelve (12) months from the initial date of the appointment.

To be successful in this role, you will need to demonstrate;

  • Your ability to evaluate, develop and deliver high quality content and material for entertaining and educational visitor experiences, training and programs for a diverse audience including international visitors, students, special interest groups and the general public
  • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills with the ability to develop and maintain networks with internal and external stakeholders
  • Extensive experience in the cultural heritage sector and an understanding of heritage interpretation and conservation

If you would like to know more, please give Paula Nelson, Director, Fremantle Prison a call on (08) 9336 9213 to discuss the role in further detail.


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Fantastic to hear that Cruise&Maritime Voyages have announced that Fremantle will be the home port for the 1220 passengers Vasco da Gama cruise ship for their inaugural Australasian cruises 2019/20.

Princess Cruises already committed to Fremantle as their home port in Australia, so it looks like Freo will have a busy cruise season this coming summer.

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rain 1


When I bumped into my young mate and passionate hobby photographer Paolo Gumina this morning, who was looking for reflections, I took him to my favourite Fremantle reflection of the Maritime Museum, which I take from different angles and puddles every winter.

The lady in yellow pants fishing and passers by added to the great winter picture.

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It is an outrage that one of Fremantle’s most significant tourist destinations, the historic Roundhouse, is closed again today on Sunday, which is one of the busiest days of the week.

The weather is perfectly alright with some very dark clouds around but it is pleasantly warm and there are a lot of people wandering the streets.

The oldest public building in Western Australia was also closed last week on Friday, Saturday and Monday and that is not acceptable at all.

The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides who manage the Roundhouse sent a statement to the Fremantle Herald that before every winter an assessment is made, but that is nonsense of Trumpian proportions.

Fact is that traditionally the Roundhouse was only closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day and open to the public every other day of the year. If the weather is too inclement the team on the day might decide to close an hour or so early, but never have volunteer guides turned up and decided not to open this historic jail at all.

It is not good enough and it is reassuring to know that the City of Fremantle  is finally showing some interest to manage the tourist destination more professionally.

The unscheduled closures could well jeopardise the grant application with Lotterywest for new interpretive displays in the Roundhouse, which is a superb project just waiting for funding.

When is the State Government going to show interest in historically significant Arthur’s Head and the Roundhouse?

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freo 1

freo 2


Very crisp morning today but a gorgeous blue sky with some nice clouds. One really can’t complain much about winter in Fremantle.

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