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Some interesting statistics from the City of Fremantle:

Over 300 000 unique users viewed almost two million pages on the Fremantle Story website throughout the year.

Community Safety Officers receive over 10 000 calls for assistance each year. The major achievement was the ability of the team to maintain a consistent level of ranger type services while transitioning into a new business model.

The City’s revenue from parking infringements is approximately $1.8 million.

For the period reported in the 2016-17 annual report, the City had forty (40) employees whose salary exceeded $100 000.

Of these employees

  •   five (5) had a salary between $100 000 and $110 000
  •   ten (10) had a salary between $110 000 and $120 000
  •   four (4) had a salary between $120 000 and $130 000
  •   five (5) had a salary between $130 000 and $140 000
  •   seven (7) had a salary between $140 000 and $150 000
  •   one (1) had a salary between $150 000 and $160 000
  •   three (3) had a salary between $160 000 and $170 000
  •   one (1) had a salary between $190 000 and $200 000
  •   three (3) had a salary between $210 000 and $220 000
  •   and one (1) had a salary between $260 000 and $270 000

A total of 472 019 people visited the leisure centre during 2016-17, an increase of 18 700 from the previous year.

The Fremantle International Street Arts Festival had record crowds of over 150 000 people across the Easter weekend, with the city’s streets, historic laneways and public spaces bursting with life as performers transformed the city into a world stage with 13 performance pitches (with Good Friday performances for the first time). It was the busiest Friday, Saturday and Sunday ever recorded in Fremantle.

The event consisted of 34 international acts and 10 Australian acts. In addition, WAHonk! Fest consisted of 91 performers (2 international, 24 interstate and 65 from WA). Over 150 individual performances took place over the five days with acts coming from Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Japan, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Exhibitions attracted a total audience of 69 130 to 17 exhibitions presented over seven separate exhibition periods. FAC presented, for the second time, Revealed, a state government annual project that brings emerging Aboriginal artists and art centres from across WA together for workshops, public talks, an exhibition and an art market. The market turned over $430 000 with all proceeds going back to the artists and art centres.

The Fremantle Visitor Centre attracted 84 962 people through the doors and $546 774 in sales and $74 476 commission on those sales. Two thousand nine hundred and forty-five responses were provided for general information and business enquiries and 12 635 brochures were distributed for 19 conferences held in our region.

FVC had 137 446 unique visitors to the FVC website ( and have 20 369 Facebook followers. The centre provided opportunities for 215 businesses to advertise their business either through the website or brochure racking.

The customer service team serviced over 55 079 phone contacts, over 21 500 face-to-face enquiries and answered 21 294 emails.

During this period the team created 15 262 customer requests for service that were directed to the appropriate city officer, which is an increase of 70%.

339 logged requests for service were completed online via the City website.



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After a well-deserved festive season break CHALKYS, one of my favourite cafes in Fremantle, re-opened today.

For those who have not discovered the little gem yet it is at No 1 High Street in the far West End of Fremantle and just 50 metres from the historic Roundhouse jail.

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From SEALINK the new kids on the block of Rottnest Island ferry services comes this special offer.

Depart Fremantle after 12pm and pay $29 for a same day return ferry and Kids travel FREE. We have an 8:05pm departure to take you back home. What are you waiting for?


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Cap Strip lights


The Fremantle Cappuccino Strip is brighter in the evenings after the installation of new LED street lights.

The City of Fremantle has removed 36 old-fashioned light fittings, using 150 watt metal halide globes, and replaced them with new 40 watt LED fittings.

The new lights will not only shine brighter but also use significantly less power and result in substantial savings on maintenance.

The new LED lights will see energy consumption from the street lights on the strip drop from almost 24,000kwh per year to around 6000kwh, a reduction of around 75 per cent.

The lights also have a lifespan many times longer than metal halide globes, and it will be a few years before they’ll need maintenance. That represents a big saving for the City in labour, parts and equipment.


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Travel and holiday search site data for 2017 have revealed that Fremantle is not one of the top ten holiday destinations for Australians, but the good news is that interest in Fremantle has increased by 85% over the last twelve months.

The most popular WA summer destinations for Aussie travellers were Perth, Margaret River, Broome, Bunbury, Mandurah, Esperance, Busselton, Dunsborough, Albany and Geraldton.

WOTIF rates the top five movers and shakers for 2017 Bridgetown, Cervantes, Fremantle, Coral Bay, Carnarvon.

I am not sure how relevant these statistics are though as there are many other search engines for travel, hotels, holidays, accommodation, etc.

While there is ample B&B accommodation in Fremantle it lacks sufficient hotel rooms, and that could well have an impact on the above data, as overnight hotel stays are limited.

Plans for new hotels in Freo will no doubt make a big difference to help make our city a more attractive tourist destination.

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I am very glad for the Fremantle traders to see so many people in town this week. On Wednesday and Thursday the city centre was packed full, and that is very unusual, and today is the same.

At the Roundhouse yesterday we had a record day with 1,399 people coming through the door, and we might have forgotten to count a few as the three volunteer guides on duty were flat out for five hours.

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port 2

port 1


There is something invigorating for me to watch the buzz at the B Shed Rottnest Island ferry terminal in Fremantle port early in the morning.

People are excited and the cafe is pumping out hundreds of cups of good coffee, while commercial ships enter or leave the port.

It was kind off reassuring to see that I am not the only one who has aged in the last eight years, but that my former Sri Lankan lover Indira’s stunningly beautiful face now also has a few wrinkles. She was on her way to Rotto.

(We oldies keep telling everyone it’s the youthful attitude that counts, not the years we have been battling to survive on this planet. ; >)

The cafes and shops are open, the beaches clean and the weather a pleasant 27 degrees, so enjoy Freo today and support our local traders!!

….. and for the couch potatoes and sports fanatics there is the Boxing Day cricket test match and the Sydney to Hobart sailing spectacle on TV. I love those traditions.


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It was unusually quiet on the waters and at the Fremantle B Shed Rottnest Island ferry terminal this Sunday morning, but that might be the quiet before the storm tomorrow and the fact that most people would have left for Rotto yesterday for a nice long Christmas weekend.

I had a 6.30 am double espresso at the B Shed cafe and took these photos of Victoria Quay.

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The new pop-up pub The Dock at B Shed on Victoria Quay opened on Friday afternoon and was an immediate success.

The place was absolutely buzzing when I checked it out at five o’clock, a sign that when one offers something new and does proper social media marketing one can attract a crowd from day one.

It’s a perfect spot to watch the port activities and sunset, so go and have a look at it.

The pop-up is only on for the month of January, but a brand new permanent small bar will open on Victoria Quay early next year east of the E Shed markets.

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Christmas is only fours sleeps away and the year has just ten days left, so this is a good time to reflect on what kind of year it was for Fremantle. I do this randomly as important issues come to my mind.

The October local government election was a resounding rebuke for the right-leaning very vocal social media negativity, with all the sitting members re-elected. I find it hard to argue that this is not a vote of confidence in the plans and policies Fremantle Council has implemented. City ward even elected a new Green councillor.

The positivity and negativity of massive planned development is a fine line between a stunning modern Fremantle CBD and an aesthetic disaster that could kill our city’s unique heritage character.

Quite a few new hotels are in the pipeline and that will be good to attract more tourism and for visitors to stay overnight, but the many plans for more taverns in the inner city are a worry.

The Kings Square Project is finally underway and will be the game-changer Fremantle desperately needs, and the new FOMO retail concept by Sirona Capital sounds very exciting.

The change of Australia Day celebrations on January 26 to One Day on the 28th shows Fremantle council is getting more serious about Aboriginal issues, and the funding to investigate a purpose-built Aboriginal centre is also a clear indication that council wants to do more than just tokenism.

The heritage listing of the entire West End is significant and well overdue.

The cancellation of the Roe 8 Perth Freight Link by the new state government, and the Westport taskforce could well open up opportunities for the development of Victoria Quay.

The Long Table Dinner along High Street was a resounding success and raised $ 80,000 for St Pats, so well done Freo community for caring!

Fremantle City took back ownership of Fremantle Oval which opens up opportunities for good development of that precinct. And good riddance to the greedy Dockers!

The development of the South Fremantle Senior High School into Fremantle College and the departure of TAFE also create fantastic opportunities for substantial development in the heart of Beaconsfield.

Well-overdue traffic improvement in the Hilton centre are happening and so is traffic calming in South Fremantle.

The J Shed tavern saga continues and is a stand-off between what the community wants and Freo council stubbornly does not want to accept, while it also fails to concede that the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct concept is a failure.

Notre Dame University listened to the community and scrapped plans for a five-storey School of Nursing and Midwifery in High Street and bought the three-building Customs House complex instead to accommodate expansion.

Fremantle culture is maturing very well with outstanding exhibitions and concerts at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the very impressive and creative High Tide Biennale during the Fremantle Festival. More of that please!

The Cantonment Hill Project is now underway with the opening of the Tuckfield Oval playground.

The City of Fremantle has added three new communication officers, so we should rightly expect much better genuine communication and information from the City. The October election showed that there is a lot of ignorance in the community about what Fremantle Council and the administration do and that needs to be improved.

Well, that’s all that comes to my mind early this Thursday morning, so remind me what I failed to mention and I might do another article on other important issues in a few days time.

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