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Let’s not mince words here. I am very pissed off by the claim by Tom Griffiths, the City of Fremantle Manager Economic Development and Marketing, who posted a comment on my blog: “I thought it may be worthwhile adding some facts to this discussion although facts seem to be only an occasional and unwelcome visitor to this website and its regularly contributors.” That is an insulting and defamatory statement and contradicts the facts of this blog that was created to have a community forum, support and promote local events and businesses, and scrutinise Fremantle Council.

Take this fact Tom Griffiths. You claim I am incorrect about one post of the last 26 I published on Freo’s View-and even that is debatable, so that suggests I might get it occasionally wrong instead of what you suggest that I am not interesting in reporting facts.

What were my last 26 posts about? Freo CEO on Kings Square, Sunrise at Pt Walter, Barnett’s contempt for Fremantle, Bigger Freo dumped by Barnett, Break a leg at the Roundhouse, Kicked in the guts by giants, how can we handle waste better, why the Giants secrecy, Fascinating music art show at FAC, Fremantle farewells giants,  a very good Freo parking story, Sunday Freo good for you, Growers Green perfect Sunday morning, decentralised retail doing well, when will we learn black is not white, Sculpture at Bathers, National swimmers at Bathers, PTA buses park in streets, Barnett wants councils to pay for his blunder, relax at Princess May Markets, Open water swimming, labor legend died, Freo markets small business incubators, Things are looking up in High Street Mall, Dreamworld of transformational moves, Gian Puppets coming to Freo.

Instead of defaming me and questioning my integrity, fairness and honesty, Mister Tom Griffiths, you should be on your knees and thank me for all the free promotion I give Fremantle. Who else is doing that for our community?

Roel Loopers

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