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I just do not understand the fascination people have with rail lines and why they want to be photographed on them, when it is dangerous and illegal to do so.

Even wedding parties are being captured on the rails near the Fremantle Roundhouse, so what is the symbolism of it, I wonder?

I took this photo about an hour ago when these two young ladies walked a long way from the railway crossing to take photos. Pretty stupid as a lot of container freight trains come through there on their way to the port!

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It is surprising to hear that passenger numbers on the Fremantle train line have again declined, with the seventh consecutive decline in 2018.

The number of passengers on the Fremantle-Perth line was down by 290,000 journeys last year.

This puts into question how realistic Fremantle Council is about pushing for light rail in the Fremantle area, when the existing rail services from Fremantle to Perth, Armadale, Joondalup, Midland and Rockingham are not popular with Freo commuters, and the numbers have been declining for seven long years now.

What needs to be done now by the State Government is to find out what the reasons are for the decline in people using the Freo line and maybe the City of Fremantle can also do a survey.

I know that many Fremantle residents drive to the Murdoch station to hop on the train, so that will be one of the reasons for the declining numbers from the Fremantle train station.

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The PTA has commissioned a new Aboriginal artwork on a switchbox at Little High Street in Fremantle, after local residents requested the beautification of the area opposite the Roundhouse.

I have no idea who the artists are, so if anyone knows, let me know please so I can credit them.

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bus nuisance

The PTA bus parking nuisance in Goldsborough Street between Elder Place and Cantonment Street continues during the time where Fremantle residents can take advantage of free parking before 11 am and do their shopping at the Woolstores shopping centre. These three buses took ten parking bays away from shoppers at 10 am this morning and that is not acceptable. It is not on that the Public Transport Authority buses use a local street as an overflow parking area when just further east at Elder Place and Beach Street there is plenty of parking available to them.

On a happy note it is nice to have a blog that makes a difference. The unsightly piece of carpet has finally been removed from the Roundhouse carpark. Thank you City of Fremantle officers!

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The Public Transport Authority has an amazing knack for closing the Fremantle railway bridge on weekends when we have festivals on. For the last three years there were no trains between Fremantle and Perth during the long Easter weekend when Freo’s very popular Street Art Festival is on, and today at the start of the Fremantle Festival, the Blessing of the Fleet procession, the Esplanade Youth Plaza and Norfolk Lanes music festivals, and the fireworks, the PTA has yet again closed the bridge for maintenance. They are installing fibreglass sleepers all along the line, so one can assume they’ll do the same next weekend when the Festival Street Parade is on.

Incredible that there are warnings on their website for train services interruptions on Friday October 31 for the big ANZAC parade through Fremantle, but I could not find any information on today’s bridge closure on the PTA website.

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