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Some of Freo’s View readers might say not again when they see this post about the Arcs D’Ellipses public artwork by Swiss artist Felice Varini, but I love the cleverness and creativity of the splendid Fremantle Festival work that is now near completion.

It is not just the great sense of perspective when one views the whole work from the Roundhouse steps, but all the quirky individual artworks it creates on the heritage buildings along High Street.

The work is part of High Tide that has many events and shows during this year’s festival that starts this weekend, so put your walking shoes on and head out to our beautiful West End.

How can one not love Freo!


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Oct 26 UNDA lecture

Those interested in law should attend The Role of Judges in Making Law lecture by Federal Court Justice Michael Barker at Fremantle Notre Dame University this Thursday.

It’s part of the university’s Honourable David Malcolm Annual Memorial lectures and is from 6-7 pm at the Michael Keating room, corner Cliff and High Street on October 26.

RSVP 9433 0741 or


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It looks like the new public carpark on the corner of Point and Adelaide streets could be ready before Christmas, so there will be additional parking for the festive season and the many Fremantle festivals and events during the summer period.

A big sign has been added to the sales office for the Ancora/Hilton Doubletree development, so check that one out. The office is open on weekends only.

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Fair is fair! After my whinge about not getting a printed program I received this Fremantle Festival High Tide program from the City, so will post it here and hope that is will be big enough to read and print out to stick on the fridge.

There are more events such as the Blessing of the Fleet and Wardarnji Aboriginal Festival, etc.

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I just found out that the City of Fremantle did not print a Fremantle Festival program this year, supposedly to be more sustainable as far as hardcopies go.

This sits very well with my previous blog post today about the City not communication well.

I was told the website would give me all the information. It does, but it is cumbersome as there is no simple overview of events with dates and times

Click on  You then have to click on schedule and get more photos, and then have to click again on the individual images to find out what time they start.

What is wrong with a basic graphic calendar-style overview with the dates, titles of events and times, for heaven’s sake?!

Not having a printed program also cuts out tourists visiting Fremantle, as in the past we have handed them programs when they visit the Roundhouse.

This is again a clear example of the City administration relying far too much on the internet and not accepting that many people are not connecting to it.


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Freo For Lease


But does Fremantle Council have a mandate to do so? ; >)


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To the idiot(s) who wrote loser on one of Ra Stewart’s large window displays in Market Street.

Ra Stewart should be thanked and appreciated for putting her hand up and for wanting to take on the role of Mayor of Fremantle.

It takes a lot of effort and personal commitment to stand for local government, and none of the candidates is a loser.

We constantly hear that so-called losers should be gracious in defeat, but I believe it is even more important to be gracious and respectful when one wins!

Armchair critics will never change the world or make a positive contribution to society, but those willing to stand up and be counted will.

Whoever wrote the word on Stewart’s display; YOU are the loser!


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I am not going to analyse the Fremantle Council election results, but to say that one needs to do more than just criticising the incumbents to take over. The community wants vision, reassurance, new ideas, and hope that Freo’s rebirth and revitalisation is well under way.

Voters are clever enough to understand that offering free parking is not a great vision, or even a solution.

The main lesson I learned, and Fremantle Council should take heed off, is that the community is largely ignorant about what Council does and the role the administration plays.

There is a real lack of knowledge in the community about what goes on at Council , so there is a lot of unwarranted blame addressed at the wrong people.

Communication is quite clearly an issue here and needs to be drastically improved and prioritised if Fremantle Council wants to get rid off the us and them feeling that exists in the community.

It is a very unhealthy situation when a large part of the community considers Council the enemy of the people. We vote Councillors in to represent the community, so we need to respect and trust them. That requires thorough understanding about what they are doing

There is an attitude in the administration that the community has to find out for themselves what goes on, instead of actually ‘hand-delivering’ information to the community. The assumption that people will find out on social media what the City of Fremantle does is lazy public relations and marketing and not good enough.

It was clear when talking to hundreds of people over the last couple of months that there is a disconnect between Freo City and the community, hence conspiracy, innuendo and negativity.

The facts and achievements need to be out there for all to read, and real changes need to be implemented fast on how the City communicates with the people.

When people know what goes on and take ownership off and pride in our city we can work better together to create an even better Freo.

I might have lost this one battle to get onto Council, but I’ll continue to demand better, more consistent and more balanced governance from our elected members, and a much better performance at many levels from parts of the City’s administration.

It is more than ever essential to scrutinise the City of Fremantle with a fine comb and to not let them get away with anything. I’ll endeavour to do that on Freo’s View!


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It is Open Access Week, so join the WIKIPEDIA editing workshop at Notre Dame University this Wednesday, October 25 from 1.30-3.30pm.

Wikipedia is one of the first open access resources on the internet that many people consult for information on a topic. Because of this, the research community has an important interest in ensuring that Wikipedia has accurate, comprehensive coverage of content that links to freely available open access research literature.

Join Gideon Digby, Vice-President of Wikimedia Australia and Lydia Dawe, Liaison Librarian, for an interactive session which will cover:

  • Detailed guidance for creating and editing Wikipedia entries in your area of research
  • Suggestions for improving relevant articles
  • Learning how to edit Wikipedia for beginners
  • Using Open Access repositories and directories to discover articles to add to Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia in the academic context
  • Best practices for communication with other Wikipedia editors

This is a free event.

Venue: Tannock Hall of Education ND4/203
Corner Cliff and Croke Streets


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Under the Bridge Food. 16 Oct


Let’s hope the weather will be more accommodating for the first of the summer season UNDER THE BRIDGE FOODTRUCKS at the Fremantle East Street Jetty today.

They had to cancel last week because of the storm, so check it out from 5pm today.

It’s a nice location to watch the sun set behind the port and five food trucks will offer a variety of food.


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