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mall danger


The City of Fremantle acted swiftly after I posted photos on Saturday of the bad pavement work in the High Street Mall that was done by workers putting the National Broadband in.

Warning signs have now been put there and Mayor Brad Pettitt commented that it was unacceptable and that he would notify CoF officers about it, while Councillor Rachel Pemberton said she had photographed it also and send it to the City administration.

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A lot of people like the modern creative new Mediterranean Shipping Company building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street, but this motorist clearly went for a too close-up look of the Slavin Architects designed building this Thursday morning.

St John’s ambulance and the fire brigade attended the scene.

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A collapsed paver in front of the Fremantle Postoffice at Market Street is a serious health hazard.

It is a very busy stretch of road and it will only be a matter of time until a pedestrian trips over it and falls on his/her face, or breaks a hip, arm, writs or collarbone, so something should be done about it fast.

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It is not often one sees a boat stranded in the middle of a city but that is what happened to the unfortunate driver of SeaWest 1 this morning when he lost his boat off the back of  his trailer outside Fremantle Oval on Parry Street.

The driver told me the brakes that hold the boat on the trailer had failed and he was now waiting for a crane to lift it back on.

Bad luck on a Monday morning.

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crash 1


A nasty crash occurred at the corner of Hampton and Lefroy Road in South Fremantle just before 2.30 this afternoon. One car ending up against the facade of the Tippy’s Pizzeria.

Police and ambulance attended so we’ll no doubt hear more about it.

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The City of Fremantle will be applying for Black Spot funding to reduce traffic accidents. There are two spots along South Street that the COF wants to improve.

One is the intersection of South Street and Hampton Road where the City wants to ban right turns from South Street onto Hampton Road during rush hour. While this is indeed a dangerous intersection I wonder why right arrow traffic lights are not considered to be a better option, as that works well at the Wray Avenue, Hampton Road intersection.

The second hot spot is the intersection of Attfield and South streets, where  COF wants to ban right hand turns out of Attfield Street. The street is also considered a good alternative for cyclists who might not feel safe using Hampton Road or Marine Terrace.

One issue that needs to be monitored is motorist using the bus lanes along Hampton Road just to get ahead a couple of cars. This is a constant issue throughout the day and even more frequent during peak hours.

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Real estate agents always tell us it is about location, location, and I believe for governments the war cry should be priorities, priorities!

I like roundabouts as they create a good sense of self-regulation and safe crossings, so this one at Point and Queen Adelaide street is welcome, but should it have been a priority  for the City of Fremantle?

In short Queens Street down the road from Point Street are now three roundabouts, but along very long South Terrace there are only two, one at Douro Road and one at Wray Avenue. Priority should be to install a roundabout at the intersection of Lefroy Road and South Terrace as there are serious accidents there often. Only four days ago there was another crash and a woman broke an arm and damaged some vertebrae.

I use that route often and it is near impossible to turn from Lefroy right into South Terrace when vans or 4WD are parked in the two bays at the Little Lefroy cafe. The cafe’s sign is also too high and I can’t look over it to watch for oncoming traffic from Fremantle.

It’s urgent time to prioritise a roundabout there please, City of Fremantle. It will safe lives!

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When I see these reminders of precious human life of people killed in road accidents I always have to pause and I ask why we are in such a mad rush to get from A to B. Even on Sundays there is no patience, no consideration for other car users, and even less care for pedestrians and cyclists.

What makes individuals so special and selfish that they are happily taking risks that could maim or kill others. Leaving five minutes earlier solves most of the problems much better than speeding, ignoring road signs, not using indicators, cutting other people off, and driving through stop signs and red lights.

Yesterday Hampton Road in South Fremantle was closed all afternoon because a female scooter driver had been killed in an accident with a cement truck an some people who love her has left the teddy bear and flowers on the site of the tragic waste of life.

Let’s just all slow down, relax, chill a bit and contemplate what it would mean to every single one of us if a person we love would not return home.

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P.S. I don’t know the details of the accident so this is in no way to lay blame on the truck driver who will be in a state of shock no doubt!

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