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May 5 Sleep uner the Stars

Only a week to go until the Sleep Out Under The Stars fundraiser for homeless people will be held at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle on May 5.

The great people from St Patrick’s yearly organise this event that is well worth participating in. Contrary to the plight of those forced to sleep on the streets the event is a bit of fun with live music, activities for children, etc.

It costs only $ 25 for adults, $ 10 for kids and $ 15 concessions, or a family $ 60.

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Centrelink will be moving out of Fremantle’s historic West End and will move from Pakenham Street to Queen Victoria Street on Monday, in the new building opposite St Patrick’s.

The social service department will share offices with Medicare there.

Parking will be an issue as most parking along Queen Victoria is taken up by tradies who are working on the LIV apartments down the road.

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I have no idea who Bernie Lynch is but I read his Facebook message to Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt this morning and thought it is worth sharing with Freo’s View readers as this is an issue close to my heart:

“As a resident of Fremantle, can I say how simply disgusted I am by these new ”change collection points’, designed to raise money for the homeless and rid Fremantle streets of their homeless presence……………… is akin to the Govt sending refugees to Nauru or Manus, in that it is designed to make homeless peoples seem invisible, to drive them from our sight, out of our reach and therefore humans we cannot help…….the designers of this will disagree, saying that the funds collected will ultimately help them.
It has always of course been a conundrum, you see a homeless person sitting on the street, do you give them change, do you buy them food and drink……….I suspect most of us wonder whether small change we might give them goes to drink and drugs. Who are we to judge? And who are we to decide where the money goes. These are decisions that are always difficult and sometimes fraught with indecision that leads to giving nothing at all.
There are, apparently, some out there who are not homeless and yet are able to sit on our main streets and raise considerable amounts of money and these are the people our Lord Mayor is most concerned about.
I agree that these persons must be moved on. The Council knows who these persons are….just move them on.
But genuine homeless persons are not at all like this.
They wander with trolleys, looking day by day for somewhere to sleep, someone to connect with, some idea of how they might just simply survive.
In my street, there is a man living in a car, an unregistered car, a car under a tree so as to give some shade.
I am ashamed to say that I do not know how to respond to this man and his predicament. He has been here for two weeks now……..if you can suggest what I might do, please let me know.
Fremantle has decided that homeless peoples must move on.
God knows the council has screwed up the local retail environment. Wouldn’t you think they could work out a sociological way to house the less fortunate amongst us in the large number of empty buildings that occur in Fremantle.
Too much to ask?
I guess so.”


My concern is if people will actually donate to collecting points that look like modern parking meters or if in the end there will be no or hardly any donations. My second concern is what percentage of donated money would actually get to the needy beggars. We only recently read in the media the huge payments top management at Save the Children get, and that is obviously money that does not go to the source we donated it for in the first place. It is well known that unfortunately a very large percentage of money collected by charities goes to pay for the administration and staff payments.

Donation boxes will not get rid of homeless people and beggars but better social services might do, so why do gimmicky media stunts like these City of Fremantle? Maybe it would be better to open up one of the many vacant premises, e.g. the Queensgate cinemas owned by the City, so homeless people have shelter there. Maybe taking a small percentage of the parking fees the COF collects each year and donating that to charity would result in a far larger sum of money for the homeless and beggars, but I do realise that won’t get huge press coverage.

In my opinion the donation points is basically a cynical exercise in spin as it will have very low impact on the number of beggars on Freo’s street. People will be more inclined to give money to people they feel sorry for than to a box on a base they are most likely going to ignore or not even notice. We need real solutions to deal with a real problem and real people!

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Welfare and social services for those who need and deserve government support will no doubt be slashed by new Social Services minister Scott Morrison, who showed little empathy for asylum seekers when he was in charge of the Immigration and Border Protection portfolio. As he did with his migration portfolio Morrison will try to stop welfare and turn back the boats of social despair.

Morrison will have little respect for all those bludgers who need government handouts, support and housing, as they can only blame themselves.

People should no longer receive pension once they reach their use-by date of 70 years of age and age-care facilities should be closed.

Those narcissists who claim to have mental health problems and live with the paranoid fantasy that a black dog is responsible for it should embrace the Dr Philip Nitschke solution and take a pill or two instead of expecting expensive government care.

Disabled people should just get on with it and not behave like soccer players who act as if they are badly hurt when nothing is wrong with them.

People who don’t earn enough to rent or buy a house simply have to accept that it is survival of the fittest. They can’t expect governments to supply them with accommodation as that is unfair to those who have worked hard to buy their own home.

Single parent benefits will also be scrapped because relationship break-ups can only be blamed on those involved and should not become a burden to society. Stick with your partners and look after your kids instead of being sooks who feel sorry for themselves.

Aboriginal people had 200 years to assimilate and adapt to our western lifestyle and should just get on with it, get a job, have fewer children, learn English and stop whingeing, because Scott Morrison will have nothing off it.

If you can’t find a job when you leave school you obviously did not study hard enough and did not try hard enough, so why should the community look after you. Centrelink will be closed and that will save society millions.

Caring for the community will no longer be a government responsibility. We are on our own and those not strong enough to make it in our competitive and selfish society will just have to go away and die. Imagine how much money can be saved by cutting social services and how fast the Abbott government can get the budget back in the black that way.

Scotty wishes all us bludgers a happy welfareless new year.

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