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Congratulations to the City of Fremantle Safety Officers who saved a man’s life on the Fremantle traffic bridge!

The man’s vehicle was involved in an accident and his airways got blocked so our very astute Safety Officers took care of that, cleared his airways, administered CPR, and kept him alive with a defibrillator on standby until the ambulance arrived.

Great job! Should we now call them Health and Safety Officers?

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UWA fig treet


All those people who were critical of the City of Fremantle removing some of the unhealthy Moreton Bay fig trees from Kings Square might want to learn from what happened at the University of Western Australia, where a huge branch of the iconic  86-year-old Moreton Bay ‘wedding tree’ collapsed, thankfully not injuring or killing anyone.

Imagine if this had happened while there was a wedding ceremony or wedding photos taken. Imagine Fremantle Council leaving the Christmas Tree standing and a branch collapsing onto the new planned children’s playground!

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The ‘shaving’ of the limestone cliff face at Fremantle’s Arthur’s Head is finished but it appears it has not been done properly as yesterday at lunchtime a 30 centimetre rock and other smaller ones fell down onto the bush path near the dual bike/walk way.

A local Little High street resident and I decided to re-erect two of the discarded signs to stop people from walking along there as it clearly is a public safety hazard.

Can someone at the City of Fremantle please urgently attend to this matter as the officer in charge is on a five week holiday!

Roel Loopers

UPDATE! Just received a text message at 4.15pm from City of Fremantle CEO Phil St John that they are checking the cliff face this afternoon. Good work CoF!


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The shaving of the Arthur’s Head cliff face started today while the erection of the protective walk way at the Whalers Tunnel continued.

The City of Fremantle had received expert advise that there was danger of rock fall and closed the tunnel and the dual use path, but all should be back to normal by tomorrow.

The pedestrian/cycle path will reopen late afternoon on Friday and the tunnel will reopen on Saturday morning.

Roel Loopers



Whalers Tunnel


Work is under way at the historic Fremantle Whalers Tunnel to provide safe passage for visitors to Arthur’s Head.

The danger of rock fall forced the City of Fremantle to close the tunnel three weeks ago but it will reopen again this week.

The rock face on the east end will be shaved off and the bicycle/pedestrian path will reopen also this week.

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The historic Fremantle Whalers Tunnel below the Roundhouse will reopen late this week. Work on the Arthur’s Head limestone cliff face will be done on Thursday and the foot/cycle path will open later that day.

Temporary scaffolding will extend the tunnel on the beach side to protect people from rock fall, until more permanent work has been done.

Roel Loopers.






It looks like the Fremantle Whalers Tunnel below the historic Roundhouse and the foot/bicycle path along Arthur’s Head will reopen in a couple of weeks.

City of Fremantle officer Daniel Sharp told me that they will shave off the dangerous corner near the retaining wall along the path soon and also build scaffolding to extend the Whalers Tunnel on the beach side, so that any rockfall would not endanger people walking or cycling through the tunnel.

Together with the State Heritage Office Fremantle City is looking for more permanent solutions to the chronic problem of erosion and rockfall danger.

Roel Loopers


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I want to keep you all updated about the asbestos scare at the former Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street, so here the media release from the City of Fremantle:

The demolition of the former Workers Club on Henry Street in Fremantle will remain suspended after testing revealed asbestos was present on the site.

The City of Fremantle ordered the suspension of the works yesterday following community concerns about the demolition practices on the site and its proximity to the Lance Holt Primary School.

Testing conducted yesterday showed there was no asbestos present in samples of dust and materials taken from the school.

However, City of Fremantle Chief Executive Officer Phillip St John said testing of samples taken from the demolition site showed some asbestos was present.

“We took four solid samples of rubble from the site, of which two were positive for asbestos and two were negative. Soil samples from the site were also negative,” Mr St John said.

“The demolition permit issued to the developers by the City of Fremantle includes specific conditions around dust suppression and the safe removal of asbestos.

“Work on the site will remain suspended until the City is satisfied those conditions are being met.”

The material is contained to the site and poses no risk to the general public.


Roel Loopers



Late yesterday afternoon the test results by ENVIROLAB came back that the soil at the Fremantle Workers Club in Henry Street contains asbestos.

Earlier in the day the City of Fremantle notified residents that no asbestos had been found in samples from the Lance Holt School which is opposite the former club.

It is advisable for parents who drop off their children on foot or bike today to enter Henry Street from Phillimore Street so that they don’t have to walk past the development site. Better to be sure than to be sorry!

It is remarkable that the developers, who have shown documentation that they did asbestos checks in January, have not taken more care and that the asbestos was only discovered now because the community went public on social media with it. Everyone knows that older buildings in Fremantle are very likely to contain asbestos, so why not take extreme care, especially opposite a primary school, and double check.

Questions we would like to see answered: Why were soil samples not taken before? How much of the soil has been disturbed and for how long? Will the City of Fremantle take legal action against the developers?

Roel Loopers


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fool's paradise


Planet Earth is a fools’ paradise and Fremantle is not exempt from that as some people are just too stupid for their own good.

Some idiots have pushed aside the fencing that stops people from walking or cycling below the Arthur Head cliff face at the Roundhouse, and I photographed these two fellows at midday today.

The closure of that stretch is due to the danger of rock fall, so it is all about the health and safety of the public and best to not ignore it.

Roel Loopers

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