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South Beach court


The official opening of the Fremantle South Beach basketball court this afternoon reminds me of my history shooting hoops with US army and airforce GIs, who were stationed en masse in Germany to keep the cold war out of the west.

I was the white dwarf among the mainly black giants, but had a huge leap that impressed, to the point that I invented the HoolaHoop, a movement where I made a 360 rotation while leaping in the air and slam dunking the ball.

Sports writers of the Nuremberg newspapers soon named it the RoelaHoop after me because no one else managed to perfect the movement.

Even OJ Simpson’s defence team used the RoelaHoop as an explanation for OJ’s erratic ┬ábehaviour, claiming that the basketball superstar had tried to perfect the RH movement literally thousands of times a week and that had caused extreme dizziness and brain damage.

That might also explain my erratic behaviour and this fictional story because I have never shot a hoop in my life. ; >)

BUT….. I am really looking forward to the grand opening between 4.30-7.30 pm today with entertainment and food trucks and the kiosk will stay open later as well.

Come shoot a hoop with our Freo Councillors, have some fun on the beautiful blue court and watch the sun set.

See you there!

Roel Loopers



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The proposal for a basketball court at Fremantle’s South Beach, just west of the kiosk and toilet block will no doubt be controversial as it would take away a small part of the grassed area while nearby residents are concerned about the noise of bouncing balls.

I have heard the argument that not even 2 per cent of the population engages in basketball, but not catering for that minority group could well set a precedent. If governments only catered for majority groups we would have a pretty unequal kind of governance, and look at it on the bright side; put together all minority groups and they would most likely be the majority.

Youth culture is very important and so is the amenity and peace of local residents and visitors to South Beach. Putting a basketball court in the parking area would bring it closer to residents, and putting it west of the kiosk would again receive criticism for reducing green space in Fremantle. Who wants to be a Councillor, hey!

Roel Loopers

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