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Posted in fremantle, hospitality, retail by freoview on July 31, 2015

Nice to see a new bookshop moving into the Fremantle High Street mall. Books4Less is setting up shop and will open soon.

Down the road on the Cappuccino Strip the move I announced some weeks ago is happening and Sandrino’s is moving into the former SOHO premises and are leaving the Market Street location behind Ginos’s, reportedly because of a high increase in rent there.

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rain drops

I am happy because my favourite weather pattern happened. It bucketed down with rain overnight but at daytime the sun is shining and I can finally go for a long walk without getting soaking wet.

On my first short walk from groceries shopping I took this photo in Fremantle’s Pakenham Street. It’s a reflection on the roof of a car.

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Fremantle resident, and my neighbour, Leanne McKenzie will be flying a 5000 km time trial from Esperance to Hamilton Island to raise funds for the ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE. Leanne started flying lessons only four years ago and will fly a Cessna Cardinal single engine. The trial will take twelve days and starts on August 23, stopping at Birdsville, Alice Springs and on the Nullarbor at Forrest, then flying back vial Kununurra and Broome.

Before she flies off Leanne will be at the RFDS fundraising dinner at Lamont’s in Cottesloe. Tickets at $ 85 are still available for that so call Leanne on 0419 041 467 to book them. Kate Lamont will be there and her partner and wine expert John Jens will be serving some great wines, including premier cru burgundies.

If you can’t go to the dinner but still like to donate to the fundraiser please do call Leanne. The RFDS is a vital service to the country people, especially in the remote areas.

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The Winter Garden Festival at the Fremantle Esplanade park is all but gone but it looks like we’ll have to live with the aftermath for quite some time looking at the state of the grass surface. It is a proper mess and this is what it looked like mid morning today Friday.

What amazes me most is that heavy vehicles have been allowed on the newly planted grass and already damaged it. Surely they new areas could have been protected and fenced off from traffic instead of allowing the wastage of ratepayers’ money.

A little bit of forward thinking and planning is all that was required and some officers get paid very well to actually do that.

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Posted in fremantle, market by freoview on July 30, 2015

The fantastically comfortable Fremantle GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET will be celebrating its fifth birthday this Sunday with a big market that has got just about everything, so make sure not to muss it.

There will be live entertainment, facepainting and a touch animal farm and so many yummy things to buy for home but also to sit down and have breakfast and soak up the community spirit.

The Growers Green is my favourite market, so I’ll drop by to have a coffee and buy some fruit and vegies.

The markets is open from 8 am till midday and is at the South Fremantle Senior High School on Lefroy Road.

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I am sure many business owners will shake their head and many workers and students will be pretty livid that the City of Fremantle has increased the daily parking fees for the Esplanade carpark near the Youth Plaza by a whopping 25% from $ 8.00 per day to $ 10.00 per day.

One can assume that this means that other carparks around the city have gone up by that much as well.

Perceived lack of parking and the expense of parking in Fremantle have been a community concern for a long time and retailers have complained that shoppers stay away because of it, so who in their right mind would increase parking fees during a time of economic instability and the mining industry on the bones of its arse? It’s mind blowing!

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The Fremantle Blinco Street Cafe is in the Fibonacci Centre and a wee bit off the beaten track and tourist walks, so keep it in mind when you want something different and special. It is a lovely place and the coffee and food is goos and it just got a nice feel about it, so give yourself, your family and your friends a special treat soon!

Here a message from owner Stephanie Hendricks:

Dear friends and family on my Facebook-sphere.
Some of you may know of my lastest venture opening Blinco Street Cafe in January this year, so if you are in need of a humble feed with good coffee in a funky artsy venue or know of people travelling to Perth/Fremantle please send them my way!

We’ve got the occasional music gigs, poetry nights and workshops (yoga, pilates, ukulele) so something for everyone! The staff are needing new people to meet!!

Work your magic Facebook! If you could LIKE, SHARE and all that social media goodness to our page below that would be wonderfully appreciated! x
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I feel a bit like a proud father about this news as I have known Fremantle based Shari Hutchison since she was just one year old. I also had the privilege looking after her often while she was at Fremantle Primary School, taking her to hockey and swim training, doing homework with her and introducing her to German Vienna sausages and Dutch Pradera cheese, so it is great to hear about this fantastic achievement by her. Shari is a delightful and very beautiful and intelligent young woman with a lovely personality, so I could not be happier for her.

Here the media release from ScreeWest:

ScreenWest is pleased to announce Western Australian Indigenous producer Shari Hutchison has been selected as Kath Shelper’s producer attachment on the ABC television series Black Comedy Series 2, and is now on location in Sydney NSW.

Ms Hutchison is shadowing Ms Shelper (Samson & Delilah, Ruben Guthrie) throughout the series’ production. She will spend approximately 10 weeks with Ms Shelper for pre-production and filming.

Produced by Scarlett Pictures, Black Comedy is a sketch comedy show by Blackfellas…for everyone. The series features an ensemble cast of Indigenous writers and performers, and special guest cameo appearances.

Ms Shelper said the Scarlett Pictures production team are thrilled to have Ms Hutchison on board.

“The well-rounded skill set that Shari brings to the production is a bonus, and we hope that we are able to give her experience and insights into the production of sketch comedy for television in a professional environment,” she said.

“Shari will hopefully take some morsels of wisdom with her back to WA and plenty of contacts within the Indigenous community in particular.”

Ms Hutchison’s producer attachment is in keeping with the 2016 – 2020 ScreenWest Indigenous Screen Strategy, which aims to fast-track the development of Indigenous key creatives and support them over the long term with mentoring by experienced, high-quality professionals.

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Posted in fremantle ports, western australia by freoview on July 29, 2015

An article in today’s WEST AUSTRALIAN shows again that piecemeal planning nowadays must be part of the job description for governments. The West reports that a draft submission in 2012 by the WA State Government to Infrastructure Australia states that Fremantle Port could not grow unless a new bridge was built.

The idea was to build a new combined road and rail bridge to replace the old traffic bridge, which the report said was critically unsafe, and leave Stirling Bridge to cater for truck based freight to the port. The report stated that optimal capacity of the port would be reached by 2022.

The West reports that Transport Minister Dean Nalder claims the risks of using the old traffic bridge had been addressed by a $ 20 million project that put steel and concrete bollards downstream from the bridge, to prevent ships running into it, and by strengthening and reinforcing the old bridge. Yes Minister!

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The City of Fremantle full Council meeting tonight has many interesting items, such as the Cantonment Hill and Princess May Park masterplans on the agenda, and also the City’s submission to the State Government on the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million directions.

There are many people who questioned the need for the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million document when the government only launched its Directions 2031 four years ago. That document directed local councils to increase infill-higher density- development near train stations and along transit corridors, without guidance or support on how to do it, so it has achieved very little.

In 2014 the residential development fill in stood at 28% and the Directions 2031 wanted an increase to 47%, but we are not even close to that target in the metropolitan area where it stands at only 30%. Fremantle is one of the highest achievers with a 36% infill rate.

Part of the problem has been that the State Government has simply demanded a fill in increase without  showing local governments how to achieve it and there has been lack of support for integrated planning with State agencies unwilling to increase public transport services to potential infill locations. It’s the chicken and egg thing where local governments want the State to introduce the services before they start infill development while the State expects the development to go ahead without committing to increasing old or implementing new services such as lightrail and or rapid bus transport.

What amazes me about all these plans, ideas and directions is a severe lack of reality at all levels of government and by so called planning experts. On TV yesterday opposition against the extension of a large northern suburb shopping centre was vocal, with overflow parking in residential streets being a problem, so yet another ‘expert’ voiced her opinion that shopping centres should be built near train stations. Ooops! I though State Government wanted mainly residential infill near train stations, so not sure how very large-scale shopping precincts would be incorporated within those plans.

There is also naivety about suggesting shopping centres near train stations as it would be near impossible to do so along the Fremantle to Perth and Armadale line where shopping centres would destroy the older residential suburbs to an unrecognisable mess and severely impact on the character and lifestyle.

Let us look at the practicality of shopping centres near railway stations. Why is it IKEA, BIG W, The GOOD GUYS, HARVEY NORMAN, etc. are not near railway stations but next to large parking areas? Because people will not buy a huge flatscreen TV, new computer, washing machine, etc. and take it home on the train. They want to put it in their car or on the back of the ute and that is why shopping centres near railway stations only could be what we already have; highstreets. Sadly highstreets have lost popularity and people flock to sterile shopping centres instead.

Long and short term city planning needs to receive a severe injection of reality. The naive dreamers and unrealistic placemakers should take a cold shower or direct their creativity toward making surreal art, because city planning needs to be about achievable outcomes.

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