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Posted in fremantle, religion, sydney, terrorism by freoview on December 16, 2014

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It is incredibly sad what happened at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney last night, but this is the time for Australia to reflect, embrace and support, not condemn or judge. This is a time to delight about the freedom and peace in this country and the great acceptance and tolerance we have shown to all who come here. This is not a time to reject minority groups because of their culture or religion and it is essential to acknowledge that the crazy actions of a misguided individual are just that and not a reflection on any religious groups.

The Twitter action #illridewithyou is a fantastic example of how we can show intolerant fanatics that Australia will not accept their attitude and that we will not react with racism. Today is a day where we all should smile at and say hello to a Muslim person on the street. It is also a day to realise we cannot take life for granted and where we should make sure to tell the ones we care for that we love them, because even only going to work or a cafe can mean one will not return.

I feel deeply for the families of the victims and I feel for the police people who will also have to live with the trauma. There are many victims after terrorist events like the one in Sydney, so let’s show support and understanding.

Today is a day where we should all be so grateful that we live in the lucky country, a country of freedom, hope and prosperity, a country where we stick together when things get tough and where tolerance will defeat zealousness.

It will be hard to simply continue with life, even here in Fremantle, some 4000 kilometres away from Sydney, because what happened has touched us all, but life goes on and we need to move forward from here. We are all in this together.

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