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Parry 1

Parry 2


Finally a building application for Fremantle that passes my visual beauty test.

The plans for a four-storey mixed-use development at 18-26 Parry Street look pretty cool and different to me.

It will be tourist and residential apartment accommodation and cafe.

Check it all out at Have Your Say on the City of Fremantle website.

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South Ward voting


Andrew Sullivan won the Fremantle South Ward local government by-election and will return to his seat at Fremantle Council.

Sullivan received 50% of the votes and got 856 votes, while the two other candidates also got 50% of the vote; Marija Vujcic 608 and Chris Williams 248. Nine votes were invalid.

Voter participation was around 44 % so that is fairly good.

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The Fremantle South Ward by-election will be decided today after the unforgivable blunder by the WA Electoral Commission.

It is the last day today for voters in the ward to cast their vote at the Fremantle Townhall till 6pm. Votes will be counted straight after that, so we will know by 7pm if Andrew Sullivan retained his seat or if one of the two other candidates comes over the line first.

It was interesting to hear on SBS this week that voters in the Netherlands are turning  away from mainstream political parties, with more and more people voting for candidates representing local parties for their local governments, while in WA there appears to be the trend of the big political parties becoming more interested in local government politics.

VOTE! It’s a privilege and duty!

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The new Cappuccino Strip carpark on the former Stan Reilly site near Fremantle Hospital and Fremantle Oval is scheduled to open early April.

Bitumen made of recycled road milling is being put down at present. It will capture rain water run off that will be used to water the water-wise plants.

There will be 156 car bays which will be lit at night by solar lighting, and there are also electric car charging bays.

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The Fremantle South Ward by-election will be decided this coming Friday Mach 16, so if you have not sent in your ballot paper yet do it now!

You can also drop off the envelope at the City of Fremantle reception at Fremantle Oval till Thursday and on Friday at the Townhall till 6pm when votes will be counted.

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The application for a 75 patron small bar at Leighton Beach Boulevard was deferred by the Fremantle Planning Committee last night because the public consultation had been inadequate and needs to be redone.

Members of the public who bought apartments in the new buildings were irate that the public consultation period had been done over Christmas when most property owners only moved into their new homes in mid January and did not know about the bar application, which they believe will negatively impact on their lifestyle and comfort.

Councillors agreed that it was not fair so a new public consultation period will be set by the officers, so that more owners can put submissions to council.

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The musical chairs with faulty microphones at last night’s Fremantle Planning Committee was embarrassing and not acceptable.

Microphones were either not working or spluttering and stuttering so that the packed public gallery had real difficulty understanding what was said by Councillors and staff. Councillors were swapping microphones but mostly it did no good. One applicant came forward after his application had been approved with an amendment to find out what the outcome was because he could not hear anything.

This is the third time in the North Fremantle hall that the sound system did not work properly and that is pathetic. We can fly to the moon but the City of Fremantle can’t get the sound right in a small community hall? Very unprofessional!

I get better sound on Skype talking to my sister in the Netherlands, so the CEO needs to make absolutely sure that the sound system is repaired or replaced before the next council meeting.

Just put two speaker boxes in the hall and rotate roving microphones among the councillors and staff so that those who attend the public meetings can actually hear the deliberations by our elected members.

What happened last night was just not good enough and was unfair to the Minutes Secretary who tried to deal with a problem that required a sound technician.

Oooooooooooooh Freo!

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South Street


Councillors believed there was a lot to like about this quite intriguing design for the development of the eyesore site on the corner of South Street and Hampton Road in South Fremantle, but it was just a little bit too much for the Planning Committee of Fremantle Council, so they deferred their decision in the hope that Hillam Architects will be able to reduce the height and plot ratio of the building.

Councillors agreed that there was a lot to like about the application but it was above the R80 code for the area and that was not acceptable to them.

I must admit I sometimes don’t understand how planning and R Codes work and why Fremantle Council supports second dwellings and tiny houses on relatively small blocks, but why an excellent modern design like this along Hampton Road is not allowed to push the envelope just a little bit, when just before Councillors approved a fifth storey on a four-storey site at Henderson Street.

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H 1

H 2

H 3


The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council last night recommended for approval by the WA JDAP the development of a five-storey hotel, restaurant, tavern and shops at the heritage listed Henderson Street Police and Justice complex and Warders Cottages by Fremantle’s Silverleaf Investments.

The Fremantle Society was concerned that five storeys on the site did not fit in with the City’s own criteria, but planning staff and Councillors had a different opinion.

It was agreed that further work needed to be done on dealing with the noise of the future live music venue of the Drillhall, but the overall concept was welcomed by the elected members and officers.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said it was a good outcome and Councillor Dave Hume said it was a really good outcome and good interpretation of the historic site, and the access way through the development from Henderson to Parry streets was excellent.

Councillor Adin Lang said he had given it a lot of consideration and while the sightlines might impact somewhat the development showcases what is inside the old buildings. We are lucky we don’t have the site empty for ten years as was the case with the Warders Cottages, Lang said.

Councillor Ingrid Waltham said it was a fantastic adaptive re-use of the convict precinct and a good outcome.

The City’s heritage architect Alan Kelsall said the additional fifth storey allows the developers to have a minimal impact on the heritage buildings. “The benefit on the heritage buildings out weights the impact of the higher building.”

The deciding authority for the $10 million development is the state’s Joint Development Assessment Panel.

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Bathers Beach tourism 1

Bathers Beach tourism 2


Fremantle’s hidden gem Bathers Beach has a nice new long sign at Fleet Street to welcome tourists.

This little beach has a lot of potential but requires that Council walks the talk and actually supports the activation of Bathers Beach by putting public toilets  there.

In a perfect world the boardwalk should be extended all the way to J Shed, but at least new lights should be installed along the path from J Shed to Kidogo Arthouse, and they need  to be taller as the present low solar lights get vandalised regularly and that is becoming costly.

While the Leighton, Port and South beaches are packed with people Bathers Beach remains under utilised. One only ever sees a handful of people sun baking and swimming there, so the numbers need to increase to help the activation of Arthur’s Head and the historic West End.


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