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The City of Fremantle has cancelled the Sunday Christmas Carols on South Beach due to the weather forecast of a big storm front coming through on Sunday afternoon and into Monday.

It is unlikely it can be rescheduled so unfortunately we’ll miss out this year.


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Carols at South Beach


The City of Fremantle CAROLS ON SOUTH BEACH was a great success last year and is on again this Sunday December 17.

The entertainment starts at 7pm just as the sun goes down but food trucks will be at the beach from 5pm and there will be pop-up entertainment and fairies, and of course Santa.

Bring a picnic and blanket and chill out with the family for a lovely night of community spirit to celebrate the festive season.

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Give yourselves a pat on the back Freo!

The National Hotel/BID Long Table Dinner raised a whopping $ 85,000.00 for St Patrick’s. That is sublime!

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The last Fremantle Network meeting of the year is on tonight at 6pm upstairs at the National Hotel with two speakers.

Dean Cracknell  of Town Team Movement

The Town Team Movement is an ‘under-arching’ non-profit organisation helping town teams to organise, engage and empower their communities and create better places.
Town teams are a model where businesses, residents, community groups and local governments work collaboratively to create great places. The teams are: independent; not politically aligned; and a positive voice and influence in their community.
Each team has slightly different priorities and focuses, but all share these principles.
There are currently 18 town teams in Perth and this number is growing quickly! Dean is a local resident who is keen to help this grassroots movement to grow and flourish in Fremantle.

Maureen Maher of Street by Street

Street by Street is a national project that aims to turn streets into communities and foster an Australia-wide network of neighbour groups. Maureen has been involved in a neighbourhood group in Hilton and wants other neighbourhoods to benefit from the initiative.
A strong sense of community, where you know the people that live near you, share experiences and help one another, makes life is richer. But for many neighbourhoods, this type of connection isn’t happening naturally.
The Street by Street Project helps people build better connections with neighbours, so that more of us can feel a sense of community. They see regular, informal social get-togethers as the pathway to creating community and are working for connected communities to become the norm across Australia, and for people to feel happier, safer and more supported as a result.


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The controversial changes to the Hampton Road/Scott Street intersection in South Fremantle will come before Fremantle Council this Wednesday.

Community consultation with local residents and businesses conducted by Freo City concluded that:

  • Most people (65%) said they preferred the option proposing to move the school crossing 50 metres south of its current location, reinstate access for vehicles turning right into Scott Street from Hampton Road and move the bus stop a few metres north (Option 1).
  • The most common reasons for preferring option 1 were less congestion at the intersection of Hampton and Lloyd Streets, eliminating dangerous traffic conditions and inconvenience for motorists experienced since the temporary median installed in March 2107, and addresses increased traffic in neighbouring streets, also experienced since the introduction of the trial.
  • 15% of people said they would prefer to formalise the temporary traffic treatment at the Hampton Road and Scott Street intersection (Option 2). Most people who preferred Option 2 felt it was safer for pedestrians because it has stopped cars using the bus lane.
  • 20% of people didn’t support either option. The most common suggestion was to install traffic lights with a signalised pedestrian crossing at the intersection.


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Warders 2


The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council last night recommended for approval by JDAP the development of a boutique hotel, tavern and restaurant at the Henderson Street  historic Warders Cottages next to the Fremantle Markets.

The development is valued at $ 3.5 million and the application will be decided by the WA Joint Development Assessment Panel on December 16.

Fremantle Society President John Dowson said hotel accommodation was a good outcome for the cottages, but questioned the size of the tavern and heritage issues such as a two storey walkway at the back of the cottages, which is contrary to heritage policy.

Dowson was justifiably outraged when he spoke again later in the evening that none of the Councillors had mentioned heritage considerations when they deliberated the proposal.

It was good to see Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge reaching out to the Fremantle Society president, as all Councillors and planning and heritage staff should be doing, because the Society has been very influential for over forty years in protecting Fremantle’s heritage.

Without the interference and protests of FS Fremantle would not have become the tourist attraction it now is, as many of our heritage buildings in the West End would have been demolished, and so would have Victoria Hall.

About eight years ago the Society published an nine-page flyer, which I wrote, in which it was recommended that developers and Council engage the Fremantle Society as early as possible when proposing new development, to avoid frustrating delays and negativity. No one ever took up that offer and it is time for Fremantle Council to revisit that and collaborate more and better with FS and other relevant community groups.

The chair of the new Westport task force was adamant a few weeks ago that only when all stakeholders are engaged and consulted a new outer harbour and all relevant infrastructure will get the best outcomes and community acceptance, and Fremantle City needs to move that way as well and reach out to community groups like FS, instead of dismissing them as NIMBY or negative old farts who are against change.

During the recent election Mayor Brad Pettitt and other elected members acknowledged that community consultation in Fremantle needed to be improved, and the administration is also working toward it, so Councillors need to meet regularly with the Fremantle Society and other groups, so we can work all together for a better and modern Fremantle.

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Have your say


The City of Fremantle is keen to get community feedback about how they communicate with the residents and ratepayers, to find out what is working and where Freo City can improve.

When you fill out the communications survey you have the chance to win some great prizes, including a double pass to the Fremantle Falls Festival, a Fremantle Arts Centre art course or a $100 voucher at Strange Company.

What information would you like to receive from CoF? How can they make better use of social media? How do you find navigating the City’s website?

The City of Fremantle is keen to do a better job of communication and this survey is the community’s chance to shape the approach.

Give your feedback on-line at:  or pick up a survey from the library or the customer service desk.

The survey closes on Friday 19 January 2018



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Not many people who enjoyed themselves tonight at the Fremantle Long Table Dinner in historic High Street would understand the logistics of making the stunning event work.

To feed 800 people is a huge challenge at any given time, but doing it on the street, from different kitchens and with many volunteers, now that is amazing!

Karl Bullers of the National Hotel, the BID team, all the volunteers, and God knows who else was involved in organising this outstanding evening, all should receive the Fremantle Citizen of the Year award. You guys are truly amazing and deserve so much gratitude from the community!!

To do all this to support St Pats and the homeless and needy people is what Christmas should be all about and you all made it a reality. Thank you so much!!

Freo leading the way yet again!


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The North Fremantle Sports Club at John Street is holding a PIZZAS and POOCHES night this Thursday, November 30.

Enjoy great wood fired pizzas by Jamel with your four-legged best friend and other friends and family.

The club bar will be open to support the local sports clubs and pizzas are $ 20.00.

It’s on from 5.30-8pm.


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The announcement by the City of Perth that it will extend next year’s Australia Day celebrations to a four-day long weekend shows that the City of Fremantle is on the right track with its changes to the national holiday.

The scrapping of the fireworks in Fremantle last year was controversial, and unfortunately the debate about it became political and sometimes racist for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, there could have been better community consultation, especially with the business community, but from experience we know that community consultations can drag on forever and not necessarily create the best outcomes. Leadership is about making tough decisions, in the knowledge one will never ever please everyone in the community.

Perth now wants fireworks on New Year’s Eve as well, which I consider a huge waste of money. Why have two firework displays just 26 days apart, or will they also walk away from the Australia Day firework display?

But I would love to see the Fremantle ONE DAY event extended and also have a night feature. Projections, laser show, lit-up floats at Bathers Bay, etc.

I would prefer it if BID spend the business money and energy on creating an evening event, instead of supporting only the Fishing Boat Harbour traders and share the cost of the Australia Day fireworks.

Fact is that most shops were already closed well before the spectators for the fireworks turned up, so there was little benefit for other traders, while the One Day event started in the afternoon when shops are still open.

Fremantle is different from Perth and other cities and I support the consideration for our indigenous people who call Australia Day Invasion Day, so let’s move on together, as other councils around the nation are now also doing.

Historically January 26 means nothing to Western Australia as the Britih had not even settled on this side of the country when the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay, so the date is only significant to New South Wales.

Like Perth, let’s celebrate Australia over the long weekend, until our politicians change the date to a more appropriate one that does not upset our indigenous friends.

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