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The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will this Wednesday deliberate about a new license for the South Beach Sunset Markets and an Expression of Interest period for new operators to engage in a competitive process to run the markets after the license of Georgie Adeane expires at the end of this season.

Georgie Adeane had the idea and started the markets on Bathers Beach in 2012 but was forced to move the already very popular market to South Beach in 2015 after the opening of the Bathers Beach House and a larger lease area for Kidogo Art House.

The markets attracts on average 5,000 people on every Saturday in summer between 5-9pm.

The City has invested $ 30,000 per year in the markets by providing free bins and paying part of the cost for generators, but now wants the next license to be an Events Agreement, not a License Agreement and the operators paying $ 95,154 per year, which would be reduced by 50% for three years.

The markets run for approximately 18 times a year, depending on weather conditions, with about 40 stalls, that reportedly pay $ 300 each to Georgie Adeane for being allowed to participate.

I personally find the competitive policy by the City of Fremantle rather strange as it punishes successful operators who do all the hard work to establish a new event or business, but once they have made it an attraction the City forces them to compete for a lincense with other interested parties, who can simply steal the intellectual copyright of the idea of the initial operator and reap all the benefits of all the hard work that was done in the first years to try to establish the business. Maybe Council could include a goodwill clause, so in case Georgie Adeane is not the new license holder she will receive a payout for making the markets such a popular event in Fremantle.

It is rather peculiar that the City’s competitive policy did not apply two months ago for a new lease for the public golf course, or that it never applies to Gino’s for example, so there appears to be a worrying inconsistency here that question the integrity of the policy.

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The ‘all new’ FREO FARMERS MARKET is on this Sunday and every Sunday of the year from 8am till noon at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road.

Go support our local growers and producers, have breakfast, lunch, fun, catch up with friends, listen to live music, and all that under the shade of many beautiful trees.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After an early heavy shower the sun came out just in time for the popular Fremantle Ports Maritime Day, so here a slide show of the photos I took of it.

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The North Fremantle Primary School is having an Open Day this Sunday from 10am till 12 noon, so it is a very short ‘open day’ and more an open lunchtime event.

It coincides with the annual North Freo Cake Bake, so enjoy the cakes and coffee and all the fun.

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The Sunday Growers Green Farmers Market at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road will have a big name and brand change this weekend and will be known from then on as the FREO FARMERS MARKET, which makes a lot of sense.

Along with the name change there are new stalls starting up at the market and there will be a birthday marquee that can be reserved for celebrations with cakes ordered directly from the cake stall at the market. New picnic mats for breakfast goers, changes in the layout, and that the market will now be open every Sunday all year round. The regular break at Christmas time has been voted out by the farmers and foodies in favour of keeping the market open in order to supply locals with fruit, veg, eggs, breads, fish and meats over the holiday season. It is peak stone fruit time so being a seasonal market they need to take advantage of this time of year.

Freo Farmers Market gives a free stall every week to a Not-for-profit/ community groups and the phone has been running hot for Christmas market stall bookings. Stalls this Christmas season include Rocky Bay, Hilton Harvest, John Curtin Art Students, End Poverty charity in Nepal, with locals are keen to support their groups by volunteering to run stalls.

There are over 50 stalls every Sunday, including 7 Fruit and vegetable stalls, 15 breakfast stalls, 3 bread, 2 coffee and honey, seafood, organic meat, cakes, flowers, massage, artisans, dog food, tea, and the return of the hairdresser provide a shopping alternative away from the sterile supermarkets and support local business’s and families.

Cup stations, plastic free shopping and face to face chats with the farmers, creators and makers have created an atmosphere of a friendly, healthy and inclusive community that reflects the Freo spirit.

Children’s childhood memories are bright at Freo Farmers Market with activities such as Farmer Damian’s Moomobile, Ariane’s Craft workshops, and Ladybird Entertainment with Fairy Sandie’s face painting. Live music showcases some of Freo’s best talents, new talents.

See you at the FREO FARMERS MARKET this Sunday!

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The OPEN DAY ON WRAY is still on until 4pm today so go and browse around the shops, have coffee and a meal or try out the sausages at Frank the butcher, or try on a bikini or other bathers at Luce Del Sol with the lovely owner and my mate and former neighbour Natalie.

There was dancing in the yard at Galati&Son.

It’s all fun with live music, face painting, etc. just down from Fremantle Hospital.


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That lovely little hub at Wray Avenue is holding an Open Day this Saturday where traders will all come out onto the street and there are activities as well, so wander over, or hop on your bike and support the local traders there.

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Fremantle Council said goodbye to three Councillors last night, who did not nominate for the Local Government Election. Councillors Ingrid Waltham, Jeff McDonald and Dave Hume all attended their last council meeting as elected members and they admitted having mixed emotions about that.

Three other Councillors are fighting to retain their seat with Rachel Pemberton in City Ward, Jon Strachan in South Ward and Bryn Jones in North Ward waiting for the election results on October 19, which is this coming Saturday.

Voter participation in Fremantle has increased a bit and is now on average just over 30%, but that is still disappointingly low.

South Ward is leading with a 39.29% participation at close of business last night, and Hilton comes second with 35.97%, followed by City Ward with 33.31%.

All departing Councillors deserve a huge gratitude from the community because they were willing to step up. We might not always have agreed with the decisions they made but they made them with integrity and what is best for Fremantle at heart.

After Saturday there will be at least three new Councillors in Fremantle, but my gut feeling is that there will be at least four and probably five new ones. Time will tell and I’ll report the election results by about 8.30pm this Saturday here on Freo’s View.

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There is something hypocritical about people complaining about local councils, and demanding more and better community consultation, when seven out of ten people in Fremantle can’t even bother to vote at the Local Government Election, and most of them don’t come to precinct or community consultation events either.

One only has to look at what one of the two South Ward candidates is promising. She will get rid off the speedhumps along South Terrace, but they were installed after lengthy and thorough community consultation. The same candidate also promises that she will only do what the community wants, so how can she get rid of the speedhumps when traffic calming was demanded by the South Fremantle community she wants to represent?

Recent comments to this blog demand consultation about mural art on public and private buildings, but how could we even believe to get consensus on what is good and appropriate art for a building and a street when our tastes are so different? And how many people would in reality take part in that process? Probably just a handful, as history shows.

In City Ward a former Councillor wants parking fee reductions when he is well aware that this populist promise is nonsense because parking revenue is important for Fremantle. If we have less income from parking fees and fines council rates might have to be increased, and no one would want to pay higher rates so that people from out of town and Notre Dame students can park cheaper and longer.

I already mentioned the ignorant nonsense of an East Ward candidate who claims Fremantle Council has done nothing about the impact the High Street Upgrade project by Mainroads will have on the public golf course, when the fact is that the City has engaged a team of architects and golf course designers, and also will build a new clubhouse and cafe on the border with Booyeembara Park.

The disappointing fact is that the majority of people in our community are not well informed about what goes on at Fremantle Council, so they are gullible to believe just about anything, and that is why some wannabe councillors engage in negativity and make accusations not based on facts, and make promises they won’t be able to keep.

Democracy is a two-way road and if you decide not to participate in the process you really have no legs to stand on when you complain about the council you get. And don’t forget that a single candidate will not be able to change anything unless they get the support of other councillors.

Taking unrealistic promises and false accusations with a huge grain of salt is a sensible way of dealing with election campaigns.

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I am disappointed that the vast majority of the Fremantle community is not voting at the local government election. The numbers of the returned ballot papers is very low and the last chance to post your vote is next week Tuesday as the votes  have to be at the City by Friday October 18. Counting will start at 6pm on October 19.

So far only 19.04% have voted in East Ward, 24.21% in City Ward, 27.20% in South Ward, 20.82% in North Ward, 25.64% in Hilton and 22.33% in Beaconsfield.

So where are all those social media keyboard warriors who blast Fremantle Council so often and have quick fixes for everything? Where are all those ‘engaged’ community members who believe that Fremantle Council is called Brad, and where are all those ‘engaged’ eligible voters who too often fail to inform themselves when criticising what goes on in Fremantle?

If you want improvement you need to vote! If you want to kick out sitting members you have to vote! If you want sitting members to retain their seat on council you have to vote! Not voting is not an option.

It is not good enough to have strong opinions about your local councils in cafes and pubs and at the computer keyboard, when you can’t be bothered to fill out your ballot papers. It really is lazy and pathetic!

There will be at least three new Councillors after the election, in Hilton, Beaconsfield and East Ward, so if you want to shake up Freo Council this is a good year for it. If you are happy with the direction Fremantle Council has taken and you want to continue with a progressive council that is pro development this is also an opportunity to let them know you believe they are on the right track.

How many people around the world envy us for being allowed to vote. How many women on the planet still have no voting rights, and how privileged should we consider ourselves to live in a democracy where we have a say in the destination of our country and can vote for our local, state and federal governments.

The duty and privilege of voting should fill us with pride. Do it today!

Roel Loopers

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