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Closed cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and shops are the norm in Fremantle during the Covid-19 restrictions, and many have started to offer take-away food at reduced prices.

A pharmacist sign states there are no face masks or hand sanitisers available, another sign reads that the cafe no longer accepts cash, while a backpackers warns that if social distancing rules are not adhered to a fine will apply.

It is hard to adapt to some of the changes and stand back from people when talking to them, but it has to be done. Things are already slightly improving in Australia, but that does not mean we should be getting complacent.

While there is real hardship out in the community, there is hope that this will be over a little bit sooner than anticipated, and hopefully lessons have been learned and we can move on to create an even better society.

Stay safe, Freo!

Roel Loopers


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I am trying to get a photographic record of the impact of Covid-19 in Fremantle when I go out on the street for exercise and fresh air, so here three more shots I took yesterday.

Roel Loopers


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If the relentless media information about the Covid-19 crisis still is not enough for you there is now a WA HOTLINE one can call. 132 68 43 or 13 COVID.

Feeling safe is as important as staying safe. Peace of mind means good mental health.

Roel Loopers


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Proper social distancing at Chalkys cafe

Closed cafes at the Cappuccino Strip

The Sail&Anchor

Fremantle Markets


I have always considered it part of my community duty as a professional photographer to record history. It is essential that we capture the good and bad of our times and our society, so especially now with the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic making our cities into ghost towns I want to capture what Fremantle looks like.

I will continue to do so, as long as I am allowed out on the streets, but will restrict it to two times a day only and not connect with people on the streets, but at a proper distance from them.

The WA Museum is looking for photos, stories, etc. that capture the coronavirus crisis in our cities. You can upload them here:

I took these photos where normally on Sunday mornings the cafes are full with people having breakfast, but the cafes, pubs and markets are closed.

In front of Chalkys cafe in the far West End of High street proper social distancing was adhered to by these cyclist.

Roel Loopers



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Assistance for Local Businesses, Clubs, Residents

The Town of East Fremantle has taken swift and decisive action today announcing a range of measures to assist local businesses, clubs and residents, thereby offsetting some of the financial pain caused by new restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

For Business and Clubs:
– Lease payments and fees and charges on Town-owned buildings for periodic users and assets are suspended for the next three months
– Waiving of all penalty interest, instalment interest and instalment admin charges for the balance of the financial year
– Food businesses providing take-away services will have no inspection fees
– Free access to business advisory services
– Refund all cancelled bookings
– Faster terms of payment for creditors

For our residents for 2020/2021 (next financial year):
– A zero per cent (0%) rate revenue increase
– A zero per cent (0%) increase in fees and charges
– A zero per cent (0%) increase in wages and salaries for Town staff

Those seeking details of these new measures and how their individual circumstances may be affected, should consult our website at or call 08 9339 9339 to speak to Town staff.

Now what will Fremantle Council do?


Roel Loopers


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Premier Mark McGowan just announced that Western Australia will close its borders from 1.30pm this Tuesday. Only essential services from interstate and overseas will be allowed in to bring goods that are needed in WA.

The government is also looking at making Rottnest Island into a quarantine centre for people who have to self-isolate.

While other states are closing all non essential businesses that is not-yet-happening in WA.

Police will enforce social-distancing space in hospitality venues, but people need to understand that this is a huge crisis, one we have not dealt with before, and that it is not just up to governments to do something about it, but to ALL of us!

Take responsibility for your own actions, look after friends, family and neighbours. Care and share!

Roel Looper



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I appears that many people are staying away from the streets as it was quiet in Fremantle on Saturday afternoon. The photo of the deserted High Street mall was taken at 3.30 pm and the photos of near empty Cicerello’s and Kailis at 3.45pm.

There was however still a large wedding gathering on the deck of Kidogo Arthouse, but it is probably unfair and impossible to cancel weddings on a day’s notice.

There were also some large tables full with people celebrating at the Bathers Beach House.

There was some serious social-distancing on the ocean though with sailing yachts far apart. In the past that would have been called winning a race. ; >)

But there is always beauty in life, so a nice cloud formation attracted my attention at the end of my walk.

Stay safe and healthy, Freo!


Roel Loopers



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The City of Fremantle is launching the Neighbour to Neighbour project aims to support communities at high risk of being impacted by the threats of COVID-19, including seniors, people with a disability, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and Indigenous people.

Neighbour to Neighbour encourages local residents to sign up and volunteer to help vulnerable people in their community with simple errands, including grocery shopping, dog walking, posting mail or simply checking in with a friendly phone call.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the Neighbour to Neighbour project was ultimately about connecting community and helping each other in a time of crisis.

“We understand that there are many people living independently who may not have family or friends nearby to help them during this challenging time,” Mayor Pettitt said.

Residents can fill out a short survey on the City’s website to register as a volunteer, and will then be put in direct contact with people in their neighbourhood requesting assistance.

In the coming days, City staff will also be contacting ratepayers aged over 70 via mail or telephone to touch base and offer assistance.

For more information about the Neighbour to Neighbour project and to sign up as a volunteer, visit the City’s website. The volunteer sign-up forms are also available in printed format and will be available across the community.

Roel Loopers


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The City of Fremantle has created a new page on its website to provide up-to-date information about its facilities and services as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

The new page – – provides advice on what events and services have been cancelled and what facilities and services remain open for business as usual.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the City was acting on the best advice from health authorities and doing its part to slow the spread of the disease and protect vulnerable people in the community.

“We are obviously in unchartered waters with COVID-19 and the situation is continuing to change very rapidly,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The City is taking regular advice from the state government about the risks of COVID-19 and what is required to slow its spread, and will make adjustments to our services and facilities in line with that advice.

“We are reviewing whether places like the Fremantle Leisure Centre and the Fremantle Arts Centre should remain open or be closed to protect public health, and we are putting contingency plans in place to make sure we can continue to manage essential services like rubbish collections.

We are also planning strategies to support the most vulnerable people in our community, and will be looking for community volunteers and support with this in the coming days.”

For information and updates about COVID-19 please visit the state government’s HealthyWA website, follow the HealthyWA facebook page or call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.



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It is my understanding that the Western Australian Statutory Planning Committee for the second time has refused to support the Fremantle Council decision to close the Pedestrian Access Way(PAW) between Kellow Place and Swanbourne Street.

That the Statutory Planning Committee resolves to:

  1. refuse the City of Fremantle’s request to permanently close the Pedestrian AccessWay (PAW) at Lot 55 Swanbourne Street, Fremantle; and
  2. note that further measures are available to improve the safety and security of the PAW including, the installation of lighting, maintenance of vegetation within and adjacent to the PAW as well as consideration of a ramp to make the PAW more accessible and footpath links in Kellow Place and Bolton Place, if considered necessary.

Fremantle Council decided about two years ago that it wanted to close the PAW, because some local residents claimed there was an increase in criminal and anti social activity in the area. Those allegations were rejected by other residents who said there was no proof of increased crime, and police statistics supported that, and subsequently the WAPC in May 2018 refused the application to close the PAW .

However, the prematurely closed PAW remained closed while Freo City officers were instructed to negotiate with the SPC and see if they would change their mind, but last Tuesday, March 10, the SPC again ruled that the closure of the PAW was not supported.

Now the City of Fremantle will have to reopen it asap, as the two year closure was a pretty bad and questionable move without approval from the state government.


Roel Loopers

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