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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 31, 2012

The Soroptomist International Fremantle, the global voice for women, is holding their annual CARE Help the Homeless Art Auction.

Saturday June 9 from 4.30 at Notre Dame University on the corner of Croke and Mouat Street.

Artworks by very well known local artists will be auctioned, as well as works by Picasso and Dali.

Money raised will go to the Fremantle Street Doctor, the Sisters’ Place at St Patrick’s and the Fremantle Multicultural Centre.

The Starlight Hotel Choir will provide entertainment for the afternoon.

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on May 30, 2012

Independent Fremantle MLA Adele Carles used her budget speech in parliament to criticise the lack of funding on many levels for Fremantle. She questioned where the 14 million dollars for the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, that were in the last budget, had gone, as there is no mention of it in the latest budget. She stressed an engineer’s report commissioned by the government warned of a collapse of the bridge should it be hit by a ship.

Adele Carles also asked why no money had been allocated to buy land for a second port at Cockburn Sound while Fremantle Ports is overflowing, with half a million container movement a year. It is predicted this will double by 2022.

The Member for Fremantle also questioned why the Barnett government will spent 428 million dollars on a new Perth museum, 700 million on a new stadium, and 440 million on the Perth foreshore development, while homeless people can’t find accommodation, and the Henderson Street mall Homeswest cottages are vacant.

While not using the word porkbarreling, Carles pointed out the government will spent 80 million dollars on the Willeton school, while it has a masteplan  for the renovations of the Kent Street and John Curtin schools as well. Adele righly suggested the 80 million should be split between the three schools, especially when John Curtin was built earlier than Willeton and in dire need of modernisation..

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 30, 2012

Free bicycles will be available from the Fremantle Visitors Centre at Kings Square from today. There is even a Dutch cargo bike one can take for a ride. The bikes are available on weekdays between  9 am and 4.30 pm, on Saturdays from 9.00-3.30, and Sundays 10.00-3.30.

Free city bikes are also still available from E Shed.

I am not sure what the deal with helmets is, but check it out and make your B&B visitors aware of them!

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I am sad to receive an email from Gallery East directors David Forrest and Janis Nedela that they will be closing the gallery at the end of the year because of economic difficulties, with art sales down dramatically. Like the also closing Perth Galleries next door from them, Gallery East has been operating for nearly twenty years. I well remember their start in Bayview Terrace in Claremont all those years ago. David and Janis, like their neighbour Nora Ohrt will be sadly missed in the Western Australian art community.

It will mean the little art hub on Stirling Highway in North Fremantle, just opposite the railway station, will no longer be from 2013. Up to then I hope you’ll all go and support the two galleries who are art icons in this state.

There is a serious message in this for those Fremantle  councillors who want to make an art hub out of Arthur Head, by evicting successful artist to make space for unknown and emerging ones. Artists and galleries do need support from all of us, but it needs to be done with deliberation, compassion and with a clear business structure in place. Simply filling spaces with lots of artists will neither help them, the industry in general, or retail and  the revitalisation in the West End.

We need outcome based concepts, not unrealistic fairytale dreams!

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Time for a little rant, after all the positive posts I have put up lately. ; >)

Michael Swanepoel‘s blog post on his Fremantle Doctor blog, made me ask why the administration of the City of Fremantle appears to take no notice of concerns and complaints. Michael wrote about the overflowing rubbish bins all around the city on weekends. His wife Vanessa calls it the Fremantle Festival of Litter, and she is right. It is an absolute disgrace to see rubbish all over footpaths almost every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and one has to wonder why the City does not employ more people to clean up the mess and empty the bins more regularly, when hordes of people visit Fremantle.

Why also do we still not have the Whalers Tunnel at the Round House open till 8pm, when this was supposed to happen three months ago, and why is the street light that lights the steps to the Round House still not repaired, when I made the CEO aware of it before the ISAF opening in early November last year? Why was the foot/bicycle path at Bathers Beach closed on the weekend, without signs redirecting traffic? Why is the Town Hall an unsightly mess? Why, why, why??!

Does it matter to anyone at the City, and does anyone take notice. Maybe we should sponsor for the CEO to get accommodation at the Esplanade now and then on weekends, so he can see the litter and ‘enjoy’ the Friday and Saturday night ‘fun’, the anti social behaviour, the violence and stupid drunkenness, so he will be personally aware of what goes on in the city that pays him a large sum of money to head the administration. He misses all that weekend fun local residents have by retreating to the safety of Joondalup.

Is it time to pay those who only do their work 70% instead of the 100% required just 70% of their wages as well, so they know it is not acceptable that they keep under performing?

As Michael Swanepoel might put it, it’s time to kick ass, and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. If the CEO of Fremantle does not starting kicking some ass with urgency, council should be kicking his.

To be fair; I don’t blame the pathetic Dockers game on Sunday on the City administration. It is not a good feeling though to be surrounded by mediocrity at all levels.

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Don’s Tram Tour    
Join us on a tram tour with a difference. Fremantle Society committee member and former President, Don Whittington,  will show you what Fremantle would be like, had the Fremantle Society not lobbied to preserve so much of our heritage. Don was a City of Fremantle Councillor 1975–1984, including six years as Chair of Planning, during a time when many heritage battles were won.
This tour was one of the highlights of the 2010 and 2011 Heritage Festivals and is back by popular demand.    Don’t miss it this year!
Date: Saturday 2 June 2012  2pm and 3pm      Each tour lasts one hour
Where: Meet outside the Fremantle Arts Centre
Price: $10
Bookings must be made in advance:   Marlene: 9430 8006

Fremantle Club Crawl
Fremantle people have long enjoyed social club life in our great City. Some
of the clubs have gone or moved but several remain. Don Whittington
and Ron Davidson will lead the Club Crawl again for this fascinating taste
of club culture. We’ll finish at the Workers’ Club where you can enjoy bar
snacks with your drinks. Meet on the Corner of Pakenham and High (Navy Club)
Free – buy your own drinks.  There is no need to book – just turn up

An Australian Bush Heritage
Greg Hastings, one of the founding members of the Mucky Duck bush
band, will facilitate an evening celebrating Australian bush heritage. He
will incorporate simple traditional bush dances suitable for all ages as
well as sing-alongs. Greg will share his 35 years experience travelling
this vast land, from remote Aboriginal communities to the heart of its
cities. Come along and join in the fun while exploring the wealth of
cultural experiences that Australia has to offer.
Friday 1 June, 7-10pm
Fremantle Workers’ Club – 9 Henry Street
$10 Adults    $5 Children and Workers’ club members; 9335 1840 or 0400201441



Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 28, 2012

I have run errands to several schools to get the students’ entries from the Fremantle Heritage Festival LUNCHBOX essays to the judges, organised a prize in form of a food voucher from the Moore&Moore Cafe for Saturday’s Amazing Place Race, promoted the race in an interview on RTR Radio, and paid bills, so now I deserve some hours in the sun, I believe. I need to go and check the Another Brick in the Wall at Queensgate Mall anyway.

Here a photo I took yesterday morning on my way back from morning coffee.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 28, 2012

Fremantle Arthur Head artist Anne Land and colleagues are having an art exhibition at the Moores Building Art Centre in Henry Street from Friday June 1.

Participating in INTERMIX are Elisabeth Ribul, Angela Carter, Ella Allen, Audrey Welch, Mariana Atkins, and Maxine Murray. The show will be opened by Michael Iwanoff and will run till June 17.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 28, 2012

Come and join us for the inaugural FREMANTLE AMAZING PLACE RACE this Saturday at 10.30. It starts at the Fremantle Society HQ, which is at 11 Captain’s Lane, the third cottage from the Round House on Arthur Head.

You will be sent around our gorgeous city to (re)discover hidden treasures, take photos, do tasks. The team or individual with most answers correct and fastest back will win.

We’ll end the event with a Sausage Sizzle. Participation fee is $ 5.00 for adults. This is a family event that only requires you to walk or cycle around the inner city. No extra fitness training or weight loss programs needed to participate. ; >)

It’s all part of this year’s great Heritage Festival. No need to book, just turn up!

Want more info? Email;


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