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Posted in CLUBS, fremantle, sport, western australia by freoview on April 21, 2015

It is very disappointing that the W.A. State Government has yet again let down the Fremantle community, with the Department of Sport and Recreation not supporting the grant application that would have seen a new club house built at Parry Street for the Fremantle Workers, Tennis and Bowling clubs. The proposal also included an essential car park on the site to cater for users of the tennis and bowling facilities, club bar and restaurant, and that would also have catered for visitors to the Basilica, Clancy’s, Christian Brothers School, St Patrick’s Community group, etc.

The idea was that the COF would invest $ 1.3 million, the three clubs a similar amount, and that the State would cover the other $ 1.3 needed to make the development viable.

The proposal is now some $ 1.3 million short and it has to be seen if the City of Fremantle believes that income from the proposed carpark would be able to cover the shortfall.

It looks like State Government spent most of the available grant money on country sporting clubs but did not see the benefit a clubhouse sharing of the three Freo clubs would bring.

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