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Now that the year is coming to an end I want to reflect a little bit about life in general, and I want to make the statement that I love almost everything about life.

I love nature, music, theatre, culture, history, art, books, good food and cooking, wine, animals, coffee and cafes, etc. and I am totally in love with Fremantle, but what I love about life most is people.

While none of us is perfect, people make the planet the very special place it is, with all our opinionated righteousness, with our willingness to care and share, and with our efforts to make the world a better place for future generations, and yes, we fail at that quite often.

We love, disappoint and are disappointed, we fail and succeed, and hopefully we succeed more often than we fail. Not trying to make a positive difference is not an option, even when one’s opinion is often criticised aggressively on social media.

We are all different, and we all have different tastes, solutions and opinions, but no one has all the answers and solutions, so we need to learn to respectfully disagree, instead of defamation, insults and name-calling.

Our cynicism about politicians is often warranted, because politics appear to be mainly about power, rather than about good governance. Only this morning on Twitter I got so frustrated about politicians from all parties engaging in silly point-scoring and blaming others, instead of engaging in positive dialogue and collaboration in the best interest of Australia.

I adore people, although I have been deeply hurt a few times, and I have no doubt I have also hurt people, but I am absolutely convinced that most people around the world, no matter what their culture or religion is, are good people, and good people together can make planet Earth and even more brilliant place to live on!

Smile at strangers, hug the ones you know and tell them they are special, keep an open mind about everything, accept change, and don’t fear those who are different.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2020. It is going to be a very big year of change for Freo.

Roel Loopers



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Books are one of the great pleasures in my life. I love escaping where my mind does not turn to other thoughts, and only reading books does that for me.

So when I noticed this man quietly reading in the hustle of the Fremantle Arts Centre, just before the Sunday courtyard music session started, I could not resist to take a photo, because it reminded me of the many photos taken of me when I was a child sitting somewhere in a corner reading a book.

Reading books inspired me to travel. Reading books made me aware of other cultures and countries, and reading books gave me the confidence to leave home and move to Germany, and many years later migrate to Australia.

Reading books by so many different international writers made me believe that most people on earth are good people, and nothing I have experienced in the 70 years of my life has changed that belief.

Read! It’s good for you!

Roel Loopers




fipp 9

fipp 1


The Fremantle International Portrait Prize-FIPP– is on show from this weekend at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery in Freo’s Henry Street.

I understand that there were more than 3,000 entries for the awards, so a huge task for the judges to decide on a winner, which will be announced at the invitation only opening on Saturday evening.

But one can already wander into the gallery space, as I did this morning and have a look at some 300 photos on the walls.

There are some excellent portraits on show, but this kind of post stamps exhibition of the work is not to my liking. There are far too many photos on show in my humble opinion and it looks overwhelming.

Roel Loopers




October is always a special month for me because it is my birthday month, but it is even more special this year because in October ten years ago I started the publication of this FREO’S VIEW blog, so happy birthday bloggy!

It has been a true labour of love for me to report about anything that happened in Fremantle over the last ten years. It required dedication and commitment and a lot of my time, but I love doing it, so I will continue with it indefinitely.

I have reported on Fremantle Council business, festivals and events, opening and closing of businesses, new development proposals and development issues, and many more things. Basically, if I know about something new or interesting happening in Fremantle I’ll publish a blog post or photo.

Over the last ten years I published around 10,350 posts and 22,500 comments and many hundreds of photos, so I have created my own kind of time capsule of Freo’s recent history.

I have tried very hard to be balanced in my reporting and not being biased, but I clearly express my own views on everything, and that makes me a very opinionated person who gets criticised often for just expressing those views. That is fine, because I was born in the Netherlands and that makes me perfect. ; >)

But my blog is all about Fremantle, a place I love dearly and want to support and help improve. I don’t care much if good ideas on how to make Fremantle a better place come from people to the right or the left of politics. Good ideas are not exclusive or unique to any political party or person!

Fremantle is a beautiful and unique city with a very special community of really good people. Fremantle is my home and my family and the place where I will die. It is a place I have a deep emotional attachment to, and the place that has given me the confidence to express myself without fear or favour.

Thank you to all the regular readers and people who sent me information and comments. Freo’s View is your blog, so the more info you send me the more I can share with the community.

Roel Loopers


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It is R U OK? day today and like every day of the year we need to be asking that question.

There are so very many people in Australia with mental health problems, with depression and anxiety, and suicide far too often seems to be the only solution for those in despair.

As someone who suffered from depression for a very long time, now thankfully years ago, I know the struggle, the feeling of being abandoned by the world and the black hole that seems to be getting deeper and darker as there appears to be no future.

It is so very important to turn to friends of family and tell them how you feel, without being judged or pitied, and it is very important that we all ask ourselves and those around us R U OK?

Life can be an enormous struggle sometimes, and no one should feel ashamed when they are down in the doldrums, not even when it is self-inflicted. There is always hope and there is so much beauty in our world and so many very good people!

Be honest with yourself and don’t pretend to be happy, because acknowledging the problem is the very first important step to recovery and healing.

Roel Loopers

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When did we humans decide that we are so incredible important that we need to be in contact with the rest of the world every second of every day?

When did we decide that being in the moment is no longer relevant, and that we can take the people we are with for granted by constantly monitoring our smart phones for Facebook, Twitter and text messages and emails?

When did we decide that the world might desperately need our comments when we go for a long walk on the beach, or while we are having lunch, or dinner, or breakfast with friends?

When did we decide that it is polite to talk at length on the phone, or respond obsessively to text messages while in the company of others?

When did we decide it is an acceptable risk to kill or maim others because we just have to answer the phone, or text messages while driving a car?

When did the idiocy start that we need to have the smart phone next to our bed, just in case someone sends a ‘really important’ Facebook message?

When did it become more important to communicate with people far away than with the ones we are with?

The silly advertisement above says it all. Yep, we desperately need to check our emails while doing laps in the pool, or going for a jog, or while having sex, or whatever we are doing.

Enjoy your Boxing Day and switch your phone off for a while now and then and appreciate the moment you are in and the people you are with!

Roel Loopers






We live in a world where we can communicate with anyone on earth within seconds, be that via computer, mobile phone or other means, so why is it when most of us connect many times a day on social media that so many of us feel lonely, according to a massive survey by England’s BBC.

The BBC started the Loneliness Experience on Valentine’s Day this year and 55,000 people from around the world responded to it.

The graph above by the BBC shows that it is not just old(er) people who feel lonely often, but surprisingly the top group is those between 16-24 years of age.

Depression and suicide have been increasing in the western world, as people feel unwanted, not appreciated, bullied and not loved. Social media contacts don’t replace touch, a hug, people who really care and share, and to cuddle up with someone you trust when you feel down.

We live in a society where many of us have become cynical of our political and spiritual leaders, and that has created the ME society, where others are not much of a priority for many people. We all long to be loved and cared for, and it all starts with respect, courtesy and sharing.

It appears to me from the above graph that we are not okay and as a community we need to make better efforts connecting with each other. R U OKAY?

Roel Loopers



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The fear that Australia is being swamped by a tsunami of Muslims has been proven unfounded by the latest CENSUS 2016 statistics, which shows that Buddhists are closing in on the only 2.6% of Australian residents who claim to be Muslims, while 2.4% are Buddhist.

In general people who claim to have no religion increased to 29.6% in 2016, compared to 0,8% in 1966.

The good news for us blokes is that there is a small majority of females with just over 50 %.

There have been 1.3 million new immigrants to Australia since 2011 and the most common countries they came from were China and India.

And the Turnbull government does not have to worry too much about the language skills of migrants with 72.7%  of CENSUS participants stating that they speak English at home.

The most important thing we should not underestimate is the enormous contribution immigrants to Australia are making. Without them we would not be the great multicultural and tolerant community we are!

Roel Loopers



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Photography is soul music for me. Whenever I feel a bit down I go out and try to find good images. Taking creative photos makes me happy.

I took this one at the Fremantle East Street jetty today just before 7 pm.

Roel Loopers


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The new Historic Panoramas website features some stunning historic photos of Fremantle and Perth. It is a work in process and hopefully many more panoramas will be included on the site, but check it out and see if you can support it with historic and modern photos.

This is what the HP people say about the site:

The Historical Panoramas project provides a unique and visually interesting way to explore the development of Perth and Fremantle as far back as the 1860s.

Photographic panoramas provide a very good way to understand the physical layout of a cityscape. Unlike individual photos which can be hard to understand context and location, panoramas often provide very good spatial awareness and convey a good visual impression of a location.

For this project we are fortunate that Perth and Fremantle are relatively young cities. Perth was established in 1829 and the dawn of commercial photography was in the 1840s. The oldest panorama of Perth we have found so far is from the 1860s – showing a very young city. We can therefore see the very early days of the city with the visual clarity that photography provides. Of course, prior to settlement these areas were inhabited by the local Noongar people and the older panoramas provide a glimpse of what that life might have been like with bushland visible in the distance.

Go here:

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