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The Fremantle CBD will get a new bottleshop, if Fremantle Council and the liquor licensing authorities approve the application for a new liquor store at Kakulas Sister in Market Street.

It is probably a clever move by the owners as Liquorland in the Woolstores shopping centre will close for the hotel development there for a year, once that has been approved by JDAP.

But those in the inner city who like a wee drop should not despair anyway as there still is a bottleshop on the corner of High Street and Josephson Street and the very good Freo Doctor one in Arundel Street.

The application for developing a bottleshop is before the Fremantle Council Planning Committee this Wednesday.

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Just as I did my daily shopping at South Fremantle IGA on Hampton Road this afternoon a large sign was put up that they have applied for a partial change of use for stores 10 and 11 into a liquor store.

Aldi in South Fremantle still is not selling alcohol, but Liquorland and Dan Murphy are just down the road and there is also a liquor store at the Moondyne Joe pub, so does South Freo need another one?

Have your say and tell Fremantle Council what you prefer.

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We live in a world of awards for just about everything and many of them are pretty irrelevant and meaningless because of the lack of research done. Some awards simply tick a few boxes and for example take Local Government’s submissions as a fact, instead of checking out the reality.

The McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol Awards appears to belong to the latter because the City of Fremantle has been nominated as a finalist For it’s no tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour at events and its promotion of a small bar culture and liquor reform in the area.

It is clear the McCusker Foundation does not know that on the same evening Fremantle Council signed off on its alcohol policy it also approved the establishment of a new tavern and live music venue for up to 1,500 patrons at J Shed on historic Arthur Head, and is in the process of approving a micro-brewery at the former Energy Museum, just around the corner from¬†St Patrick’s that deals with people with drug and alcohol related problems.

If my memory is correct, in times of the biggest community turmoil about Council ignoring community consultation, the City of Fremantle received an award for its excellent community consultation process.

It might all sound great on paper and in a one-eyed submissions by COF officers, but unfortunately the reality is a whole different ball game. As I pointed out here recently the Fremantle Accord on responsible service of alcohol is just another lip service with many pubs now offering happy hours and cheaper drinks, with the National Hotel even having two a day, one during lunchtime hours.

For the City of Fremantle to receive an award, or even be a finalist, in the McCusker alcohol award it would need to do a whole lot better, and not be hypocritical by ignoring its own alcohol policy.

Roel Loopers

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