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I don't like selfies much. ; >)

I don’t like selfies much. ; >)

I believe it is essential for a candidate standing for the Fremantle local council election on October 17 to have total independence and integrity and not be influenced by political party politics and ideologies. For that reason I will not ask for or accept donations to run my campaign and while I am very aware that might affect my chances of being elected, I believe it is the right way to go.

I will not have the finances for glossy media campaigns in the local papers and I won’t have party supporters doing door knocking or handing out pamphlets either, so my ever smiling face, my common sense and my sense of reality will have to convince you to vote for me.

I am a great believer in true and sincere community consultation and consistent governance. As someone who was born in a room behind my parents corner shop, and lived there and helped out in the shop for the first 18 years of my life, I understand the hardship of retailers. I started my own small business in Perth in late 1984 so I understand the issues we business operators all face.

I have worked as a shop assistant, DJ, kitchenhand, cook, waiter, market researcher, tutor, supervised summer markets, edited blogs, and worked as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines. This has given me a broad knowledge base to help me make informed decisions.

Art is one of my passions and I have been supportive of the WA arts industry from the day I arrived here. I was a-not so-silent partner in an art gallery, have curated exhibitions and have had many solo and group shows. I have also been a strong supporter of the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra and the Bathers Beach artists.

Good governance, like life, is all about balance and about considering everyone, and it is about being realistic. Local government in my opinion has to be first and foremost about the immediate needs of community and that also requires long-term and consistent planning and not ad hoc policy making on the hop.

Freo’s heritage can not be compromised and needs to be preserved and protected at all cost!

I am a realist who works toward achievable outcomes by prioritising what is essential and needed first. I love city planning and placemaking and creating how a city can grow and improve. Fremantle needs change but it only needs good change that is a real improvement, not superficiality that makes good media headlines.

My only motive for putting my hand up for Council is because I deeply care about Freo and the community.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield WA 6162. Phone 0419850981


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a b c d

I love the huge trompe l’oeil mural on the EAST WEST DESIGN building on South Terrace in South Fremantle, and the good news is that there is more to come. Work has just commenced on also doing the exterior of the gigantic warehouse at Marine Terrace and that will please locals and tourists alike.

Whenever I come by I see people photographing the building, which now has become a tourist attraction and should be included in promotional brochures for Fremantle.

It is good to see a business spending money on beautifying their shop and no doubt it will entice people to go for a wander inside as well where there is an abundance of funky, quirky and creative functional wares for sale.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent. 


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It has not been plain sailing for the owner of this small boat which broke its anchor rope and is now on the sand at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach just below the historic Roundhouse.

Let’s hope he can find a few mates to pull him off as the weather forecast is for lightning and storms this afternoon, so not brilliant to leave the boat there for too long.

Roel Loopers



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ARTWALK FREO is on again on Saturday and Sunday September 5 and 6 from 10am-4pm, so check out the website for more details.

Renowned Fremantle artists will open their homes and studios to the public and it is always very interesting to have a chat with artists about their work and the thinking behind it.

Artists participating are Annette Seeman, John Teschendorff, Eveline Kotai, Ian de Souza, Trevor Richards, Michael Knight, Ron Nyisztor, Penny Bovell, Penny Coss and Adam Shand.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.



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threatened species day

Next Sunday September 6 is NATIONAL THREATENED SPECIES DAY and there will be stalls and displays at Fremantle’s Kings Square between 10 am and 4 pm, so go and visit and get more detailed information for example on how low the number of numbats is, etc.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.



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Fremantle Council never stops surprising me, so the news report on Channel Nine this Sunday with Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who quite clearly is on the election campaign, announcing the City of Fremantle might implement a percentage for lightrail on parking fees as early as next year, was yet another indication of a lack of reality.

I love lightrail but there is something rather green-as in naive-about the idea. One also has to question why a junior Councillor would announce such a huge project on national televison when it has not even yet been to any of the Council committees. I suppose it is a case for Pemberton of just  getting her face in the media, no matter the lack of substance, and people in City Ward might actually vote for her at the October 17 local government elections.

I quite like Rachel and she is a pretty good performer in Council chamber, but she has not explained why people parking in Fremantle, and  hence Freo ratepayers, would want to fund lightrail to Cockburn and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

I suggested on Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog a few weeks ago that if he believed there is so much support for lightrail he might want to start crowd funding, as least that would mean those Fremantle ratepayers who want to pay for it can elect to do so, and it might attract funding from far and wide and not only tiny Freo.

Lightrail and all public transport is a numbers game and the Fremantle area needs far more residents before any state government or private operator would invest in it. For Freo that is at least 15 to 20 years away still.

Public transport infrastructure is a state government responsibility and for a small council like Fremantle to want to do it on its own is naive to the extreme, even more so when there never appears to be enough money for basic maintenance of COF properties and important parks like the Esplanade.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.


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PFL White Gum Valley

I missed the PERTH FREIGHT LINK protest of the White Gum Valley Action Group yesterday due to not feeling well at all, so I pinched this photo off their Facebook page, just to show that there was a very good turn out despite the inclement weather yesterday.

Interesting to read the Federal Treasurer’s comments in the Sunday Times today where he totally ignores that the new road would also cater for private vehicles. The bullshit that it will somehow get rid of traffic congestion is untruthful spin. It will actually create more severe congestion in North Fremantle.

Even Premier Colin Barnett admits there is no elegant solution to extend Roe 8 to Fremantle Port.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent.



Posted in australia, fascism, fremantle, racism by freoview on August 28, 2015

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will check people’s visas on the streets of Melbourne this weekend as part of a police operation in the city’s CBD, the Federal Government has revealed.

The agency says people will not be targeted on the basis of race or religion
Part of a broader operation including Victoria Police and other agencies

Officers will be positioned at various locations around the city and will speak with any individual they cross paths with.

No, Australia this is not a belated April’s Fool joke, this is the reality in Australia in 2015 where the Abbott Government introduces racist and fascist actions! What is next, maybe something like foreigners wearing the Star of David as the Jews were forced to do under Hitler’s regime, or another form of immediate visual indentification?

This is a disgraceful and unacceptable action by the federal government that will affect tourism to Australia!

How are we going to prove on what sort of visa were are, or that we are Australian citizens? No doubt the majority of people who will be stopped and questioned by the Australian Border Force will non-white people. OMG all those broun people who are already subjected to racism in this country often, now will have officials in uniform frighten the living daylight out of them. How many will have poor English skills. Ooooh FUCK Australia. What are you doing!!!!!!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent


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I received an email from Aidan Kelly who made some good points about moving the new outer harbour to Bunbury instead of wrecking Cockburn Sound and North Fremantle. I believe it is important to put this idea in the public realm when we debate the Perth Freight Link and an outer harbour for Fremantle Port, so here are Aidan’s thoughts:

In summary the required solution needs to cater for the next 10-50 years of growth in Perth and WA and the fattening-up of transport infrastructure in the South West cannot be avoided, the question is how to do that and avoid trashing North Fremantle – perhaps by diverting  a lot of container traffic to Bunbury?
Bunbury has a lot more growth potential in it at the moment than North Fremantle.  It has space and wants more economic activity. Diverting 1 million containers to Bunbury over the next 10 years will save North Fremantle and save Bunbury. By that time the Outer Harbour can be completed and a period of critical reliance on North Fremantle and the Fremantle Port will have passed.
Growing Bunbury port can be a success story.  There is already a good rail link to that port that connects to Perth and Kewdale.  Investment is needed to build-up Bunbury’s inner harbour to accommodate containers and to fatten up the rail link between Bunbury and Perth. There is already a good road between Bunbury and Perth called the Forrest Highway. In some sense this just shifts the problem of development from Fremantle to other areas of WA’s south west but if you read the play the communities of Bunbury and Canning actually want more development whereas North Fremantle and surrounds are basically just sick of it. So it seems that here is a perfect opportunity for a win-win to be found and nurtured by the relevant political and administrative processes (politics the art of collecting and spending money and keeping people happy).
There are more issues to cover, such as the reality that the Outer Harbour may well be better placed closer to Bunbury than currently planned so there’s more work to do on that part of the plan too, however, given the current decision point the Bunbury solution needs to be brought into the discussions. The ramping up of infrastructure through the electorate of Canning would also be a topical issue with the by-election looming.

Thanks Aidan. It is good to consider all options and think out of the box.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly Independent


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I am really sad that the LOVE IN TOKYO fashion shop in Fremantle’s High Street will be closing, as Sheree and John Dornan are really nice people. I have always liked having a look at the displays in the windows and admiring the very feminine and elegant designs by Sheree.

Here is what they posted on Facebook:

In April 2003 we opened our flagship Love in Tokyo retail store in the beautiful west end of High Street Fremantle. The time has come for us to change our business structure and take a step back from running a 7 day a week retail business, so we will be moving on from our current location soon.
We truly thank you all for your support over the years. The Love in Tokyo concept will continue via an online store and pop ups. We would love to see you before we leave so please call by to say hello.
John and I will be creating an exciting new venture post Love in Tokyo based in the Fremantle area where we can both focus our time on other varied creative projects, and design collaborations. I will also still continue designing my garments under the Sheree Dornan label.
Please email us at with your email address if you would like to receive our e newsletters.

Sheree and John

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Truly independent.


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