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I will be attending the WHITE RIBBON breakfast at Fremantle’s Kings Square tomorrow morning to raise awareness of the women who die every week in Australia because they were abused by their partners or former partners.

Domestic violence is extremely ugly and absolutely unacceptable and men who beat up their wife, partner, lover have lost all respect for themselves.

It is never ever o.k. to assault a woman no matter what happens in a relationship. Men don’t own their partners and women are not men’s property. There are no excuses and no matter how deeply one gets hurt it does not give a man the right to beat up a woman.

Beating up the woman you love and then tearfully apologise is not good enough. It should not happen and she should not accept your apology but leave you straight away because you will do it again. Once we have lost the respect that is necessary for a good relationship there is no way back and only separation is the way to move forward. Assault is not an expression of love, or frustration, or pain, it is criminal bullying and nothing else.

And all you guys out there, don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe all women are saints and that they are not capable of hurting men, but abusing them is never the solution.

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