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I know nothing at all about fishing, but the start of the cold weather pulled many people to Fremantle’s Victoria Quay to try their luck at catching a feed for the night. A nice fish soup would just be right on a day like today, hey.

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I have three favourite pastimes on cold wintery weekends; a great long lunch with good friends, enjoying fantastic food and stunning wine, or romping around in bed with a beautiful lover, or going to art exhibitions. Today I did the latter, because of lack of a lover and of money for good wine and food.

The FREMANTLE REALISTS exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre should not be missed. There are some stunning works in this show of the High Street Studio realists of the 1970s. Marcus Beilby, Ken Wadrop and Ray Beattie shared a studio there and exhibited together in 1980 at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. It became national exposure for the artists when the works were also shown in the National Gallery of Victoria and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

I was highly impressed with the very moody works by Ken Wadrop. His Ghosts of Communication Age shows two kids with a laptop computer, their faces only lit by the light of the screen. It’s mesmerising! Great depth also in his Energy for the Machine and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Marcus Beilby has always been one of my favourite (photo)realist painters. How can one forget his work of the opening of Canberra Parliament House by the Queen, in which one can find Marcus sitting in the press gallery.

For me his outstanding works at the FAC were the painting of a Marmion Street Deli At the End of the Day, the stunning impression of the demolition of a building in The Doll’s House, and The Big Night Out painting of Bernies Kebabs&Burgers at night.

Also on show are the meticulously detailed prints of Ashley Jones, whose Swanbourne house I once bought, and prints by Helen Taylor.

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I lost my Coolbellup virginity today when I finally made the trip south-east to visit the COOBY FARMERS MARKET at the Len Packham reserve. It was quite an eye opener for me to see how tidy and green Cooby is and what a cute little market they have created there. It was also good to see familiar faces of some of the stall holders and the delightful owners of Zab Salad selling their yummy Indian food. If you miss them at the markets, visit their cafe at 142 High Street in Fremantle, opposite Victoria Hall and the RAW Kitchen. I highly recommend them!

Good to see Labor Party president candidate MLA Peter Tinley and family there as well. Good luck, Peter.

Meeting up with Nicholas Takacs of ABEAUTIFULCITY, who was at the market, is always inspiring, because we both have a real passion for Freo and we have so many ideas and simple solutions between us on how to improve our city and come up with innovative ways of doing things differently, that one has to ask why governments don’t tap into that creative knowledge pool better and more often.

The Cooby Farmers Market is still on till 2 pm today and every last Saturday of the month from 9 am to 2 pm. Be daring and leave Freo for a change!

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Little Prince








As the  King of Uglieland it is my duty to support other royalty, so this promotion of a prince is just about us blue-blooded people sticking together.

Fremantle SPARE PARTS PUPPET THEATRE presents THE LITTLE PRINCE, adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Shows will be on daily at 10 am and 1 pm from July 5 to July 19, but not on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Bookings are essential on 9335 5044 or

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There are two great local farmers markets on this long WA DAY long weekend, so go and buy some great fresh produce, network with your community, drink yummie coffee and eat delicious food while listening to live music.

This Saturday the COOBY FARMERS MARKET is on from 9am-2pm at the Len Packham Reserve on Waverley Road Coolbellup, and on Sunday the traditional first Sunday of the month HUGE Fremantle GROWERS GREEN MARKETS are on from 8am to noon at the South Fremantle Senior High School at Lefroy Road. There is art and craft, bread, pastries, meat, fish, food stalls forgreat breakfast, facepainting, music, and it is a lot of fun.

Local markets give one a great sense of belonging to one’s community and are a great way of catching up with friends and neighbours in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, so take advantage of them.

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Help the Homeless Art Auction by Soroptimist International of Fremantle at 5pm Saturday 14 June.  Fremantle Town Hall

Viewing: Friday 13 June 3 – 5pm, Saturday 14 June 12noon – 5pm

AUCTION NIGHT RSVP: PH Christine 0438 880 868 Roseanne 9440 0669 or

Now in its fifth year, the Help the Homeless Art Auction began when Soroptimist International of Fremantle realised the need for funding of services to the homeless was much more than they could provide. “Hence our drive to raise more funds to donate to these worthy recipients,” says Roseanne Thomas, President, Soroptimist International of Fremantle.

The auction night is an experience in itself. “Apart from carefully selected artworks, people are truly amazed by the performance of the Starlight Hotel Choir – a highlight of the night for many, but there’s also something incredibly special about the goodwill that fills the room on the night – a palpable bubble of common purpose and drive to help the homeless.” Lyn DiCiero, Curator.

Full catalogue now available:



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bb 1 bb 2 bb 3 bb 4I am delighted to report that the interpretive history signs at the Fremantle Old Port Project are back. They were installed at Bathers Beach this morning by Compac Marketing.

It was only yesterday I complaint on this blog about them being missing for a year and a half, so it is good to have them back. It makes me wonder though about the lack of communication by the City of Fremantle. When all over the world companies and governments engage in pro-active PR, the City could not be bothered letting me know the signs were in the making and the approximate time of installation. Had they done that, I would not have had to write negative articles about the missing signs and the CoF.

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The bike shelter in the Fremantle Paddy Troy Mall is receiving a facelift with new art by Ian Mutch. The sea container was a fundraising project named PUSH4MOORE of Moore&Moore cafe owner and Fremantle Councillor Simon Naber(seen in the photo with his son Zeke). He collaborated with Sea Containers W.A, the Fremantle Foundation, the Men’s Shed, Marine&Civil, FORM and the City of Fremantle to see the project finalised.

The bicycle shelter is just behind the Metropolis nightclub, and very close to the Fremantle, Markets and Kings Square, so all you bike lovers take advantage of it!

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Most of us in Fremantle would at least acknowledge that the councillors and officers of the City of Fremantle try and work very hard, but there is something quite eerie about those who work at Town Hall, as if they are from a different planet, a planet where common sense has not yet been invented. Town Hall behaves and acts as if Fremantle is a Time Capsule, as they keep planning for the future without acknowledging the present.

Fremantle knows where it wants to be in five years from now and it has had a trillion visioning workshops to see where we want to be in 2029. There is extensive planning for economic revitalisation, and the City even plans signage so far ahead, that there are but a few way finding signs at present, because it appears they are only needed in the future and not just at yet.

While small businesses at Arthur Head are screaming for simple signs to point visitors in the right directions, the City just keeps planning them, when all that is needed is some kind of those simple silly signs one sees in the most inappropriate places telling one it is 8000 miles to Moscow. What Arthur Head desperately needs now is a sign near Kidogo Arthouse that points left and tells people that is where Fishing Boat Harbour and the Bon Scott statue are, then another arrow slightly more east to point to the Youth Plaza and ferris wheel, and again more east to point to city centre, the markets and prison, and even more east to the Moores building art centre. Then arrows pointing in the northerly direction to the J Shed art studios, Maritime Museum, B Shed ferry terminal, E Sed Markets, Captain’s Lane art studios and Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Similar signs then need to be put at the Round House, at J Shed, near the Maritime Museum, etc. You’ll get the drift by now.

More than two years ago, as part of a working group on the beautification of Bathers Beach, we were told not to worry about signs because a different group was looking into that. Two years on and there are still no signs. Yep, Town Hall Time Capsule is still planning for the future.

We don’t need elaborate signs designed by the world’s best designers, who would probably come up with something as innovative as rustic signs because of the historic heritage area, all we want is plain arrows so people know where to find the few attractions Fremantle has, but that appears too much to ask from our Time Capsule operators.

They don’t even contemplate basic maintenance at Time Capsule City. The Old Port Project at Bathers Beach no longer makes sense, because the interpretive signs, explaining the history of the area, where removed after being vandalised two years ago, and they have not been replaced. I assume Time Capsule is still planning to replace them.

The Time Capsule might work for our handsome Mayor Brad Pettitt, who at 43 still looks as if he’s only 30, but it does not work for the rest of us. In my case the time capsule must have been faulty, because at only 30 I look like 65 and complain like a grumpy old bastard. ; >)

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It is very good news that the renovations of the heritage listed Married Quarters cottages at Fremantle Cantonment Hill will start in August. The Department of Defence had announced work would start in early 2015, so having it start earlier is great for the badly neglected and long vacant cottages, which are an eyesore at the entry to Fremantle. Once the renovations are done, defence personnel will move in.

The Fremantle Society and MP Melissa Parke were very active in urging Defence to make a decision on the cottages, so it is fantastic to see the result of that now.

To stay with Cantonment Hill, I am not sure where the City is at with the development of the area. Workshops were done and plans drafted by CODA architects, but not much has happened since, but for the City of Fremantle asking for Expressions of Interest to start a café at the old Signal Station, and that is very premature in my opinion.

Cafes need a lot of patrons to successfully run a business and without the necessary landscaping and other infrastructure, a café up there won’t survive long. I know little about the sex life of public servants, but to want a café now before anything else is done, is like having and orgasm in anticipation of the sex one will have in three years from now.

Having said that, I believe Cantonment Hill has great potential for weddings and functions, so any café there should cater for that.

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