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I agree with WA Local Government Minister David Templeman that local councils have evolved and are much more than just about rates, roads and rubbish. The unfair criticism in the media and from many in the community ignore the facts that councils do a lot more for their communities than in the past, and that is mainly due because people demand more and better services and because some of the services state governments supplied have been pushed to local councils.

What would Fremantle be for its residents, traders and visitors if all council did was look after the rates, the roads and the rubbish collection? Think about it for a moment.

Should Fremantle get rid off the Samson Rec. Centre, the Meeting Place, the Hilton PCYC and the North Freo Community Hall? Should councils no longer be responsible to look after playing fieldsĀ  and sporting ovals. Would the State Government happily step in and take over all these services, and at what financial cost to us?

Should Fremantle Council sell or lease the arts and leisure centres because running them is well beyond rates, roads and rubbish, and what about our festivals? Would the Freo community prefer to not have the Fremantle Festival, Hidden Treasures, Wardarnji Aboriginal festival, One Day in Freo events, etc. because they are not part of the basic rates, roads and rubbish local governments have to do? Surely not.

What about the library, legal advise service and social services, and why should the City of Fremantle have community safety officers when law&order is the responsibility of WA Police?

If we got rid of all these services rates would come down, but will Freo be a better place for it?

Would those who whinge about councils having lost the plot really be more happy if all the things that make Fremantle the special place it is be scrapped because councillors supposedly are only elected to look after the rates, roads and rubbish? I think not!

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This could be an interesting fog art installation at the Moores Building in Fremantle’s Henry Street tonight. Go check it out!

Fog rumours for Fri July 12: a film/music/fog installation is happening outside Moore & Moore Cafe on Henry St approx 7pm weather permitting, with potential repeat performances there, or later outside Shipwrecks Museum (Cliff Street), if weather holds. Updates will be posted here and Fogotten | 10 Nights in Port if we move around.

Tonight’s installation is dedicated to the many sailors from The Carlisle Castle and City of York who lost their lives in a horrific storm off Fremantle exactly 120 years ago on July 12th 1899.




The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will have to deal with the conundrum of how many festivals are sustainable for our Festival City.

Two event operators have requested to shift events from Port Beach to South Beach because of the uncertainty of the Port Beach erosion, but how many music and other summer events are acceptable to the South Fremantle community that is already getting the weekly Sunset Markets and a new tavern opening at the Sealanes site.

One also has to consider the beach goers whose local beach will be closed off and where parking will be a nightmare, so what is the solution?

Applications have been made for Sets on the Beach and Sundown Sessions, as well as For the Love music events on February 29, March 1 and March 7 so it would become very busy at South Beach.

City officers recommend that Council only approves one event at South Beach, but that would mean Fremantle loses two major events that would attract crowds of up to 5,000 each and that is not perfect either.

All events applied for are beach events so they can’t be shifted to Fremantle Oval or the Esplanade, and Bathers Beach is probably too small.

What will the preferred compromise be? Have your say at the FPOL Committee this Wednesday 6pm at the North Fremantle Community Hall.

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Yesterday I saw a notice on Facebook by the PTA that Fremantle trains would not be running at night this weekend but a Roundhouse volunteer guide just told me she had to take a bus from Mosman Park because the trains are not running during the day either.

With WINTERWORLD just starting today it is amazing how the Public Transport Authority so often cancel Freo trains when festivals are on. Is there any collaboration with the City of Fremantle at all?

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A new policy was endorsed by Fremantle Council last night to ban the release of gas-filled balloons on City property and at City of Fremantle events.

Deflated balloons often end up in the ocean and endanger wildlife, so it is another small step to looking after our environment better.

The ban will become law once it has been gazettet by the State Government in about a month.

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Work is under way to create the 2019 Fremantle WINTERWORLD skating festival at the Esplanade.

The event is on from this Saturday June 29 until July 21 and is open every day from 10am onward till mid evening.

It is always a fun spectacle to watch with little kids hanging on a parent’s leg or a penguin for their dear life, or seeing grownups hitting the ice with a bang.

And a friendly reminder to the boys and girls in blue that not every old man with a camera is a paedophile. Last year I was stopped by two Fremantle Police officers who wanted to know why I took photos of people skating. Because I wanted to, and under Australian law I am allowed to photograph anything and anyone in a public open space.

At the first WINTERWORLD a security guard told me I could not take photos unless I had family members on the ice rink. Bulldust!

It is insulting to regularly being confronted when next to me dozens of people take photos with mobile phones, but I stick out because I use a real camera.

I promote as many Fremantle events, festivals and businesses on this blog as I can and don’t want to be intimidated by police or security when I do absolutely nothing wrong!

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Although I have been closely following what goes on at Fremantle Council for over ten years I am still not sure why certain agenda items are considered to be confidential, and the public is excluded from attending the deliberations about them, while other similar topics remain open to the public and are not considered confidential.

On Wednesday the license agreement with the South Fremantle Football Club is a confidential item, but the license agreement for the public golf course is not.

Commercial confidentiality can hardly be the reason as there are no other clubs queuing up to lease Fremantle Oval, especially since the East Fremantle Football Club has decided to stay at East Fremantle Oval and not share Fremantle Oval with the South Fremantle footy club.

So what are the reasons for making an agenda item confidential in Fremantle?

Also confidential at the Ordinary Council meeting this coming Wednesday is a report about the Summer Event Series at Port Beach and another confidential report about a Port Beach Music/Lifestyle event. But the Winter Festival on the Esplanade was not a confidential item. Why?

Plus there is also the confidential report about the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.

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It is going to be a beautiful mild Sunday so go out and explore gorgeous Fremantle.

The Growers Green Farmers Market is on at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road till midday for fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, pastries, yummy breakfast, lunch and coffee.

All the cafes and restaurants around Freo are open today, but some will be closed tomorrow, so take advantage of that, and the Fremantle Markets and E Shed Markets are open, as are Fremantle Prison, the Roundhouse, Shipwrecks Museum and Maritime Museum.

And at the Fishing Boat Harbour the WA DAY Festival is on all day till 8pm.

There really is no excuse to stay home, so grab the kids, the dog and hubby and head out to be part of our great Freo community.

Have fun!

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WA Dat program


Welcome to Winter! BOM predicts 26 degrees for today and 24 and 23 for Sunday and Monday, so enjoy the long WA DAY weekend in Fremantle.

There will be heaps of entertainment at the Fishing Boat Harbour on Sunday from 10am to 8pm so check out the time table above for the performances.


The Spettacolo! festival in the Townhall is sold out but there is still the free live music at Kings Square to enjoy on Sunday from 12.45 to 3pm.

Italy on Stage celebrates the Italian National Day and that is molto bene.

Have a great weekend and please be generous and support our Freo traders. They are part of our community and deserve and need our support!

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The new City of Fremantle job advertisement for a new Manager Arts&Culture reveals that the department has been moved and is no longer part of the Community Development Department.

The next Manager Arts&Culture will be reporting directly to CEO Phil StJohn and no longer to Director Fiona Hodges. I hear the CEO is now in charge of Arts&Culture at Fremantle.

I questioned several months ago what was going on as Pete Stone suddenly left the position and Destry Puiashame who took over from him was encouraged to resign within a few months, although he had relocated his young family from Melbourne to Fremantle, obviously because he expected to be in the job for many years.

There have been many rumours and allegations I won’t mention here, but we will probably never find out what the real reasons for the resignations and changes are. It is a concern though in the City of Arts when the creatives at Freo City don’t feel appreciated and respected.

Who will be the next Arts&Culture manager and how long will she or he stay on? If you want the job go to the City of Fremantle website and see the details!

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