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Folk Fest line up and times


Who says nothing is happening in Fremantle, a local resident said to me this morning, while we were watching the installation of the Felice Varini artwork all along High Street from the  far west end to the Townhall.

A book shop owner also told me how much she liked this kind of public art.

We are fast approaching the best Freo season with the start of festivals and events and this Saturday the big FREMANTLE FOLK FESTIVAL by Clancy’s at Princess May Park is a great sign of good things to come.

The festival is a family-friendly event with lots of things to do for children. It starts at 11 am and finishes just before midnight.

Have a dance! Have fun and embrace the Freo lifestyle!


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festival parade


There will be no Festival Parade at this year’s Fremantle Festival, because of lack of public interest. Instead there will be a shopping kart race to support St Patrick’s at Kings Square on the last Sunday of the festival.

The Fremantle Festival appears to be moving away from the traditional community festival to a more sophisticated and classy, fully curated, festival, but the risk is that it will leave sections of the community behind.

More ticketed events mean that people on low incomes miss out, as is already the case with the Perth International Arts Festival, that has become unaffordable to many.

I am not at all certain that a small city like Fremantle should move away from a community festival and try to compete with the capital city of WA.

We should embrace the difference and Freo’s uniqueness, instead of wanting to do the same as other festival cities do.

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This is such big and good news for Fremantle that I have simply copied it off the Fremantle Mayor’s blog, since I did not receive any information about this from Sirona Capital or the City of Fremantle, which is disappointing.

Kings Square Fremantle will play host to a semi-permanent festival under a radical but carefully curated multimillion-dollar plan for a borderless retail, community and entertainment precinct.

FOMO, as the precinct has been christened, will reverse the effect of decades of neglect to allow Fremantle to reclaim its status as a thriving tourist destination, according to Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly, the developer of the $270 million office, retail, church and civic precinct.

“We threw out the retail rule book,” Mr McNeilly said.

“We saw a once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the unique personality of Fremantle to create a retail environment where the journey will be as important as the destination.”

The flavour of FOMO, the 5783sqm retail space at the heart of Kings Square, will be devised in a series of workshops with the community, artists and musicians of Fremantle, highlighting and intensifying the best of Fremantle’s makers and artisans.

The Daily will be part of an art, architecture, culture and retail hub “unique to Fremantle”.Picture: Supplied


Its precincts include Street Alley, Tidal Land and Newman Court — a food space with slow food, good food, fast and fresh food which then morphs into spaces selling homewares, fashion and homemade goods.

Radical retail architect, HDR Rice Daubney principal Susanne Pini, said the double-storey Emporium (the former Myer building) would echo a “cool container” with an eclectic mix of organic and free flowing retail concepts.

For example, an area called The Daily, will offer local makers workspace, gallery, retail space around the base of the old carpark area and a window for passing pedestrians into how artisans bring their ideas to life.

City of Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said FOMO will be an art, architecture, culture and retail hub “unique to Fremantle”.

The project, to include two office campuses with 20,400sqm of A-grade office space, a revamped 800 bay carpark and outdoor retail, entertainment and eating spaces and a new $50 million civic precinct for the City of Fremantle, was “a unique opportunity to take a retail risk”, Mr McNeilly, said.

The office complex will house more than 1500 workers and Mr McNeilly said that in curating and intensifying the appealing elements of Fremantle, FOMO would almost double the number of tourists visiting Fremantle from 1.6 million to 3 million a year.


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Hidden Treasures


It is the last day of this year’s Fremantle HIDDEN TREASURES Winter Music Festival, so move your lazy bones to Freo’s beautiful West End.

Only $ 20.00 to enter all the venues, so an absolute bargain.

It’s on at the Buffalo and Navy clubs, the National and Orient hotels, Ps Art Space, and you can also hop on the Fremantle Tram and do a sightseeing tour while enjoying local musos.

Week 4 – 27 July:

Grace Sanders, Matt Cal, DJ Lucky Oceans, Tom Fisher and The Layabouts, Rag N’ Bone, Scalphunter, COLAB, Kid Dingo, The Tommyhawks, The Automasters, De Cuba Son, Crucial Rockers and Timothy Nelson.

One $20 ticket grants a night’s entry to all six Hidden Treasures venues but get in early as some venues have limited capacity.

Door sales only.

For more information visit



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wahonk 1

It is packed full in Fremantle on Good Friday with standing traffic in the West End of town, the Street Arts Festival on at the Esplanade and the WAHONK band practising inside the Roundhouse. Hard to keep the tourists ou with so much invigorating loud music and colourful costumes.

Two drum bands and a brass section, the Wasamba and Jukadelics waking up this gorgeous sleepy town.

Today at 5 pm they will be outside Cicerello’s on Saturday at the Walyalup Pitch at noon and 6 pm, Sunday on South Terrace at noon and 6 pm and Monday at noon at the National Hotel Pitch.

Check out the full program on line at

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The national Fremantle FALLS FESTIVAL will be held in the port city for the first time and work is well under way at Kings Square.

A large stage has been set up next to St John’s church, but to a layman like me the space seems too confined for a large music festival. I wonder how many patrons will be allowed in.

I understand there will exit passes so hopefully that will put some money into the coffers of inner city traders.

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City of Fremantle officers should double-check the number of patrons Falls Festival organisers want to allow into the venue this coming weekend after the panic stampede at the Falls Festival in Lorne, Victoria this weekend.

More than 60 young people were injured, some with broken bones, sprains and suspected spinal injuries.

One young woman told TV reporters that she had felt uncomfortable from the beginning because there were so many people and she felt squeezed in. She said it was “like drowning on land” and she had started to hyper-ventilate.

The set up of the Falls Festival at Kings Square is no doubt different from that in country Victoria but it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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Participants at the BAZAAR

Participants at the BAZAAR


It’s the start of summer and the best time to be in Fremantle, so get ready for a great weekend!

Tonight at 7 pm the Rainbow-Containbow sculpture at Beach Reserve will light up for the first time and that will become a permanent feature of the artwork, and tomorrow night Mayor Brad Pettitt will switch on the Christmas tree at Kings Square around 7.30.

Tomorrow is also the start of the art and craft BAZAAR at the Fremantle Arts Centre that will run all weekend, and on Saturday the South Beach Sunset Food Market starts from 5-9 pm and will run every Saturday till mid April.

On Sunday morning the all embracing lovely Growers Green Farmers Market is on from 8-12 at Lefroy Road and from 1 pm on the East Fremantle George Street Festival is on till early evening.

Staying at home this weekend is simply not an option. Get out and about, meet new people and embrace Freo’s community spirit!

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While wandering around the Little Italy by the Sea event at Bathers Beach on Sunday I took an interesting long lens photo of Arthur Head and one of the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It was disappointing to see all the cars and vans of participants parked at the Italian festival and also many unsafe power cords all over the place without mats on top or even stuck down with gaffer tape. That is always a big no-no for market operators and needs to be addressed if they put up the event again next year. Where was the City’s safety officer to check it out?

The vehicles are very unsightly and power cords are dangerous at a family event!

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What a shame that the Little Italy by the Sea event at Bathers Beach had to put up with very strong winds and rain on Saturday, but it is on today again from 12 noon till 10 pm, so go and enjoy some Italian culture and food.

The Blessing of the Fleet is also at 2 pm and will come past there and there are fireworks at 8 pm, so bring the family!

The spaghetti eating competition was very funny and good to see that great butcher Vince Gareffa also there selling yummy porchetta-baby pig.

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