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It is such a gorgeous day that I hopped on the train to Perth to look at the magnificent 27-storey high art mural by artist Matt Adnate on the new hotel in Hay Street that will be named after him; the Adnate Hotel. It is amazing, but difficult to photograph so I walked up all the nine levels of the adjacent car park to see if I could find a better location, but to no avail.

It is disturbing to see how many really mediocre and ugly highrise buildings are being erected in Perth, but great that there are many fantastic large mural artworks on some of them, especially in Northbridge.

Interesting the people one meets on a train ride. A talkative woman from Albany told us that she lives on a houseboat and had just sold her fish&chips shop after five years of hard yakka, while 26 year old Daniel told us he was on his way for a swim at Cottesloe after having spent two and a half years in jail.

While engaging with them I missed catching up with my old mate Michael Thorn, the CEO of Canberra based FARE-the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, who I saw hopping on the train as well. I wrote one of the very first articles for FARE’s blog many years ago.

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It is taking forever for the SKS Group to build the Fremantle Hilton Doubletree hotel on the former Point Street car park site and they are a bit slow reading Freo’s View blog posts as well it appears.

I received an email this morning threatening me with legal action if I do not remove my blog post that Twiggy Forrest had bought the site.

The blog post was one of four April Fools blogs I published on April 1 this year and I made it clear in a later post that the posts were only April Fools.

I have suggested to the SKS Group to walk down to the chemist and get an injection of humour.  ;>)

I have also asked them to please start with the construction of the hotel asap as the Fremantle community has been waiting for it to happen far too long.

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It is about time the SKS Group told Fremantle Council and the community what is actually going to happen with the site on the corner of Point and Adelaide streets.

SKS bought the site from the City of Fremantle and were going to develop a Hilton Doubletree hotel and residential units there, but they keep delaying the development.

This morning a crane removed the sales office that was installed as part of the agreement with the City of Fremantle when SKS asked for yet another delay in the commencement of the development.

Does the removal of the sales office mean that SKS wants to start developing in May and not as expected in October, or does it mean they won’t develop the site at all?

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Worrying signs in Fremantle for the Hilton Doubletree hotel and Ancora apartments development on the corner of Point and Adelaide Street.

The SKS Group who owns the site has been delaying the development for years and were supposed to commence this October, but all promotional signage has been removed from the sales office, and only one sign remains standing at the carpark.

On their website SKS states that a glut of hotel development might end up in many vacant rooms due to a decline in WA tourist numbers, but that is no longer the case with WA recording the highest increase in tourist numbers in Australia recently.

SKS received planning approval for a six-storey 150 rooms hotel and 98 residential apartments, but have been reluctant to start the development.

There are other residential developments in the pipeline for Fremantle, but will they become reality with the residential market being very slow? It’s a worry!

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Hilton 1

Hilton 2


It seems rather peculiar that the SKS Group which is going to build the Hilton Doubletree hotel at Fremantle’s Point Street only has an estimated  commencement date for the development on their website, while they have an estimated completion date for 2022 for the Hampton-Inn-by-Hilton in Cockburn Central.

The SKS Group have kept delaying the Fremantle development for far too long. They were going to start yet again last October, but only on the basement carpark, but that has now been pushed back by another year to this year October. We can probably expect them to delay it again….and again… and again, because the only option would be for the City of Fremantle to buy back the property, for which there is no money, or for SKS to put the property on the market, and that would not be good for Fremantle either.

Just don’t leave Freo in limbo, SKS and finally state what you are really going to do and give us a fixed date for the commencement and completion!

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It is good to see some action at the Market Street Piazza behind Gino’s where painters are working on the two vacant restaurant buildings, so hopefully they will be activated again soon, which would go well with the new Beerpourium in the former Kulcha building they are facing.

Also news on the planned boutique hotel in the former Warders Cottages in the Henderson Street mall, next to the Fremantle Markets, with the West Australian reporting that hotelier Patrick Prendiville, who also owns the Hougoumont Hotel in Bannister Street, has finalised the purchase of the six cottages, for which he paid $ 2.83 million.

The new hotel will have 11 rooms, an interior and exterior bar and a nice shady courtyard.

Down the road Silverleaf Investments have also started on the development of the former police and justice complex and they will also be building a four-storey hotel facing Parry Street.

Freo is on the move to bigger and better things!

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New plans for the former Fremantle synagogue on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street near Fremantle Oval have come to light, but still depend on Fremantle Council planning approval and a liquor license.

The Old Synagogue would offer a beer garden on three levels, with a rooftop bar, while the restaurant would offer fine dining with an Asian twist to it.

The basement bar of The Old Synagogue will be offering cocktails in a more relaxed and intimate setting, while the street-level bar would embrace the Freo vibes and offer craft beer and pub food.

The City of Fremantle is currently in the process to develop Fremantle Oval with a residential and commercial part and the relocation of the East Fremantle Football Club to the oval, so the new venue, opposite the Norfolk Hotel might well become an additional attraction for the precinct.

Already plans have been approved for a small boutique hotel and tavern at the Warders Cottages directly east of the Fremantle Markets, and another hotel, tavern and entertainment centre by Silverleaf Investments has been approved for the former police and justice complex and Warders Cottages also in Henderson Street. Just east of that development the former Drillhall has been turned into The Social Club live music venue by Sunset Events, that will open in March this year.

There is a lot going on in Fremantle, and that is a good thing, but I am a bit worried that there is too much concentration on making it into an alcohol-related entertainment centre.

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The construction of the Fremantle Hilton Doubletree hotel on the Point Street carpark site by the SKS Group has been delayed again, with the company telling the City of Fremantle they will now not start the construction of the two-level basement carpark of the hotel before mid next year.

SKS had asked the City less than a year ago to terminate the carpark contract so that they could start building the basement in November this year, but problems with ground water on the site and the very wet winter will again delay the start of construction.

SKS bought the site for $ 11 million from the City of Fremantle in 2012 and planned to build a six-storey mix-use development that would house the 150-rooms four star hotel and the 98 Anchora apartments, as well as retail outlets.

The delays are very frustrating for Fremantle, but while the City of Fremantle has an option in the contract to buy back the site if construction does not start within a reasonable time, SKS basically got the City by the balls, because Fremantle Council does not want the property back and it can’t afford to pay back the $ 11 million either, so that leaves our city in limbo. Waiting seven years for the start of construction is unacceptable SKS!

The good news is that many other developers do not engage in procrastination and delays and that there are many new developments in Fremantle, and the other good news is that there will be more parking over the Christmas period and the first half of next year.

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Word on the Fremantle Woolstores shopping centre grapevine is that the development of the Adina Hotel by Silverleaf Investments will start around September next year, because Coles is going to spend about $ 6 million on relocating the supermarket further east within the centre, presumably to make way for the hotel lobby.

Just around the corner the Point Street carpark is also still operating, although the SKS Group had asked the City of Fremantle to return the property to them, so that they could start on the basement of the mix-use development, that will also house the Hilton Doubletree hotel.

But we are seeing a lot of development in Fremantle, and more planned, so our city is moving forward.

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The owners of the Hougoumont Hotel in Bannister Street are seeking temporary approval  for two storey additions to the hotel, to be used for food and beverage facilities for the Hotel onsite.

The proposal involves the installation of two sea containers and recladding to create a ‘pop up’ restaurant/bar on the subject site.

Hours of operation are to be consistent with the existing Hotel Accommodation which are Monday – Saturday 6am – 12am and Sunday – 10am – 12 am.

The dining area has been designed to cater for a maximum of 98 seats (74 internal and 24 external) persons; 15-18 full time staff members will operate from the entire premises at any one time (including accommodation, food and beverage components of business);

No live music is to be performed, with only background music to be played.

The business is envisaged to operate for a period of 5 years until the second stage of the Hougoumont Hotel development is to be carried out .

Opinion: I am not at all certain that two sea containers on top are a very good look in the West End heritage area, and while the proposal is for a temporary five-year use only, there is no guarantee that the applicants won’t apply to make it permanent after that.

The Planning Committee of Fremantle Council will debate the matter on Wednesday.

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