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My favourite photo of the day of the wild Indian Ocean, plus some banner damage in Fremantle.

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Some people are more anxious than others about the coronavirus and about the possibility of getting it, and we should not try to judge those who react differently than we do, but I want to assure the few who will catch Covid-19 that you will be cared for by fantastic professionals in our Western Australian health service.

Over the last three years I have been in hospital twice, once in Rockingham after and operation and once in Charles Gairdner with pneumonia, and I also did a lot of visits to the outpatients ward at Fiona Stanley.

Let me tell you I never felt more nurtured than those days in the Rockingham and Perth hospitals. Not only were the doctors and nurses highly professional, they were really caring with a smile on their faces, a reassuring hand on a shoulder or leg, and nothing was too much for them to look after me.

With pneumonia in isolation at Charles Gairdner a nurse and student nurse picked up that it was my 70th birthday. Within twenty minutes they came back with a long string of connected flags that said Happy Birthday and stuck that on the big window of the isolation room for me. How special is that!

At the outpatients at Fiona Stanley every single person, be that at the reception, the nurses, doctors or laboratories, have a smile for everyone. I never saw a grumpy face indicating any of the staff had a bad day, they were there to do a job, and they did it with real empathy, great care and absolute professionalism.

Should you be one of the few unlucky ones to get Covid-19 you could not be a in a better place on the planet than here in Perth. Relax! You will be well looked after!

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I am surprised to read that the Australian Hotel Association is outraged about the booze buying restrictions the WA Government has introduced, but I also question the effectiveness of the restrictions.

People who want alcohol will still be able to buy it, and in more than sufficient quantities that should last a few days, and can then go back and buy alcohol again the next day, or whenever wanted, so none of the alcohol outlets will suffer from a lack of sales.

People could also go to different bottleshops on the same day and stock up, so that makes me wonder how effective the restrictions will be.

What also worries me is that by restricting the sale of alcohol the government creates a situation where people might leave their home more often to restock, when social distancing and staying at home is so important to try to beat the coronavirus spread.

But I do know the harm alcohol can do, and bored people sitting at home, starting to drink earlier than normal, and the risk of domestic violence in homes.

The world has never had to deal with a crisis as big as Covid-19 and governments try to do their very best, make policy on the run, and react. That is not perfect but it requires leadership to make unpopular decisions.

The McGowan government in WA is doing a good job in my humble opinion, so let’s stop whinging about only being able to buy a carton of beer and a bottle of spirits per day, when hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and many more will follow, and when many businesses will go bankrupt and never open again. Having a drink really is not a priority!

Stay well, Freo!

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Have some good news, WA!





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Every time I walk past A Shed on Victoria Quay I get-excuse the language- totally pissed off about the disgraceful state of disrepair and heritage neglect by Fremantle Ports.

Fremantle Ports is a WA state agency that makes millions of dollars of profit each year and they have an obligation to the community and our history to look after the heritage buildings under their care.

One might well ask if this is another one of those deliberate demolition by neglect attempts by the port authority because they want to develop Victoria Quay. They put out an EOI last year to lease the building, but why would anyone want to move into a building that has been so disgracefully neglected. Will we get to read an consultant engineer’s report soon that will claim the building is structurally unsafe and will need to be demolished?

Where is the Heritage Council and David Templeman, the Minister for Heritage, who seems to be going out of his way to avoid coming to Fremantle? Why is this allowed to happen?!

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Apartment and unit buyers will get a rebate worth up to $50,000 on eligible properties under a two-year scheme announced by the WA State Government today.

The rebate will be available for two years to any buyer who signs a pre-construction contract for a new residential unit or apartment in a multi-storey development.

Multiple rebates will be available to the same applicant and there will be no cap on the purchase price.

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The news in the Sunday Times today that many council positions will not be contested at the October 19 Local Government Elections in WA,  because no one nominated, is a worry, because it is essential for good government to have balance. Different view points are desirable as long as it does not become fifty/fifty votes and a Mayor has the deciding vote on most issues. That would not be healthy either.

It is believed that community apathy about local government and the relentless attacks on social media are reasons for people not to nominate for local council, so that is disappointing. Local government is grassroots democracy where our vote and involvement really can make a difference, so don’t let the trolls frustrate anyone from participating!

Many people, mostly those who don’t like the council the community elected, say that councils should only worry about rates, roads and rubbish, but I believe that local government does have a role to play in other issues, such as climate change, racism, domestic violence, homelessness, etc. as they affect all of us in some way.

Every one of us at some point in life has believed we have an easy solution, but governance is never easy and always complex, and whatever the decision by our elected members it will leave some in the community disappointed and disgruntled, believing that they have not been listened to because the decision went the opposite way of what they wanted.

Politics is a bit like footy. One-eyed fans accusing others of wearing rose-coloured glasses, and neither side can see the positive things the other sides are doing, hence we have people who claim they do not have a political agenda, although all they want is to replace left-leaning politicians with right-leaning politicians, or vice versa. I don’t believe that is having the best interest of the city, the state, or the country at heart.

We need a strong opposition in our parliaments and in our councils, to keep those in power honest and on their toes. I would be worried if Councillors saw themselves as being part of Team Fremantle where sameness and mateship is embraced but opposing views ignored.

We will have at least three new Councillors in Fremantle after the election and there could well be a few surprises in our changing political climate, and that I believe is a good thing. It is up to us, to each and everyone of us, to create the councils we want and we can only achieve that by voting.

If you want the sitting member in your ward to stay, VOTE. If you want to kick out the sitting member in your ward and replace her/him with someone you believe will do a better job, VOTE! Not voting is not an option.

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The City of Fremantle has committed to supporting local businesses by signing up to the Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative.

The initiative run by the Small Business Development Corporation requires local governments to sign a charter which outlines what they will do to support small business in their area.

The charter includes standard activities required of all local governments as well as at least three additional activities specifically suited to the size and demographics of individual councils.

It also includes recognition that the small business community is an important stakeholder, a commitment to provide clear advice and guidance on regulations and compliance and an agreement to limit administrative burdens on small business.

WA Small Business Commissioner David Eaton said small businesses were an essential part of Fremantle’s local economy.

“It’s pleasing to see the significant small business city of Fremantle commit to the Small Business Friendly Local Government initiative,” Mr Eaton said.

“Fremantle is in many ways defined by its amazing range of small businesses and the vitality they bring to the community.

“Through the SBFLG initiative, I’m confident the City’s small businesses will be even better placed to develop and grow.”

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt it was an important step to formalise the City’s support for small business by signing up to the Small Business Friendly Local Governments charter.

“We recognise that one of the main reasons why Fremantle is such a popular place to visit is because of our fantastic mix of independent retailers, hospitality venues and other small businesses,” Mayor Pettitt said.

The standard activities the City has agreed to as a Small Business Friendly local government are to ensure small business suppliers are paid within 30 days, regular meetings and consultation with the business community and establishing a timely and cost effective dispute resolution process.

The additional activities the City is undertaking to support small businesses include the ‘This Is Fremantle’ destination marketing campaign, the Business Capacity Building program and access to the online grant portal Fremantle Funding Finder.

The City is required to provide a report on its business friendly initiatives every six months.

To find out more about how the City of Fremantle is supporting small business visit the Business page on the City’s website.

For more information about the Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative please visit the SBDC website.



WATERLICHT by Daan Roosegarde


A massive hundred people from arts, culture and business attended the very long launch of the Fremantle Biennale 2019 at the Maritime Museum on Thursday morning.

UNDERCURRENT 19 will be a fantastic experience for the Fremantle community and beyond and is an invitation to interact with Fremantle through artistic dialogues and site sensitive events. It will create new visual narratives which articulate the spirit of place, so make sure to check out the program here:

The biennale runs from November 1-24 and is happening all over the Freo CBD with major events at Fremantle Port and Notre Dame University, the Shipwrecks Museum, etc.

Nicola Forrest of sponsor Minderoo Foundation was at the launch, as was the CEO of Fremantle Ports, former MP Melissa Parke, the Fremantle Mayor and several councillors, artists, curators, architects, art administrators, etc.

Here some titles of exciting events during Undercurrent 19: Pearls and Blackbirds about female divers, Behavioral Ecology, the cute South Mole Resort will be a must to visit, Desire Lines, the Somnus theatre of the sea, Midnight Blue Lagoon. the Standing Wave sound installation in the submarine, Ebb&Flow audience communication, the Billboard Project, etc.

There will also be a symposium at Notre Dame University about how artists make a living.

One of the highlights of Undercurrent 19 will be WATERLICHT by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde about our battle with water, rising sea levels and dwindling fresh water.

Roosegarde said about rising ocean levels in the typical pragmatic and laconic Dutch way “We innovate or we die”

I loved the 2017 inaugural Fremantle Biennale so can’t wait for it to start in three months from now.

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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt must be very proud of his sister Renee Pettitt-Schipp who received the WA Premier’s Award for Emerging Writer for her book The sky runs through us, published by UWA Press.

Winner –  The Sky Runs Right Through Us by Renee Pettitt-Schipp​
Published by UWA Publishing (2018)

In this evocative, memorable collection of poems, Pettitt-Schipp writes of experiences that are both personal and political. Formally diverse, tough-minded but always accessible, the poetry addresses issues ranging from Australia’s contemporary treatment of asylum seekers to the poet’s coming to terms with her father’s decline and death, to her appreciation of the natural environments which in which the poetry is set.

Congratulations to Renee and to her proud brother and family!

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