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It is interesting to note that the 3D images for the McCabe Street planning scheme amendment were done by architects CODA and not by the City of Fremantle.

Some years ago the City reportedly bought software for $ 50,000 to do 3 D imagery with, but it is not used.

I have been told that the software is very difficult to use and time consuming and cumbersome and that makes it expensive because of the amount of time needed to do it properly, hence it is not used and the City pays consultants to do it.

One has to wonder who was responsible for investing $ 50,000 in this software and why it wasn’t it tested to see if it was suitable for the needs of a local government before it was purchased.

I believe it is essential that 3D images and even scale models are produced for every proposed major building in Fremantle, so the public can actually understand what is proposed. Not everyone can read 2D plans and imagine the scale and proportions of buildings, so maybe it’s time to pay someone to train staff on how to use the expensive software that is dormant at COF.

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