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It looks like it is going to be a busy Sunday in Fremantle although there is still rain forecast.

The Queen Mary 2 arrived this morning and thousands of passengers were disembarking to take in the sights. Many hopped on busses to the Pinnacles and the Swan Valley, but a large number also walked into Freo.

City of Fremantle volunteer guides were at hand to assist with directions and information.

Add to that the 10,000 spectators expected this afternoon at Fremantle Oval for the first home game of the Dockers AFL women’s team and it should be buzzing in good old Freo this afternoon.

Come visit Freo today and enjoy the unique atm0sphere and the many quirky shops and cafes you won’t find in any shopping centre!

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Posted in fremantle, retail, shopping by freoview on February 9, 2017

MANY 6160 in the former Myer building at Freo’s Kings Square will have to move because of the Kings Square project development, so on Friday February 24 there will be a goodbye party. Below the details:

Wonderful friends of MANY. As you know, at the end of this month, we’re on the move…. so that means one thing;


Everyone is welcome to join us for this free-to-attend event at MANY (entry via King’s Square doors) from 5pm on Friday 24 Feb. Come by to enjoy live music, DJ’s, games, food trucks and a bar.

We’d love to see as many of you here as possible – so we can thank you for your amazing support over the past 3.5 years.

Kids, grannies, pets, and all your mates… everyone’s welcome to party with us. See you there.

I understand that some of the MANY businesses will temporarily move into the former Spotlight building that is also earmarked for development, while others are moving into the Henderson Street police station/courthouse complex.

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Posted in city of fremantle, local government, parking, retail, shopping by freoview on January 27, 2017

Deep from the bowels of the Fremantle Townhall comes info that the City of Fremantle is seriously considering introducing free parking days during the very quiet first half of the week.

Fremantle is so much of a weekend destination that on Mondays and Tuesdays it often looks like a ghost town that only a few locals visit, so there are quite a few retailers who are struggling to survive.

The perception of parking problems and the lack of vacant parking spaces has been going on for years and there are still no signs around the city pointing out all day cheap parking options for visitors.

One issue with free parking would be Notre Dame University students, as those who now come by public transport, because it’s cheaper than parking, might be encouraged to also drive into the West End and occupy parking spaces intended for shoppers.

I understand full council will debate this issue in four weeks, so stay tuned.

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Posted in electricity, fremantle, shopping, western australia by freoview on January 13, 2017

Hello I am back after not having power since 7 am yesterday, so many parts of Beaconsfield and South Fremantle were in the dark for 31 hours and that is a very costly exercise.

Yesterday Peaches had to close and IGA next to it ran on a generator, but today IGA had to close and Peaches had a generator. No doubt a lot of food will have to be thrown in the bin and of course all the casual staff did not have to come to work, so these kids also suffer financially and I doubt they will get compensation.

It is the fourth time in eight weeks that my street was without power for many hours, two of them were scheduled but the other two weren’t. That is not acceptable!

I am not sure at all that WESTERN POWER(less) is a very good commodity to privatise.

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The experts claim this Saturday and Sunday are the worst and most hectic days for Christmas shopping, so I’ll stay well away from it all and bought my food at 8 am.

Local Council meetings are now done for this year so it will probably be a very quiet news time for this blogger.

So let me remind you of a few events that are on tomorrow Sunday December 18.

Of course the lovely Growers Green Farmers Market will be on from 8-12 at the South Fremantle Senior High School on Lefroy Road.

The Fremantle Arts Centre free courtyard music session from 2-4 pm features Liz Stringer from Victoria, one of Australia’s most respected songwriters.

Also on from 2-7 pm is the Sunday SoundsMusic for the Beeliar Wetlands event in protest of the Roe 8 highway. It is on at Hope Road, North Lake.

And from 6 pm onward the Fremantle Christmas Carols will be on at South Beach with food vans and a beautiful sunset.

Fremantle is an outstanding city to connect with the community so get out and about and meet new people, and if you really need to do Christmas shopping, shop local in Freo please to support our traders!!

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Posted in australia day, city of fremantle, hospitality, retail, shopping by freoview on November 27, 2016

I have no issue with people not agreeing with the Australia Day changes Fremantle Council has made but I do object to the Fisheries Minister Joe Francis disrespectfully calling our Elected Members loonies and Fremantle Chamber of Commerce CEO Olwyn Williams suggesting on TV that it will have a major negative impact on Fremantle traders.

First of all there will be fireworks, so all the people who only came for the fireworks in previous years (and that was the vast majority) still can enjoy them. The reality is that most of the crowd only came to the Bathers Beach and Esplanade area after 5pm on Australia Day, so after most shops have closed and many West End cafes as well.

The Citizenship ceremony and entertainment on the Esplanade is never very well attended, so that has not attracted big crowds and lots of shoppers to the city.

Anyone who has been to the Freo fireworks and who lives in the West End will have noticed traffic jams everywhere immediately after the fireworks finish as most people go straight home and don’t stay around, so Australia Day was never huge for traders, but only for the take-away Fishing Boat Harbour traders, who will still get a large crowd on Australia Day for the fireworks but will now also get an additional big day of trading two days later when the John Butler concert is on the Esplanade.

Instead of whingeing about the City of Fremantle not doing anything on Australia Day the Fremantle traders should be grateful that there are now two events over two days that will bring additional business for them. Forget the politics and forget the emotional stuff about Australia Day and recognise that this is a better outcome for Fremantle businesses which will now have two busy days.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce can not genuinely claim that the City of Fremantle decision is going to be bad for business, as that is not backed up by facts from previous years. Shops in Fremantle never had a great shopping day on Australia Day, but the Fish&Chips traders did. That will not change because they put on fireworks themselves, but they will now also have a big second day of trading during One Day in Fremantle, and surely that is a good thing!

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Posted in architecture, atwell arcade, city of fremantle, economy, hospitality, retail, shopping by freoview on November 23, 2016

I had a look inside the renovated Atwell Arcade building and was very impressed with some of the stunning office spaces they have created on the first floor above Cotton On and the other shops in the High Street Mall.

There is no doubt in my mind that this development is good for the Fremantle retail and hospitality industries and our city overall.

Cotton On will open this Friday and looks very impressive and the modern arcade looks inviting.

Maybe some of the heritage character has been lost but I believe the development is a real gain for Freo and a milestone for the revival of Fremantle.

As I have said before the exterior of the new building is not outstanding but for me an acceptable compromise in this location because it angles away as a huge set back and it appears very soft against the blue sky.


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Fremantle retailers are making a real effort for Christmas this year with some nice creative window displays, so take the kids for a walk in the evening as many windows are lit up.

There is a dinosaur, kangaroo, peacock, Father Christmas, etc. so support our Freo traders and shop local this year for creative presents.

Cotton On will open this Friday so finally something that resembles a department store back in the CBD and it looks pretty good!

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It is still cotton off for the mannequins at the new Fremantle COTTON ON in the High Street mall Atwell Arcade, but it is only days away until the national franchise will open their large new shop there.

The arcade is nearly finished and should also open soon, and it is good to see that the mall no longer is the derelict area with many vacant shops.

While there are no City of Fremantle Christmas lights in the streets yet over 40 retailers have participated in a BID project to light up their windows at night, so have a look for them. Support our local Freo businesses and buy your Christmas presents in town this year!

There are many cute shops along High and Market streets and elsewhere that offer a lot more than bland mass-produced products, so check them out!

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With the Fremantle Kings Square project now going full steam ahead I wonder what will happen with the incubator MANY 6160 that has been operating in the former Myer building for a few years now.

I hear they do want to continue somewhere in the CBD and have located 2-3 possible sites to move to, but it might mean that the retailers will have to separate from the craft and design people who are upstairs.

MANY is a fantastic concept that deserves support so I hope they’ll find a new home.

The stunning mural artwork will also be lost when Sirona Capital starts the building work and it’s a real shame the work can’t be saved somehow.

Roel Loopers

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