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“Our Commitment of Health and Safety” the signs at the closed public toilets on the Fremantle Esplanade state, and what an absolute load of shit that is!

The closest public toilets are the two portaloos at Kings Square, which is a 15-20 minute walk, so those who still enjoy going to Bathers Beach and buy fish&chips have nowhere to go to urinate and defecate but the bushes near Kidogo Arthouse, and that is Freo’s commitment to health?

It is going to be a hot day today, so many more people will be out and about, but there won’t be any open public toilets, and what about Mother’s Day next Sunday where many families will catch up for a picnic on the Esplanade.

Get your act together, Fremantle Council. This is not anywhere near good enough!

Roel Loopers





Here is another challenge for Fremantle Council at the start of the new decade.

Fremantle Markets traders have been telling me that there are many disappointed visitors when they realise there is no disabled toilet in one of Freo’s most popular weekend destinations, that attracts some two-hundred-thousand people each years.

The next public toilets are the portaloos at Kings Square, and they can be a challenge for users as they are often very dirty when vagrants leave their trash there, and the cleaners just can’t be there all the time.

Public toilets, or the lack thereof, are a concern in Fremantle and Council needs to start addressing that with priority!

Roel Loopers

P.S. Stuart who runs Freo T-Shirts at the markets posted on Facebook: :There actually is. It’s located in the toilet area in the main hall. Next to Megabes.”

If market traders and disabled people don’t know than maybe some more prominent signs are required and letting all the stallholders know.

Thanks, Stuart!


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beer 1

beer 2


Festivals bring a lot of people into Fremantle and that is a good thing, but what is not good is that the Esplanade public toilets are not available to the general public during the Beer Festival this weekend.

There are no public toilets in the Fishing Boat Harbour, only those a long walk south from Little Creatures near the carpark, and who knows about those?  Nor are there public toilets at Bathers Beach, so the next public toilets are inside the Fremantle Markets and at Kings Square. That is not good enough City of Fremantle!

Roel Loopers


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Some people in Fremantle don’t even want to share their crap with the rest of us, so we can count ourselves lucky that there are many who share their hot air around. ; >)

Took this photo in Quarry Street.

Roel Loopers



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I thought I’d better write this straight away as I might otherwise have a sleepless night from thinking about toilets too much.

The City of Fremantle is doing a business survey to find out if businesses would be interested to become de facto public toilets. A visitor survey has identified that there is a shortfall of public toilets in the port city. That will surprise absolutely no one who ever needed to use one in a hurry.

The City is wondering-hence the survey-what incentives it would take for businesses around town to open up their toilets to the public. Of course many local hospitality businesses already are de facto public toilets, like the ones in the Fishing Boat Harbour and along Bathers Beach and the Cappuccino Strip.

I thought a public toilet committee had been set up about three years ago to identify locations and solutions for the lack of public toilets, but that may have fallen by the way side.

The COF missed a great opportunity for a combined public and bar toilet at Bathers Beach in connection with the application for toilets for the Kelp Bar at Kidogo, when costs could have been shared. Maybe it is time for some Elected Members to go to OPSM to get rid of their short-sightedness.

Fremantle is the number one tourist destination in Western Australia but there are not many public toilets and the ones that are there are pretty filthy, as I discovered at Arthur Head this morning. Could we get the cleaners to lift the lids and also clean underneath them instead of only power hosing the cublicles? YUK!

Roel Loopers

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