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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on August 31, 2012

Tonight is the ARTSOURCE farewell for Executive Director Jude van der Merwe, who was in that role at the state artists support agency for 11 years. Jude is a very well liked and highly professional woman who will hopefully take up another position in the Western Australian arts industry.

Have a great time, whatever you decide to do June!

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Dear Gina Rinehart,

Thank you for letting all of us non-billionaire losers know that we should drink less and work more, because that is how you became wealthy. I think a reality check would do you well dear Gina, as you seem to live in a delusional state that is far removed from reality.

First things first dear Gina. Not all of us had a mining magnate like Lang Hancock as father, as you did, who left us with a shit load of money, so we could make more money out of it. My parents worked bloody hard in the Netherlands to raise 5 kids. Dad and mum shared the workload in our small corner shop, while dad also had a part time job as advertising rep. and studied in the evenings. It still did not leave them with much, so we did not inherit anything. My parents could not have worked harder even if they had wanted to.

I have worked all my life and very often pretty hard, like seven days a week, dear Gina, and it is not by choice I receive less photographic assignments than I used to get. Times and technology have changed.

It still does not mean that because I get less paid work I work less hard my dearest Gina, because I put a huge amount of time doing volunteer community work in Fremantle, on average between 25 hours a week. How much community work have you done in your lifetime you hardworking darling?  Not much if your physical appearance is any indication.

Did you know, I am filthy rich so I know better, Gina, that the University of Adelaide reports that volunteering in Australia is worth more than the mining industry and that the monetary value is over 200 billion dollars a year? Did you know that 6.4 million people volunteer their time in this country and that many charities and tourist attractions would not be able to operate successfully without unpaid volunteers?

You see my loveliest Gina, while financially broke losers like I work bloody hard to unselfishly look after our community, you by the look of it just stuff millions of dollars a day down your throat. I’m sure you donate a lot of money to charity. Great tax deductions hey darling Gina!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 31, 2012

The KEEP FREO IN FREO fight continues with a wrap around of the Fremantle Herald and a shop on the corner of High Street Mall and Market Street.

The shop needs people to man it for an hour or so a day to get people to sign the petition, etc. Please pop in and see Chris Lewis if you can help!

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I am a number again at my favourite Fremantle café and no longer the regular Espresso drinking guy who pops in daily for his early morning caffeine hit. Most people waiting there now don’t know me because of the many recent staff changes, so from being Roel, Role, Roelle, Raoul, Raul, etc. I now receive a number like everyone else when I order, so staff can find me.

That is not a big deal but unfortunately the new staff also lack smile and courtesy. They plonk down my coffee and while I smile and thank them, they walk away in silence with the word boredom written on their face. The one saving grace is Sarah, who works on weekends. When Sarah smiles at me I feel I have just entered paradise. Her personality is as delightful as her face is beautiful. Oh to be young again……: >(

My experience at my local made me think of service in general and I wonder why management does not train staff better. How often are we being ignored on entering a shop. How often do shop assistants show it is more important to them to continue a private phone conversation, finish a text message or browse the net. I am sure it is highly important to them to find out when to meet up next, how the first night with a new lover went, or where to booze up on the weekend, but maybe someone could tell them that everyone entering the shop is a potential buyer. Buyers keep retailers sustainable so they survive and that means the shop assistants who ignore us can keep their job. Pretty simple really.

I reported some weeks ago of market stallholders at Kings Square abusing me for taking photos of their stalls, so no way I’ll ever bring friends over or recommend the market to tourists, nor will I ever promote the Mad Haters (it’s hatters of course) Market on this blog, Facebook and Twitter again. That is not only a loss for those who were rude to me, but to all other stall holders where I might have bought lunch, coffee, meat or vegies.

And then there is this newsagency man near the hospital who does not seem to care about his customers. I stopped going there because his hands are always so extremely dirty that I shuddered when I received change from him. The young daughter of a friend commented she too was disgusted with the proprietor’s filthy hands. Has this shop owner so little respect for his customers, and when I went somewhere else to buy papers and play Lotto, how many others might have done the same?

Customer service is not hard, it requires a smile, wanting to look after those who give us business and a job, and showing one cares, just that tiny wee bit. Doing that assures repeat custom and ongoing business. Go and watch how Sarah does it and learn from her!

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Listening devices for the media in the UK and  a certain lawyer in Perth have been in the news lately, so Freo’s View obviously needs to keep up with modern technology. We went for the pen and paper listening device of someone attending the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce meeting where Jandakot Liberal MLA Joe Francis spoke.

# Francis was very strong about that he did not want the Fremantle Dockers to move to Cockburn and is talking with the City of Cockburn of not pursuing that.

# Francis was also adamant that Fremantle‘s streetscapes and buildings are unique and should not be destroyed for the sake of development. He was concerned about wrong development and the height of  buildings in important areas of the city.

# The Jandakot MLA also said the City of Fremantle should halve parking fees on Sundays as the City of Perth has done.

# Joe Francis believed the move of the Department of Housing to Fremantle was close enough to call it a done deal.

Thank you to my pen&paper ‘spy’ for taking these notes!

Roel Loopers

buildings in important areas of the city.


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The yearly MARITIME DAY will be held at Fremantle Ports this Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, so come along if you’d like to find out more about our working port. There will be plenty of things to do for young and old from tug boat visits, to harbour rides, computer games, demonstrations, music, information stalls, food, etc.

It’s all happening on Victoria Quay near the Rottnest Ferry Terminal at B Shed.

Maritime Day is always a very relaxing fun day, so don’t miss it.

Roel Loopers

Container vessel leaving Fremantle Ports at sunset



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On the look out for photos for the Colorific show in October at the Greg James Gallery at J Shed I stumbled across these photos early this morning while watching the offloading of sardines from a tiny fishing boat at Fremantle‘s Fishing Boat Harbour. It was nice to see old fashioned fishing in the light of the Dutch supertrawler now having entered Australian waters at Port Lincoln in South Australia.

Roel Loopers

Colour in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour

There is beauty in the ordinary

Colours of decay








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Worrying news for Fremantle clubs reported in the West Australian this morning with the Swan Yacht Club being accused of having built four illegal boat pens. If found guilty this could incur a $50,000 fine.

The West reports that the Managing Secretary of the club accepted a payout to leave and that the club had lent money to other Fremantle clubs without the approval of the board. There are unsecured loans for which the board wants security.

It is my understanding that the Fremantle Workers Club only reopened earlier this year because of support and shared membership of the Swan Yacht Club, so now hoping this will not affect the Henry Street club that has resurrected itself under the great leadership of president Don Whittington.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 29, 2012

New potted trees have been installed at Kings Square next to the Fremantle Town Hall. New umbrellas will be put there soon as well. That is all positive, but why the pots have to be this boring colour, instead of something that compliments the funky colourful new furniture, I don’t understand. Fremantle is desperate for more colour on buildings, pavement, posts, etc.

Those in charge at the City of Fremantle need to become more daring. Bland is not what Fremantle needs. Can we get the pots painted please. Grazie!

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Around eighty people turned up this morning at Fremantle Oval for the Fremantle Herald photo shoot for the KEEP FREO IN FREO wraparound the paper is doing this weekend.

I would normally not publish a shoot organised by someone else but since this is in support of the Herald promotion to stop the Fremantle Dockers football club from moving to Cockburn, I believe no one will complain.

Fremantle Herald photographer Jeremy Dixon and journalist Brendan Foster(doing a video for the online paper) taking photos of the Keep Freo in Freo protest at Fremantle Oval.

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