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Firewoks Fishing Boat Harbour


The editor of the Fremantle Herald must have thought it clever to repeat as a headline the F*** You Brad shout a member of the public made at the council meeting about the proposed J Shed tavern, but what the newspaper did was lowering itself to the standard that has become the norm on social media platforms such as Freo Massive.

Bullying, slander, name-calling, conspiracy and defamation and a total lack of respect for anyone who dares to have a different opinion has become the norm on social media in Fremantle and that is very disappointing.

With WA DAY coming up this long weekend I wish and hope that our community can return to respectful dialogue, and robust but fair debate about the issues we are passionate about.

People who have never met and who know very little about one another make assumptions and accusations, and a large part of the vile debate it just opinionated ignorance by people who refuse to inform themselves before embarrassing themselves by posting utter nonsense.

There is no reason not to know what is going on in Fremantle as all council agenda, minutes, planning proposals etc. are posted on the City of Fremantle website, and other information is out on Facebook, Twitter and through local media.

We often read and hear the accusation of Fremantle Council not following process and community consultation, even when we had lengthy periods of it, e.g Cantonment Hill, traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle, J Shed, etc.etc. The issue is that far too many members of the public can’t be bothered to check what is going on in their own city and then blame council and the administration for their own ignorance.

Respect and courtesy are beautiful things and make life so much more pleasurable and easy. No one wants to be abused or intimidated, and not many people will want to engage in what should be a healthy community debate when they fear abuse and slander.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone having a different opinion. They don’t suddenly become the enemy because they don’t agree with you, and cheap point-scoring and name-calling is not at all helpful to moving forward together as a community.

Good debate can help find new solutions, as long as we show tolerance and respect for the ideas of others. Life is not black&white but complex, and local government is even more so.

Respect for others is the key word for me because we need to accept that whatever we do and say will have a positive or negative impact on others, so think about that before you call someone a @#&*%@# so and so next time. Stick to the facts and let’s have an informed, mature and civil debate.

We are very lucky to live in a unique place like Fremantle and to have such a diverse and unique community. We need to build on that by challenging and rejecting disrespectful social media posts, and we should condemn the headline in the Herald for what it is-immature juvenile Schadenfreude.

Have a happy and respectful WA Day!

Roel Loopers

FIREWORKS at the Fishing Boat Harbour at 6pm this Sunday!


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Fremantle photographer Brad Rimmer’s Don’t Look Down exhibition at ARTSOURCE is mesmerising. His photo show about the Swiss Alps is not the run of the mill pretty colourful postcard panoramic stuff but a deep connection with the environment he was in.

There is something haunting and an eerie stillness, a sense of isolation, desolation and aloneness about Rimmer’s excellent photos, which are displayed like an installation in the magnificent space once occupied by Circus WA.

Brad Rimmer understands his craft and he allows himself to be emotionally vulnerable when he lets the overpowering landscape of the Alps awe and inspire him to find the essence in smaller sections of the overwhelming mountain landscape and the forrest.

Since Foto Freo was unfortunately abandoned many years ago Fremantle has not had many good photo exhibitions, and we definitely have not had one that is as stunning and powerful as this show by Brad Rimmer. Go and see it!

ARTSOURCE is in Phillimore Street near the intersection of Cliff Street.


Roel Loopers




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sunset here 1


What a truly amazing sunset that was this evening over the Indian Ocean at Fremantle.

It was so incredibly beautiful that it took my breath away. Nature is just so more awesome than any manmade stuff.

Roel Loopers



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Maintenance at the lighthouse on the South Mole in Fremantle Port made for a nice colourful photo this morning.

Roel Loopers



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I keep telling you that I love taking photos of reflections, so here some water colours I took this morning in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

It’s a gorgeous day out there before another storm will hit Freo tomorrow, so take advantage of it if you can and go for a nice long walk!

We live in a very special place and  we should appreciate it much more than some social media posts want us to believe.

Roel Loopers


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I am not sure at all why Fremantle Council is wasting officers’ time to investigate higher(penalty) rates for long time vacant street level retail spaces, when other councils have already done so, but their plans were rejected by the State Administrative Tribunal.

Blaming ‘greedy’ landlords for empty retail spaces is ignoring the global downturn in retail and online shopping becoming more popular.

It is even more flabbergasting that Fremantle Council has instructed the administration to investigate penalty rates in a time where traffic and parking in the CBD is impacted by the Kings Square redevelopment and more shops have closed in William Street and the Fremantle Mall because of that.

It is pie in the sky thinking that temporary pop ups by amateurs who don’t have the money to invest in a long time sustainable business is a solution for the retail problems Fremantle and the rest of Australia has.

Many traders in Fremantle have closed after only 6-12 months of trading because they did not do any research on the viability of their business in the locations they opened up shop. A cafe in Phillimore Street that took over from another unsuccessful cafe only lasted three months, which shows the naivety and lack of financial backing of some who start a new business.

Don’t waste officers’ time Fremantle Council!

Roel Loopers



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Nan at Roundhouse


This is Nan Jackson who today appeared in the Fremantle Gazette and in a Facebook promotional video. Nan has been a volunteer tourist guide at the Fremantle Roundhouse for ten years and deserves to be applauded during National Volunteer Week and the Fremantle Heritage Festival.

Around 150,000 overseas and interstate visitors yearly visit the old building at Arthur’s Head. Many school groups visit to find out about the history of the former jail, so the guides are being kept busy, and Nan’s knowledge about the history of Fremantle is amazing..

The Roundhouse was built by free settlers, not convicts, who came to establish the Swan River Colony in 1829, and because of excessive drunkenness, stealing and disorderly behaviour it was decided in 1830 to build the small eight cell jail, which opened in January 1831.

Every day at 1pm the cannon on the gun deck that overlooks Bathers Bay is being fired by a visitor, who receives a certificate, and the time ball above the deck is lowered. The guides who are in charge of firing the cannon need a dangerous goods and a pyrotechnic license, and that costs the not for profit organisation quite a bit of money

It is quite remarkable that fewer than 30 mainly senior volunteers keep the Roundhouse open every day, but for two, of the year. Only on Good Friday and Christmas Day is the museum closed. Volunteers come from as far away as Darlington, Joondalup, Kelmscott and Rockingham, which shows the real dedication and love for the job of talking one on one with people from all over the world.

The Roundhouse guides are often the first port of call for tourists in Fremantle, so they point them to other attractions, the best cafes, fish&chips, bars, concerts, events, etc. and also give them tips for their travels through WA and Australia.

The building is also used for wedding photography, and it has housed night concerts, functions, theatre plays, movies, art exhibitions and other events, etc.

It is a constant battle to keep the Roundhouse open because of the limited guide numbers, as it is difficult to find new volunteers willing to spend a day a week at the old building from 10am to 3.30pm. It is a very positive experience. Most visitors tell the guides how much they love Fremantle and its character heritage buildings.

The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides would love to have more volunteers, so go and have a chat with them!

Roel Loopers



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after the storm


Driving onto the Fremantle  South Mole late yesterday afternoon I was fascinated with the very flat Indian Ocean that had the same colour as the sky above it, so I took this after the storm photo of the tranquility.


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FBH sign


The Fremantle FISHING BOAT HARBOUR traders have put up a nice very big new sign at the entrance at Mews Road.

Good signage in the right locations is of great assistance to visitors to our little port city, so well done FBH!

Roel Loopers



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Brad Rimmer show


My mate and fellow photographer Brad Rimmer is having an exhibition in the new art space at ARTSOURCE in the old Customs House in Phillimore Street in Fremantle.

The opening of DON’T LOOK DOWN by Brad Rimmer is this Wednesay May 30 at 6.30pm.

Join him from 6.30pm 30 May 2018 in this exhibition of new works from his Global City Residency in Basel, Switzerland.


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