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The Fremantle Food Trucks Under the Bridge is back at the East Street jetty from 5pm today, so have a nice meal and watch the sun set behind the port.

There is live music as well and plenty of parking.

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Fremantle Councillors at the FPOL Committee were not keen last night to commit $ 600,000 for a hard-edge/seawall structure at the Northbank residential development between the Swan River bridges.

Erosion is worrying the local residents, but Councillor Andrew Sullivan wanted the officers to investigate what would happen if the City did not do anything. Sullivan said he was not convinced the City had an obligation to spend all that money, because it is just bad luck when erosion occurs.

He was not happy to spend half a million dollars and more to keep private residents happy when it diminishes the use of the area for the broader community. There is already very little public space and beach left, Sullivan said

Mayor Brad Pettitt agreed and said Council needed to have a wider discussion about this.

The Northbank development was conditionally approved in 1995 by the WA Planning Commission, with one condition for the management of a foreshore plan, but developers Montheath Properties went into receivership so many of the proposed recommendations were not implemented.

The item was deferred and will be discussed again in late October.

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Great thunder and lighting and quite a bit of rain in Fremantle last night, but a perfect Monday to visit the Food Trucks Under the Bridge at the East Street jetty from 5pm today.

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North Fremantle Community Association convenor Gerry MacGill sent me the information that I copy below, as I believe it will interest people outside North Freo as well.

Some 30 residents were provided with briefings on current projects for the North Fremantle foreshore, from the Traffic Bridge to Rocky Bay, by Councils staff Joanne Smith, Parks Manager; Katrina Sachse, Senior Projects Officer, Landscape and Natural Areas; Adam Kimball, Traffic and Civil Design Coordinator; and Anthony Apps, Landscape Architect.
The presentations were notable for the willingness of the present Council representatives (in contrast to some of the former) to encourage participation by the community in planning and implementation.  This opens up opportunities for community participation.  The NFCA will work with the Council over the next month or so to develop a structure for cooperation between Council and the community.  We welcome expressions of interest from residents who would like to be part of this work.

The current projects are:

North Fremantle Foreshore Management Plan 2013
The plan has many recommendations, many not implemented, which require prioritisation and an implementation program

Riverbank funded North Fremantle Foreshore Vegetation Assessment and Management Project
This plan is currently out to tender by qualified consultants and will involve an extensive community consultation component.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife officers will continue to monitor the works undertaken and assess their effectiveness.
Continuation of the foreshore access path under the Traffic Bridge was recommended by some residents.

Prawn Bay constructed wetland
An engineering report, not yet publicly released, will be important input into a future discussion about the future of Prawn Bay.  NFCA has previously expressed the view that most of the large rocks placed there to make the wetland work should be removed an allow the river to establish its natural shoreline.

Portside Park
The park has no particular function or attractions for users.  The timber structure and seats serve no purpose.  It could function as spillover for Harvey Beach on at very busy times.— not for bathing, but perhaps a paddling pool below the ‘amphitheatre’.    A community discussion on this will be invited.

Rocky Bay Heritage Trail
The trail is being redesigned.  Public input will be invited into what features and events it should highlight.  There is, for example, much more scope to tell the story of the suburb’s industrial history.

Cypress Hill
There was considerable discussion of fire hazard associated with inappropriate vegetation on the hill.  This will be an important part of the Vegetation Assessment and Management Project, but residents believe that hazard reduction is urgently needed now.

Dinghy Storage
The view that dinghy storage and movement is a major contributor to foreshore erosion was seriously contested.  Boatwash was cited as the major cause.  If dinghies have to be stored (as demanded by the Swan River Trust) storage areas should be sensitively located among the vegetation, not as ‘boat park’.

Gerard MacGill


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