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This is a REALLY GOOD Fremantle story!

More than 400 tuart trees are to be planted in Fremantle’s Booyeembara Park as part of the Main Roads WA High Street Upgrade project.

The state and federal governments have committed $118 million to upgrade High Street, from Carrington Street to Stirling Highway, to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety.

As part of Main Roads landscaping and revegetation strategy for the project almost 5000 plants will be planted at the eastern end Boo Park, including more than 400 tuart trees.

Another 4000 new tuart trees will be purchased and planted in other key sites across Perth through a partnership with leading conservation group A Trillion Trees.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said he was pleased Main Roads had included the tree planting program as an important part of the High Street project.

“The planting of more than 400 tuart trees in Boo Park, plus thousands of complementary understorey plants, will not only beautify the park but also mean the High Street project will deliver a substantial net gain in the number of tuart trees in the local area.

“The additional 4000 tuarts to be planted through A Trillion Trees will ultimately mean that for every tuart tree removed as part of the High Street project more than 200 will be planted in its place.”

The tuart planting program in Boo Park will begin this winter. For information on how to participate in the local planting program contact the City of Fremantle on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) or

The High Street Upgrade has been carefully designed to retain more than 70 per cent of the established trees in the project area.

The design features a wide, tree-lined median separating the eastbound and westbound traffic lanes, creating an attractive gateway into Fremantle.

For more information visit the High Street Upgrade page on the Main Roads WA website.


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I fear that the climate, as in the hot and very humid weather today, and the fact that the Fremantle Dockers women were playing Collingwood at Fremantle Oval, kept the numbers down for the Fremantle Climate Change Action in Pioneer Park.

During the hottest period of the day just over one hundred people attended the event, including Nyoongar elders, Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt,  Fremantle Councillors Sam Wainwright and  Bryn Jones, and Fremantle Foundation CEO  Dylan Smith, with wife Julia and children.

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There is a CLIMATE ACTION event on in Fremantle this afternoon. It starts at 3pm in Pioneer Park, opposite the train station, and at 4.15pm they will march through the city.


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Lisa O’Malley, the Member for Bicton, standing in for minister Rita Saffioti, announced this morning at the SAVE PORT BEACH festival that the State and City of Fremantle will go half and half to build a protective rockwall at the very popular endangered beach.

The City of Fremantle and the Western Australian government will each provide $ 200,000 to do what is basically a stop gap measure, as a substantial ocean wall will have to be built to ensure that Port Beach won’t disappear and the restaurant and carpark won’t have to be relocated.

Strong erosion during the winter months means that the future of Port Beach is in limbo and so is the future of the COAST bar, restaurant and cafe.

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BLOOM is an interesting exhibition by primary school students at the Fremantle Markets.

A lot of jellyfish are hanging down from the ceiling, and they have been created by using recycled plastics.

The idea is to create more awareness about the reuse and recycling of single-use plastics.

Go and have a look and check out all the things on offer!

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With the start of a new year there is a time for reflection, and also a time for hope, wishes and New Year resolutions, but I believe it is also a time to be realistic and stop all the nonsense that somehow Australia is the best country on earth.

I love living in Australia, but I have lived in other really good countries and traveled to many more that were also great, and I only have to think about New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern to realise that one of the things missing in Australia is good leadership and a good PM.

We cannot claim to be the best country in the world when we have one of the highest rates of domestic violence, when racism is still happening daily, and when Australia is still sending refugees to overseas detention centres.

We are not the best country in the world when we have tens of thousands of homeless people and when we still have Aboriginal people living in third world conditions.

We have to do much better also at caring for the elderly and for the environment, so let us not be complacent because of national pride, and fool ourselves that we are living in a perfect country, when there is a lot of improvement needed still on many levels.

I love living in Fremantle because of the very good community we have, but even our small city is far from perfect and needs improvement, and that has already started.

All I read on social and in the mass media is anger, division, people attacking others, and engaging in political point-scoring.

But there is a huge lack of real leadership both in government and the private sectors, when as a community we should work together, collaborate, create bridges of tolerance and acceptance, and reach out to those who need our support, and also reach out to those who are different and have a different opinion.

We all have to share this beautiful country and this amazing planet, and we all have to work together to preserve what we have and try to improve it for the generations after us.

Have a great New Year. Hug more and argue less. Love and smiles can conquer everything!

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At the East Fremantle GEORGE STREET FESTIVAL two weeks ago all food & beverage vendors were required to use GO2CUP in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste at the very popular annual festival

GO2CUP supplied over 20 vendors with reusable cups, plates and cutlery which were then placed in allocated bins to be washed and used again at other events. Over 9,000 reusable items were used on the day!

Approximately 9,500 people came along to the event with only 300 – 400kg of waste being collected for the whole day!

The Town of East Fremantle is very grateful to all volunteers who kindly assisted at the bins stations, including members from the East Fremantle Junior Football Club, WREN and Recycle Right WA.

Well done everyone. Great effort!

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I do realise that now is not the time to talk about taking action on climate change, or the future of planet earth, but I thought to share this photo with you anyway, that the RED REBELS put on Facebook today, since it is the Eliza sculpture in the Swan river by East Fremantle artist Tony Jones.

While Australia is burning, supposedly intelligent and mature people are denigrating a Swedish schoolgirl, who is passionate about her future and the planet she lives on.

Praying to an imaginary god has replaced leadership in this country.


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The Town of East Fremantle has commenced the process of becoming endorsed as a Waterwise Council by the end of 2019. This involves the Town committing to various projects, policies or procedures that will improve the efficiency of the Town’s water use.

For more information on this initiative and to learn how you can become more waterwise, visit



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It does not look as if the City of Fremantle will abandon spraying parks and reserves with glyphosate, which is reportedly dangerous for the health of humans and animals.

This below from the agenda of the FPLO Committee of Fremantle Council which wel meet this Wednesday:


The purpose of this report is for Council to consider the petition on the use of glyphosate and the City’s current integrated weed management program. The City is responsible for managing land inclusive of parks, gardens, foreshore reserves, bushland reserves, road reserves, drainage sumps and City owned or managed land. The majority of City managed land requires vegetation and weed management and glyphosate is currently used in the weed management program.

This report recommends that the Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation committee acting under delegation 1.1:

  1. Note the petition received from Mr De Villiers requesting Council:
    1. Ban the spraying of glyphosate in the City of Fremantle parklands and

      public spaces.

    2. Develop and research less toxic and environmentally friendly

      alternatives to the use of glyphosate in parklands and public spaces in

      the City of Fremantle.

    3. Increase the steam weeding to reduce the City of Fremantle’s chemical


  2. Request officers continue with the City’s current integrated weed management program, noting the management controls to mitigate the risk to staff, contractors and the public for the use of herbicide, including Glyphosate, and within existing operational resources and budgets.
  3. Request officers continue with the trials of alternative weed control practices and management and implement the effective trials within existing operational resources and budgets where possible.
  4. Request officers submit details of the proposed herbicide reduction program and management practices and/or service level amendments through the annual budget cycle for consideration.

For the entire agenda item and Officer’s Recommendation click on Agendas and Minutes on the City of Fremantle website.

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