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Will the people of South Fremantle have to endure a by-election and will Andrew Sullivan’s win be contested?

According to the Fremantle Herald today unsuccessful candidate Marija Vujicic is contemplating a protest because of the supposed in-illegibility of candidate Ben Moodie.

Andrew Sullivan won the South Ward seat with just 57 vote more than Liam Carter, and Vujicic was 138 behind Sullivan, while Moodie received 268 votes.

Moodie’s eligibility had been a major discussion on social media during the election campaign, but he Electoral Commission had allowed his nomination, so one has to question why there are no better check ups to see if candidates are eligible.

In an hour we will know the outcome of the High Court decision about Federal politicians with dual citizenships, so there needs to be an inquest into the Electoral Commission and how it is they do not properly check if candidates can legally become politicians in Australia.

A  by-election in South Fremantle would be pretty unfair to the candidates as it demands more door knocking and printing material, and it is likely that many voters would not bother to send in new ballot papers.


Roel Loopers


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Today is Fremantle Council election day!

If you have not lodged your ballot paper yet you can still do so in the Fremantle Townhall between 8am and 6pm.

It will be a close election, so your vote really does count as candidates could win with just a handful of votes more than their opponents.

Counting will take place straight after 6 pm and the results should be known by 8pm.

Local musicians will be in front of the Townhall from 11am to 2 pm and there is a sausage sizzle, so come and say hello to the candidates and their supporters!

Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward!



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Dad for Freo!


My heart melts when I see babies, so I could not resist to publish this photo of the beautiful Aoife, the baby daughter of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and his partner Emma.

Fantastic voter participation in the City of Fremantle local council election.

Votes in so far:

East Ward 43.32%- City Ward 45.52%- South Ward 50.05%- North Ward 43.30%-

Hilton Ward 42.63% and Beaconsfield Ward 45.21%

You can still drop off ballot papers at the City of Fremantle reception desk till end of business today, and between 8am and 6pm tomorrow at the Townhall.

Every vote counts, so make sure you have lodged yours! Thank you so much!!!!


Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward!


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Australia Post is not the most reliable service, so if you want your vote to count for the Fremantle local government election you will need to post your ballot paper latest tomorrow, so that it will arrive by Friday.

Votes will be counted at the Freo Townhall on Saturday October 21 from 6pm.

If you live in City Ward or have a business there vote for me please!


Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward!




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Today in one week we will know the outcome of the Fremantle local government election, but the voter participation is disappointingly low again.

So far of all wards together only 31.97% of eligible voters have returned their ballot papers and surprisingly City Ward  has the lowest participation of all wards with just 30.11%

South Ward has the highest participation with 34.79%.

It is very disappointing that so many people have an opinion about Fremantle Council but that so few bother to vote.

Voting is a privilege and a duty, so please make those two ticks, sign the form and stick the pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope in an Australia Post mail box. It has to arrive by end of business on Friday October 20, so don’t leave it too late.

Alternatively you can still hand in your ballot paper at the Fremantle Townhall between 8am and 6pm on Saturday October 21.

PLEASE VOTE! Have your say.

Roel Loopers



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If you have not voted yet for the Fremantle local government election, do it today and definitely before 6 pm on Tuesday, as your ballot paper might otherwise not make it in time!

Local government is real grassroots democracy, so make sure you’ll get the best possible representation and select the candidate that will deliver.




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I received my ballot papers for the Fremantle council election today, gave two ticks, signed and dated it, sealed the envelope, et voila! as the French say.

Please VOTE! It is really important that you participate. Your vote could just make the difference of getting a progressive and positive candidate over the line.

Negativity is not a way forward.


Roel Loopers



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One-hour free parking has now been introduced in the Kings Square area, after the City of Fremantle consulted with local traders, who are worried the city square development might negatively impact on their business.

The reaction to it on social media shows that politics resembles sport more and more. One-eyed blinkered supporters of one team do not want to see the quality of the players of the other team and vice versa. The other team is always wrong and our team always right.

When the free parking was announced the mayoral candidate opponent questioned if council has now changed their mind on reducing car use in the CBD, while she herself has a platform of one-hour free parking and extensive community consultation.

One camp keeps going on about the lack of community consultation on scrapping the Australia Day firework, and I agree it should have been much better, but the other camp says there was no consultation about the introduction of the firework in the first place

Fremantle council boasts about unprecedented development in Fremantle, not seen for four decades, but a former Mayor says that is not true, and claims there was a lot of development while he was there as well.

Planning Scheme Amendment 49 has not created new development, opponents say, but what about Kings Square, the biggest project in Freo ever, the Hilton Doubletree and the Woolstores development plans, say those who initiated the scheme amendment.

Social media is full of innuendo, conspiracy and name-calling, but it is often not supported by facts. We hear claims that elected members vote along party lines, but my long time observation of council and committee meetings does not support that. Only last week two Labor members voted for and one against the new verge garden policy for example. It is correct that there are several Labor and Greens members on Fremantle Council, but they vote as individuals, and that is how they got elected.

I understand that those who support the Liberal or National party, or One Nation, Family First, etc. are not pleased to have a left-leaning council, but that is democracy. The Fremantle community voted the elected members in and we should respect that.

Elections should not be about discrediting opponents, so I was delighted that non of the five City Ward candidates said anything bad about their opponents at last week’s candidate forum.

Unfortunately social media attracts a lot of non-factual nonsense, which is unfair to those who are willing to put their hand up for their community. We are better than that in Freo!

Left, right, or centre, have your say and VOTE, because that is the only way you get the representation you want, and that applies to the young over 18 and the seniors. Don’t sit on your bum and criticise those who are getting off theirs, do your bit for Freo. Voting is the least you can do.

The ballot papers will be arriving this week, so it takes only two ticks, a signature, putting it in an envelope and in the mail box to participate. VOTE PLEASE, no matter if you vote for or against me. Vote for Fremantle!

The Mayoral Candidate Forum is on tonight at 6.30pm at Tannock Hall, corner of Cliff and Croke Streets.


Roel Loopers



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The Fremantle CITY WARD election candidate forum is on tonight at 6.30 upstairs at the National Hotel, so please do come along and bring your neighbours, business colleagues and friends.

Even if you are not interested in local government, do it for me, so that I’ll see a few friendly faces in the crowd!

I have done the leg work and the hard yards over the last 8+ years to get a very good understanding of local government process, so it is natural progress that I want to make the next step up into Council.

It is important to understand that Councillors need to know what goes on in all of Fremantle, not just their ward, suburb or street, as they will be required to vote on all issues that come to Council and committee meetings.

A thorough understanding of all the issues in all the suburbs is essential to be a good and effective Councillor, and I am proud to say that I have done my homework over very many years.

Come listen to the five candidates and ask your questions during the Q&A that will be the main part of the evening, and may the best Roel win. ; >)


Roel Loopers





The long weekend makes for a short week, so here a reminder that there are three election forums on next week.

On Tuesday the 26th of September North Fremantle and South Fremantle candidates can be grilled by the public, so take advantage of it.

There are only two candidates in North Freo and the meeting is at the Community Hall there at 6.30 pm.

Five candidates battle for South Fremantle, including indigenous man Ben Moodie and the youngest candidate 21-year-old Liam Carter. It’s on at The Local at 6.30 pm on the 26th.

It’s a shame the two forums are on the same day as I would have liked to attend both of them.

On Thursday the 28th at 6.30 City Ward candidates, including me, will be part of a Q&A upstairs at the National Hotel.

This will be a interesting debate, with Claudia Green claiming the high-ground in the belief that only she had the God-given right to nominate. She discredits the other four candidates Roel Loopers, Julie Morgan, Adin Lang and Linda Wayman, by claiming they are just “a disingenuous attempt to dilute votes.” It’s actually called democracy!

And a reminder that the big Mayoral Forum will be on October 3 at 6.30 at Tannock Hall of the University of Notre Dame.


Roel Loopers



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