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Arborists are busy high up on the Fremantle Esplanade this hot Saturday morning to try and make the Norfolk pine trees safe and stop branches from falling down.

Excessive and heavy seed pods are to blame this season, so pods and tree branches are removed where deemed necessary by the experts.

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Large parts of the Fremantle Esplanade reserve have been cordoned off because of the fear of large branches of the Norfolk Island pines falling down, after an unusualĀ  growth of heavy seed pods, much further away from the tree trunks, is making the branches too heavy.

Contractors are on site to cut down branches and remove excessive seed pods. This is also happening at South Beach and Parmelia Park.

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Carriage Cafe


I hear that the owners of the cute Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade have been told that they can stay till March next year and then will be offered a lease until 2022, but with the option for the City of Fremantle to terminate the lease on a monthly basis.

This is ridiculous, unprofessional and unworkable, as no one in their right mind will invest in a business that does not have a secure long-term tenure.

Last winter the thick plastic ‘curtains’ that keep the wind and rain out of the cafe’s dining area where ripped to pieces during a storm, so the owners will have to put new ones in which will cost thousands of dollars. Why would they do that if they can be chucked out on short notice? Even a pop-up shop gets a six-month lease, for heaven’s sake!

Why does Fremantle Council make it so hard for businesses who want to stay in Fremantle, when vacant shop fronts pop up faster than weeds in our city? Does anyone at all understand what commercial viability means and how important safe tenure is?

Let’s be realistic and pragmatic about the Esplanade masterplan. The new hub and new cafe won’t happen for years, if at all, because the City of Fremantle does not have the money to finance it, so accept the reality and support the Carriage Cafe owners who have plans to also open at night as a restaurant.

West End businesses were left off the new shopping map, and Arthur’s Head businesses are not sure about their future there, while the place is falling apart because of poor maintenance, so it’s urgent time for Fremantle Council to stop talking about wanting to activate the West End of Fremantle and actually start supporting those who are already activating it!

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Fremantle Council wants to let the Carriage Cafe on the Esplanade operate for another three years but on a month by month term.

The reason for the extension is that the City wants to delay the development of the Esplanade Hub by up to three years.

The Esplanade Hub was supposed to be developed between the Youth Plaza and ferris wheel and a new hospitality venue built there, and the Carriage Cafe would have had to be removed or demolished, but the City of Fremantle no longer has the money to realise these plans.

The item is on the FPOL committee agenda this coming Wednesday.

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The City of Fremantle should stop giving financial concessions to events organisers who use the Esplanade, and relocate events which are too big for the reserve.

Events, especially those with no pass-outs, do not support local traders, but the City often hands over the Esplanade for free or at reduced rates, while the organisers make many tens of thousands of dollars profit.

I do understand that Fremantle wants to attract events and build on our festival city brand, but the very popular South Beach Sunset Markets pay rent and artists at Arthur Head also pay commercial rates for their studios and galleries, so why should large events be exempt?

Allowing events to overflow onto Marine Terrace has created traffic chaos in the West End, partly due to incompetent traffic management. As a result motorists could not be bothered and bypassed the area, to the detriment of local traders.

Residents and traders at Marine Terrace and surrounding streets are significantly inconvenienced by events that are too large for the Esplanade, so these events should be moved to Fremantle Oval or Fremantle Park, and fees should be charged for those areas as well.

No matter how much we want to keep and encourage events in Fremantle, the City should either charge commercial rent, or take a risk and receive a percentage of the profits for the use of our public spaces.


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Reader Kel Smith is all up in arms that I photographed the wrong tree on the Esplanade and that I called him a worrier, so here the tree he is concerned about.

Relax, Kel! I did not go out in the storm and rain on Friday to deliberately shoot the wrong tree or ridicule you, I simply got it wrong, because unlike everyone else in Fremantle I am not perfect!

I too am a Freo worrier, and so are all those who care for our city, so no offence meant there either.

Now let me go back contemplating mountains and mole hills. ; >)


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Only a few days a go I showed photos of all the puddles and mud on the path near the Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade.

So fair is fair, and here some photos of the City of Fremantle laying new grass on the reserve today.


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The City of Fremantle needs to improve the footpath on the Esplanade that runs from Essex Street to Little Creatures as it is a mess in winter after rainfall.

One has to walk through deep puddles or divert through the grass, and the latter creates mud.

People with prams or in wheelchairs have to plough through the wet mess, and that is not on.

There also needs to be a second ‘wayfinding’ path from Collie Street to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It is good and fine to do the big picture stuff and the concept of a hub, but one needs to look after the small stuff as well and create a path that can be used all seasons.


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A new burger restaurant on the Fremantle Esplanade remains a pipe dream for the time being, as City of Fremantle officers do not believe building the new hospitality venue should be a priority for the City, and they are hesitant to recommend that proponent Parklife should construct the building themselves on crown land.

The City has nominated $ 1.1 million in its forward budget estimates to construct the so-called Esplanade Hub in the 2018/19 financial year, however it is likely the officers will recommend to council that this is a lower priority project when compared to other projects. so it is probable that it will be delayed till at least 2019/20.

The Esplanade Reserve Masterplan was signed off in 2015, but has been controversial in the community, with even some senior officers at the City not being supportive of the new ‘hub’ idea near the railway line and Tourist Wheel.

At the Strategy and Project Development Committee last night Councillor Rachel Pemberton mentioned that sometimes Council loses track of Masterplans and they grow too big, and she said the area is surrounded by food and beverage options already.

Other Councillors said they would not want to be burned again, as happened with the Sunset Events tavern at J Shed.

Councillors Doug Thompson and Andrew Sullivan were at loggerheads, with Thompson saying that the Kings Square Project was the main focus for the City and it could not afford another major project for five years or so, while Sullivan said the Esplanade was crying out right now for that kind of development and that a city like Fremantle should be able to handle more major projects at the same time.

Councillor Ingrid Waltham said the City should be looking for other options, a smaller cafe, and that the proposed burger restaurant was too big. Councillor Pemberton agreed and said the community would not be too happy to lose more of the grassed area, and that it might be better to do the project in the future when the Esplanade was extended into the Italian Club carpark.

Councillor Thompson made one of the best observations of the evening, by saying that no one had ever said to him that we need to redevelop the cafe on the Esplanade.

Councillor Pemberton also questioned if the Dismantle containers were actually used and suggested strongly that if they are not used they should be removed, or Council could take them over for uses related to the Esplanade Youth Plaza, such as skateboard hire.

I believe the City of Fremantle would do well to investigate what can be done to retain the Carriage Cafe in its present location, as moving it might structurally not be possible. Instead of spending a lot of money on building a new food outlet, Council should be looking at how it can support the existing cute cafe and help it grow into a restaurant and small bar with nearby public toilets.

We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel in Freo and we don’t really need another burger outlet, or another food outlet when there are nine of them on the other side of the railway line at the Fishing Boat Harbour, from Little Creatures, Baskin&Robbins, Joe’s Fish Shack, Han’s Cafe, Cicerello’s, Kailis, Char Char Bull, Bathers Beach House, all the way to Sweetlips.


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carriage 1

carriage 2


The lovely Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has new owners(again), a new name CARRIAGE COFFEE SHOP, a new coffee brand, new menu, new chef, new events and new ideas, so make sure to try them out soon!

Owners Rochelle and Dave are well-known local musicians who live in Freo’s West End and are members of the FLUID GROOVE band.

On weekends they are running Commotions@The Carriage where local buskers play on Fridays from 2-4 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4 pm.

The Carriage Coffee Shop is close to the playground, Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark and the Tourist Wheel, so perfect for families.

They can operate for another two years before the City of Fremantle wants them to move on. That is a real shame, because the cafe should stay and also become a small bar at night.

It is questionable if the building can be relocated without destroying it, as the roots of the trees have grown into the foundations.

The City has offered the owners three locations to consider; the grassed area at South Beach, where there are already two cafes, Pioneer Park, that is close to many cafes in the area, or the grassed area at Bathers Beach near Kidogo Arthouse.

The Bathers Beach option is remarkable and shows how inconsistent the City of Fremantle can be, because Kidogo arthouse was not allowed to build toilets to the south of the gallery as it would affect the view corridor to the ocean. The Carriage building is much bigger and would impact on the historic interpretation of the area.

Anyway, go and support the Carriage Coffee Shop and tell Fremantle Council we don’t really need a new hub near the ferris wheel and another burger bar.

They are on Facebook, so keep up to date with what they do.

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