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Posted in city of fremantle, matthew hanssen, politics by freoview on January 22, 2015

As a true sign of his political mediocrity Matthew Hanssen, the failed Liberal candidate for the Federal and State seats of Fremantle and the failed candidate for Mayor of Fremantle has attacked me without mentioning my name or this blog, after I wrote about the lack of financial support for Freo by the State Government.

Hanssen wrote on his blog:

There are some in the community that bemoan and complain about Fremantle not getting enough funding from the State Government, especially since Cottesloe and Scarborough have received a funding to upgrade thier beaches in recent days. It’s no coincidence that these people are strong Labor supporters.

It’s amusing listening to these same people complain when Fremantle has traditionally had a Labor sitting member and was in power in the seat of Fremantle and held government in WA between the years of 2001 and 2008. So where was the funding when not only did they have one of the most influential Labor ministers holding the Seat of Fremantle, Jim McGinty, and were in power?

The fact is that I have made the point here on this blog on many occasions that Fremantle did not do any better under Labor and that I expect that won’t change in a hurry either.

Hanssen then boasts about the enormous funding Fremantle received for the truck toll road to the port. Wow, thank you!

The start of his Fremantle Advocate blog two months ago is a likely indication Hanssen will yet again try to get onto the new Fremantle Council once the amalgamation process is done, but Fremantle needs informed and open-minded people with a vision who have been engaging with the community, not narrow-minded Labor bashing mediocrity.

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