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Fremantle Police just warned on Twitter that we should lock our letterboxes.

They issued a warrant and confiscated a large number of mail items in a property in White Gum Valley.

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The Fremantle Network meeting at the National Hotel on Monday evening was mainly about community safety, crime and anti social behaviour.

The acting officer in charge of the Fremantle Police station Detective Sergeant Phil Gazzone, who also lives in Freo, gave a detailed account of the crime rate in Fremantle that has gone down steadily over the last few years, with the new bicycle patrol considered to be one of the reasons for it as officers can visit known trouble spots more often and faster.

The Detective Sergeant said that Fremantle was different from anywhere else in WA because it has all the elements. We are the second entertainment centre of the state, have many festivals, concerts, events, the beaches, museums, heritage, tourism and the port and that attracts a large number of people.

He said the vast network of City of Fremantle CCTV cameras was of great assistance to Police, who sat down each morning for briefings and create a list of benchmark balance contacts.

He said the key message he wanted to give is that crime in Fremantle is down by 5.7%, but that Police can not work in isolation and needs the support of the community, local traders, BID and the Freo City Community Safety officers.

Theft from shops, cars and bicycles theft is the highest crime rate in the CBD, but all crime rates are continually down on a weekly basis.

There is an online Smartbox where authorised people can upload photos of offenders that go straight to the officers on the beat and the 1300 366 666 number for the public was very efficient to report crime and get a fast response.

The new model soon to be introduced by the new Police Commissioner would see a focus on Perth and Fremantle.

Chris Scanlon, the officer in charge of the City of Fremantle Community Safety team spoke about their support for the Police and being on the streets from 7am to 9pm and now also had added till 2 am on Wednesdays to Saturdays.

He said the Community Safety team was keen to work with the Precincts and set up a Neighbourhood E Watch system.

The City would install 35 new CCTV cameras soon in locations decided in collaboration with Police, and would also introduce license plate recognition cameras at the entries to Fremantle.

Chris Scanlon said that improving the design of public spaces and better lighting was also a priority for his team.

There is no doubt that many people in the Fremantle community feel intimidated by anti social behaviour and foul language, but most of that is not considered crime and only move on notices are given, but the official figures provided by the relaxed and well informed Detective Sergeant Phil Gazzone prove that crime is coming down in Fremantle and that Police, Community Safety and BID are doing their very best to make Freo a happy and safe place to visit and live in.

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Great news! Missing 88-year-old East Fremantle man Francisco Rebelo was found alive and well early this morning in a park on the corner of East and Burt Street in East Fremantle.

Police, SES volunteers and the Fremantle City community safety officers had all been searching for Francisco.

I drove around the area for an hour late yesterday afternoon, but failed to find him, so am am relieved for him and his family.

Rebelo is quite a familiar face around Fremantle, so this is a great outcome after he was missing for two cold nights.


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The underpass at Peter Hughes Drive into Fremantle Port looked like a crime scene this morning, with a lot of police, SES and Fremantle City safety officers there, but it turned out they are looking for missing 88-year-old East Fremantle man Franco Robello.

Robello has white has white hair and a white beard, so should you see him around please contact police.


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Parents have been complaining about all that rain during the school holidays, so with the weather back to Freo fantastic I wanted to see how busy the Winterworld ice skating n Fremantle was this morning.

I took a few wide-angle shots to show the crowd and when I turned around two police officers looked at me inquisitively, so I took my sunnies off and said hello.

Once I crossed over to the Esplanade Hotel side I noticed they were behind me and I hear “excuse me sir”

The officers wanted to know why I was taking photos, and while it is my lawful right to take pictures of anyone in a public open space, I explained I published a Fremantle blog, gave them my business card, even let them look at the few photos I had taken, and explained I was very well known in Freo, even by the head of police media who is a mate of mine, but they still wanted to see my drivers license.

I absolutely accept that the officers have a job to do, but I find it extremely offensive that an old man with a camera is automatically classified as a potential deviant paedophile, and questioned.

There were plenty of people taking photos with mobile phones, but I stood out with a professional DSLR Nikon. Would a child abuser really be that obvious and stupid?

I adore children and believe they are sacred. Anyone who interferes with a child should be shot as far as I am concerned, but it is not right to target professional photographers just because they are male and over 50.

I have great respect for police officers and the often awful job they have to do, but I feel quite insulted right now.

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booze bikes


The WA Police gave Fremantle people and visitors an Easter surprise mid Monday morning on Marine Terrace.

It wasn’t the booze bus but three booze bikes who stopped motorists and tested them for alcohol.

Oooooh, I am over the limit? It must have been the Grand Marnier inside the Easter egg I ate earlier. ; >)

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Fremantle couple Robert Cunningham and Catherine Atoms have been awarded $ 1 million in damages by the WA District Court for an arrest made on the Esplanade and tasering by police in November 2008.

They  claimed they had been falsely imprisoned and assaulted when they were tasered and handcuffed  outside the Esplanade Hotel.

They had alleged the behaviour of the officers constituted battery and assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Amazing that it took them eight years to get justice!

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It is a crying shame that there has been another stabbing in Fremantle, this time a 17-year-old boy was stabbed just before midnight in front of a kebab shop on the Cappuccino Strip last night. Earlier this week a man who had been stabbed near the railway station died, and reports of violence in the inner city are damaging Fremantle’s reputation as a family friendly city.

My observations when walking through the CBD daily is that at daytime there is not enough police on the beat but there is good visual presence of CoF security officers, however the latter only work till early in the evening and not at night so the cops need to increase their foot patrols at night.

Violence and anti social behaviour is not something council can fix, but the City of Fremantle needs to start looking at rigorously implementing its alcohol policy and not adding more fuel to the fire by allowing more alcohol outlets.

I am not sure that I like the big billboard on Stirling Highway at all that proudly announces that Bathers Beach is the first beach in Australia where one can drink alcohol on the beach. It’s not the sort of reputation Fremantle needs.

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A  38-year-old man escaped from the Fremantle Police lock-up yesterday and is still on the run. Danny Brooks was arrested in the morning and charged with car stealing, armed robbery and breaching bail conditions, but he managed to escape from the High Street lock up and carjacked a vehicle at the Fremantle train station.

With him a 29-year-old woman also escaped but she was arrested again soon afterward.

The driver of the vehicle was later released and Brooks crashed the car on Mandurah Road around midnight last night. Police believe Brooks might have been hurt in the crash.

It will be interesting to find out how two people could escape from the Freo lock-up as that is obviously not acceptable.

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New crime statistic released is the West Australian today show that Fremantle is doing relatively well compared to other suburbs, with the City of Perth CBD being the worst one.

Fremantle was only 7th in the Worst Crime Suburb, 8th in the Worst for Assaults, 8th again in the Worst Car Thefts, and it did not come in the top ten for the Worst Home Burglary Suburb category.

There is no doubt there is always room for improvement when it comes to crime and anti-social behaviour but it is good to see Freo is not near the top of criminal behaviour.

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