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Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 30, 2013

It might be a bit cooler than we hoped for, but the rain is disappearing and if the clouds stick around we’ll get a great sunset tonight at the Fremantle BATHERS BEACH SUNSET FOOD MARKETS.

It’s on from 5-9 with lots of international food and art and craft stalls. There will be live music at the J Shed location and also at the Kidogo Arthouse one, and there are camel rides along the beach, so it’s Broome time at Bathers!

Bring the children for a walk through beautifully lit up High Street and the Whalers Tunnel and enjoy the Freo life tonight!

Roel Loopers

I am managing the J Shed market so come and say hello!


Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 29, 2013

After 22 years of living in Fremantle, not much surprises me any more, but today I almost fell in a heap laughing when it was pointed out to me that the only two wooden tables with attached benches, that can sit 12 people, in front of J Shed were removed today, the day before the first Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets will be held there.

Tables for people to sit, have their meals and watch the sunset are quite obviously an advantage, so why were they removed, and what about the exquisite timing of it? Was Parks&Garden not notified the market is happening there?

Roel Loopers

Bathers Beach



Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 29, 2013

Fremantle council on Wednesday adopted an “Alcohol Management Policy” and I am flabbergasted that they adopted the policy, while still pushing for the highly inappropriate Sunset Events proposal for J Shed to go ahead, because it contradicts what the new AMP wants to implement.

This is one of the points of the AMP: developing, promote and support a variety of events and activities where alcohol consumption is not the primary focus of activity.

The Sunset Events proposal has the primary function of serving alcohol seven days a week to a large number of people, and adding more people on weekends during live outdoor concerts. All that in our State’s most significant historic area, just below the Round House, the State’s oldest public building, encroaching on a public A Class Reserve.

One has to ask why Mayor Brad Pettitt is pushing for this inappropriate development, while at the same trying to frustrate the efforts to get the much smaller Kelp Bar at Kidogo Arthouse going. What is his personal agenda here one has to wonder, because it was quite clear on Wednesday that the inner city residents do not support such a large-scale development at Bathers Beach, but would happily support a smaller hospitality venue that does not have outdoor concerts. That is also what the City of Fremantle put in the Expressions of Interest(EOI) for the most southern J Shed studio. They asked for proposals for a cafe/bar/gallery, NOT a big pub and outdoor music venue!

Please do not ignore the community again Fremantle council, as people are getting very frustrated and angry about being ignored!

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 29, 2013

The City of Fremantle is launching a new dedicated consumer marketing website to promote leisure activity in Fremantle. The site is due to be launched in January 2014. The marketing website forms the foundation of a new consumer marketing plan for Fremantle aimed at conveying the experience that we want key audiences to have in Fremantle. The main goal of the website is to expose consumers to all that Fremantle has to offer, motivating them to come to Fremantle and experience it.

The website will be heavily promoted to consumers across the Perth metropolitan area and features five categories:

* arts & culture

* eat & drink

* events

* see & do

* shopping.

As a Fremantle business, attraction, art gallery, retail store, café, bar, stall holder, pub etc, you can use the website to: promote your activity through a listing across any of the categories above that are relevant and promote your special offers and events, or send consumers to your premises or website.

The development of the site is on track for launch in January 2014. We have finalised the overall design and functionality (for stage 1) of the site and are now commencing the ‘back-end’ data collection. The City have set up a temporary data collection site for you to add your details.

They are now inviting you to register your business activity, via this temporary site, by 5 pm Sunday 8 December.



Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 29, 2013

Have you noticed the very Freo cute mobile planter boxes, made from recycled timber, popping up all around the Fremantle CBD? They are another initiative by the very active BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT(BID) people, who are trying their very best to support Freo traders. They are available for free to retailers, so I hope there are some fans of Holland who will create a few with tulips in them, just for me. But I love red roses as well. ; >)

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 29, 2013

Family fun in Fremantle all weekend! It starts with the lighting of the Moreton Bay Fig Chrismas Tree at Kings Square from 6 this Friday. Check out the lit-up buildings in High Street while you are there!

The big Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets is on Saturday from 5-9.

Sunday morning at 8 is the huge Santa Run through the City centre. It starts at the Esplanade. And the Growers Green Farmers Market will be a big XMas gift markets as well at the South Fremantle Senior High School in Lefroy Street on Sunday from 8-12.

So don’t be a reclusive cave sitter,  leave the meditation and yoga for another day, and enjoy the Freo lifestyle this weekend!

Roel Loopers

I will be managing the J Shed location of the Bathers Beach Markets


Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 28, 2013

If you like it or not, Fremantle is on the move, and while most of it is about building new modern buildings, the heritage significance of our city has not been forgotten. A great idea that started just over two years ago at a West End Traders committee meeting has finally been realised because Fremantle BID (Business Improvement District) just about makes all the right decisions, so with strong support from Chamber of Commerce CEO Tim Milsom and the City of Fremantle, today all the beautiful buildings in Freo’s historic High Street were lit up in changing colours, and what a great sight it is!

A very special thank you has to go to photographer Adam Monk who took the project on and saw it to fruition. His tenacity shows that people with passion can move mountains. Also not to forget are the electricians from Pro Design Lighting, who were working till the very early hours throughout the night to get it all done in time.

It is a really great job by all that deserves a heritage award!

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 28, 2013

It is far too late to do a blog post on Fremantle council stuff, so just a quick one on the Leach Highway, Stirling Highway widening to six lanes , to accommodate container truck traffic to Fremantle Port.

The Road2Rail group had several speakers, but did not really need them, with Councillor Sam Wainwright being so passionate about it. But R2R Annolies Truman made a very good point that making the highway into six lanes would mean a 50% increase in noise and pollution for the residents in the area, and what concern that would be for health-related problems.

Wainwright rightly pointed out that increased road capacity would mean increased road use and more traffic and that the State really only wants council to support the six lanes and are not interested in community concerns.

Council decided they would stick by their guns and let State Government know they still want proposal 4A, for a four lane highway, to go ahead, as they and the Fremantle community had supported in 2012.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 28, 2013

It takes serious commitment from dedicated and passionate people to be on local council, as this evening’s City of Fremantle full council meeting showed. The agenda was thicker than the bible and the public gallery was the most crowded I have ever seen it, with people spilling out into the corridor even when many additional chairs had been provided. That was an indication that items on the agenda attracted a lot of interest and it was so good to see many younger people there. Democracy is doing well in Freo!

The Sunset Event proposal for a micro brewery and outdoor music venue at J Shed on Bathers Beach saw community groups like FICRA, the Fremantle Ratepayers&Residents Association, the Fremantle Society, and the Fremantle Heritage Guides addressing council, as did Arthur Head musician Freddy Poncin , who spoke well and from the heart, and the SE people and their CODA architect Kieran Wong.

One of the Sunset Events people put his foot in by claiming nothing happened at Arthur Head, when in fact over 100,000 people visit the Round House each year and an additional estimated 40,000 come to Arthur Head without entering the Round House.

The opponents to the proposal mentioned proper process and community consultation, and that the proposal was too big for the area, not respectful to the heritage, and not consistent with an arts hub.

It was interesting that Sunset Events claimed their proposal was not for a concert venue, but for a family environment where people could browse for art, when they want to hold outdoor concerts for 1500 people there.

When the Elected Members finally came to debate it late in the evening, Councillor Dave Hulme said the proposal was vastly different from the Expressions of Interest (EOI) and he would support the deferral proposed by Mayor Brad Pettitt. Councillor Doug Thompson agreed with that, while Councillor Dave Cogging was clearly frustrated that “this great proposal” should not go ahead. “who haven’t we consulted” he thundered, conveniently ignoring that the Arthur Head community and stakeholders consultations had never indicated a need for a large pub and outdoor music venue. Why allow a minor detail like that stand in the way.

The Mayor said the proposal was a great opportunity, but that a referral back to the Strategic Planning and General Services Committee was a sensible way and would allow for more in depth community consultation. The majority of councillors agreed with that.

The most frustrating and annoying item was the Kidogo Arthouse proposal for a small bar. This was Fawlty Towers stuff of spin-speak and bureaucracy, with councillors stating they absolutely supported a small bar, and the heritage coordinator saying the best location for toilets would be outside the heritage building, not inside as proposed by the Mayor.

Councillor Sullivan pointed out that if toilets had to be put inside, the space for the bar would be compromised, while Councillor Strachan said that clearly the outcome needed to be for toilets on the southern side, as the heritage coordinator had confirmed.

But after all that talk of support for a small bar councillors voted that planning approval thought for exterior toilets should not go ahead after all. If anyone understands this outcome, please let me know, because Fremantle might just have lost one of its best art business operators, with Joanna Robertson storming out saying Fremantle will lose the Kidogo brand. That indeed would be a bad outcome.

Roel Loopers





Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 27, 2013

There is a good small photo exhibition at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach, Fremantle, by Afghan photographer Barat Ali Batoor.

The show is titled The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan and is about the disgusting old-age practise of older men preying on young boys in that country.

Batoor won the 2013 Walkley Photo Award and was also a finalist in the photo essay category of the journalism award.

Roel Loopers


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